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Sunshine Summit Lodge is a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation facility located in Warner Springs, California.

Narconon Fresh Start Establishes Essential Life Skills in their Graduates

Narconon Fresh Start is a network of successful drug and alcohol rehab programs dedicated to helping addicts and their families recover from addