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The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program life skills courses help individuals to take control of their life and live a happy, stable, productive and successful drug-free life.

I can fully progress in life …

Dad and SonObjectives has opened my eyes to where I am able to comprehend and understand my past behaviors of past actions. Now that I am aware of this, I can fully progress in life and the Fresh Start Program.


Sauna and weights are fun to do. Feeling good and getting physically healthier.


Still working my way through course. It is a lot of writing, but it is interesting to see how I have effected my family and society.


I’m happy about Battle Plans to see where I can and will be in time. Sober living will be good to help me stay sober and meat good sober friends.


I am so excited to be at the last step of the Fresh Start process. I want to be the best person I can become and this program has helped so much. Thank you everyone – I feel alive!


Working out has made me feel healthier.


I’m progressively flowing through this program with an accepting attitude as well as placing my mind in present time.


I feel more in touch with myself than ever before in my life because of the Objectives course. I am more oriented in life, aware of my surroundings and can handle people and situations better.


Ever since I started sauna I feel more better physically.


Sticking to the program hourly helps.


As I remember, with each passing day, I continue to feel better. The sauna produces the results that I so desperately need to ensure I benefit the most from my review here. Thank you for the opportunity.


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Program Highlights from Graduates

We asked several of our graduates in a video interview what was one of their main highlights from the program. We pulled specific clips from each interview to compile an ordered sequence of our program steps to give you an idea of what each step of the program is about and what our students get out of each step.

Program Highlights

Video transcript

What was most important for me was the course supervisors. I felt like they were my friends and I felt like they really really cared. They were always there to talk to me if I needed to talk to them. They were always there to guide me through my courses and to help me out. And no matter how busy they were, someone would always make time and that was really huge for me. There were definitely some supervisors here that have impacted my life that I will never forget. -Meghan

My biggest win on the program was the Communications Course. My communication with my family has gone through the roof. I’ve never dealt with them or coped with them any better than I have now. -Tiffany

The part of the program that has impacted me the most was the detoxification program. Before I came to the program, I was coming off methadone and heroin and it really takes a toll on your body. It makes you drop weight, you’re very unhealthy, your vitamin and mineral levels are completely depleted and going into the sauna program made me get all my physical aspects back into myself. I gained several pounds, I actually got a lot of skin tone and color back into my body and my face. I just felt 100% better after I was actually done with the program. -Brian

Part of the course that really impacted me greatly was part of the program were you learn how to learn again. They broke it down in such a simple way that the person who is very difficult with learning something can understand it. Later after I graduated the program, I took a cardiovascular technologist course. I graduated with 100 average. Being able to learn is so important cause how can you go on with your life if you don’t know how to learn something. -Erin

Part of the program that really impacted me most is the Communication and Perception course. I never realized before the places I was going, the people I was seeing, what my environment did to me and what my effects were on my environment. And this really made me snap into the present time and realize that I am a part of my environment and I am what I make of my environment while vice versa. -Mandi

One of the main parts of the program that really had a deep impact on me was book 5, the Ups and Downs In Life course. This is where I actually got to look and deal with some of the people and situations that really had a negative effect on me. And I had to look at myself in depth in the areas that I couldn’t be around or put myself around anymore and the people that I was hanging around with and how they were affecting my life and putting me in those situations. it really had me look at myself and deal with those people and those scenarios so that I can live a happy, successful life. -Jon

I think the part of the program that definitely had the biggest impact on me was the Personal Values and Integrity course, book 6. Having gone through each of the steps of the program before that, leading up to book 6, it really hit home why I was there, why I was in treatment, why I was doing the things that I was doing before and it made me understand how the things that I was doing before to my family, to my friends, to myself put me in a position that I put myself in. It also gave me an idea of how to prevent that from happening in the future. So that was probably the most influential parts of the program for me. -Vincent

Part of the program that helped me so much was the Changing Conditions In Life. I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time. I like organization, I like structure and so putting my life into almost like a business sense, a model, a plan, how to get through it and how to read what’s going on with me and work my way up through it – that worked wonders for me. -Matthew

I think that some of the things that I got from that book, The Way to Happiness, were to flourish and prosper everyday, something that I’ve always tried really hard to do. I’ve always tried to succeed and do well at what I do to prosper. But reading about it again and what that is and how I can incorporate into my life now that I’m sober and going forward, that felt really good. – Carrie

Some of the highlights of my program were all of the relationships that I built while being here with the friends from all over the United States that have all been through the same things that I’ve been through. We could really relate to each other and help each other out even after we graduate because I lost a lot of relationships with my friends who never used. It was really nice to build relationships with people who may have used, but are also getting their life back on track again. – Sarah

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Changing an Addict’s Behavior through Life Skills Courses at Narconon Fresh Start

Changing Addiction BehaviorDrug addiction changes the way a person thinks and acts and can even change their morals and values that he or she once lived by. In a video interview, parents talk about how their child’s behavior was during drug use compared to their behavior after going through the Narconon Fresh Start life skills courses and graduating the program. Overall, the bottom line is that these parents have noticed that their kids are taking responsibility for their own life, reaching their goals and staying drug-free.

See how the Narconon Fresh Start life skills courses has helped these parent’s child transform their lives into more responsible and successful individuals who know how to live a more responsible life without drugs.

Teaching Addict’s how to Live a Successful Life Without Drugs

Video transcript

Brad and Lisa
A drug addict, it becomes all about them. Everything is about them and they stop seeing how they’re actions are affecting everybody else. How his actions were affecting his brother, his mother, his grandmother, his aunt, his uncle, his cousin, everybody. But they don’t see that when they’re just so into the drug that all they seek out is their next fix.

There was no respect for himself. He lost all touch with reality and respect for others and just being conscientious of life.

He was just a different person. I could trust him before. And now the trust level was, he would say, “I’m going to do this or do that” well that just wouldn’t happen. Or he would just sleep all day and couldn’t keep a job.

As a social worker and as a mother who has gone through this, I have to tell you that people don’t change their habits in 30 days. They have to learn new habits. They have to learn. They have to grow up. They have to start maturing and that doesn’t happen in any set period of time. The Narconon Fresh Start program appealed to me because it wasn’t a set time program. It was going to be as long for him as he needed in order for him to finish the program.

The courses that he took at Narconon Fresh Start were excellent. They teach them self esteem, day-to-day living, daily problems, how to say no, what to say yes to, how to deal with problems and how to progress. How to get back on track. How to finish what you start and complete what you start. Morals, self esteem, values, everything that I’m sure every parent has taught their child. It brings them back down to earth. What reality is, what your goals are and how to achieve them.

It taught my son to be more level headed, more caring, more responsible and to this day he’s been going on almost five years now that he’s been sober and it never comes across my mind that he’ll ever go back on drugs. He’s just not gonna do it.

I would be shocked today if Ed even thought about using drugs. They taught him wonderful skills. He now owns his own business and I know he uses those skills for successful business.

Brad and Lisa
It’s not just as simple as, “say no to drugs.” It’s all these tools that I’m going to walk through life and I’m going to be offered drugs, I’m going to meet people I used to do drugs with. Do I want something different for my life? And they tear that down and they build that up and they reteach them and they rebuild them and they come out of here. My son, he’s ready to face the world with the tools that he has. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

He’s learned life skills, management skills, communication skills, I don’t think I even as his parent would have been able to teach him as well as they’ve taught him. So that is a savings grace that I will just be thankful for my entire lifetime and more because again, it’s just so hard to put into words where we’ve been and where we’ve come and how grateful we are for what they’ve done, the staff there and for the program itself is just phenomenal.

You know Jana couldn’t tell a lie when she was a little girl, I mean not that she wanted to, but she couldn’t. When she was in her addiction, she certainly could. But today, that’s back. You know, honesty, forthrightness, dependability, I presume all of those things were emphasized within that program because they came back. Those kinds of skills that when I was in education, we called success indicators. Success skills – they’re back! They’re there and she practices them daily. Not only with us, but in her work and with her friends. I think this program is very responsible for her coming to that point in her life where she’s got this as a lifestyle.

This is what I tried to teach my children, what my husband and I tried to teach them from the time that they were babies. Is how to live a good life. But a good life includes a moral life, it includes an ethical life and it includes being able to look yourself in the mirror and appreciate the image that looks back at you and be proud of the image that looks back at you. And that’s what Narconon Fresh Start did for my son. It gave him that opportunity.

The life skills that she learned have become second nature because she’s raising children now. It isn’t something that she has to process and think how should I react to this or what life skill do I pull from for this. It’s just natural how she deals with her children and the responsibility that she has for her children.

It gives them the tools to know how to live, to take responsibility for their lives. So they can be successful in their lives. It’s not just about getting sober. It’s about learning how to live without drugs, without alcohol and to live successfully – happily.

He quit smoking. When he comes home, I have to make sure that I have things like sprite int he house or something that doesn’t have any caffeine. You know, it’s just a whole lifestyle change. And it’s all attributed to what they taught him – clean, healthy living. Narconon Fresh Start is just what it says it is. It’s a “fresh start.”

It was just amazing what they did for him. And not only gave him a sense of being, you know, they just gave him so much. He matured so much there. They gave him the tools to deal with certain things in life when he hits certain road blocks, he would know how to handle those things. If somebody offered him something, he would know how to say no or walk away from it. These are the things that the other programs could not teach him. These are the things that made the big difference in his life and in our lives and brought our family closer together. Now he wanted to spend time with us, do things with us, have dinner with us and he’s just more respectful of us. All these things just made a big difference in our family life.

He got out on his own. He got a job, he started paying his phone bill, he started buying his own groceries and he was just independent whereas he wasn’t before – he relied upon us. He wanted to start giving back to others.

It gave my daughter her life back. She engaged in life. She’s become a wonderful parent, a good employee, a great teacher and she’s now making a difference in other people’s lives. Nothing could be better. She got her life back.

Danny’s been drudger since 2006. He is now a happily married man. He’s with his own business. He gets up every morning, happy to be alive, happy to work in his business and he is constantly bragging about how well he is doing. He is always happy. He’s that joking person, laughing all the time and looking forward to another challenge. He wants to open another business.

They take lives that are shattered and they help them see and give them hope as to what they can become. That they don’t have to stay here. There’s hope in their life and they can change it around and they teach them that. And it starts from the very first day they go down there.

Because Narconon Fresh Start taught her the life skills, I see in her face and in her body and in her personality that she’s going to stay drug-free. I have no worries any more. And it’s wonderful. I never thought I would see that in her, but they taught her all the life skills she needed to apply them everyday to her life and it’s so exciting.

Video Interview Participants

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Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills Success Stories

Success stories from Narconon Fresh Start students who share what they personally got out of some of the life skills courses.

New Amazing Self

Happy and Proud to See Myself in a New, Amazing Way

I have started to confront a lot of issues I’ve had with myself and my image of myself that caused me to use drugs in the past. It has helped me to become so much more comfortable and confident in my own skin. I am about halfway through and have had so many gains in my program. I am happy and proud to see myself in such a new amazing way and who I am again. This program really does amazing things if you let it.

– C.E.

My Chance to Live is Now

I am proud I entered such a personally focused program and have had exceptional role models to help me along with my insecurities. This has enabled me to relax more in my environment and has helped me to realize I can overcome thinking things out way too far in advance. My chance to live is now. Not my usual principle of postponing success and happiness, but realizing it is happening now.

– L.W.

Focused on Me

I feel like I am absolutely in present time and am no longer in my head. I have had a rough year and now I am totally focused on me. Objectives has helped me do that. My twin is awesome and we help each other get through anything we have/need to, both inside and outside of objectives.

– A.M.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

I have been clean for over a month now, which is the longest amount of clean time I have had in years. I wanted to leave so bad when I first got here, but I’ve learned to accept the situation and keep a positive attitude. I can truly tell the difference in my thinking and actions and I know it will only get better as I continue the program.

– F.M.

Communicating Better

I have dramatically improved my patience, teamwork and self-awareness. It’s easier for me to deal with being in situations that may not be ideal, while focusing on what I’m doing instead of what has happened in the past or could happen in the future. I’m better able to communicate with others, and am confident the proper message is getting across. I am sure that the further I get in the program, the more benefits I will get out of it.

– F.M.

Being Comfortable and Having Control

I have many wins. I have realized that I can be comfortable in many situations that I thought were difficult. I have also learned to be more aware of my environment. My communication with others has increased greatly. Communication is not just verbally, but non-verbally as well. I learned that I have control over my body and my actions. I also learned that I can control more things than I thought I could.

– P.K.

Seeing a Bright and Amazing Future

This part of the program has helped me in a lot of ways. Most of all it has helped me get away from my ugly past and into what is happening right here and now. It is giving me the ability to see a bright and amazing future. I am becoming more in touch with myself and all my abilities and all of the things I am capable of. I am proud of myself and a lot happier with myself. This part of the program really does help.

– C.J.

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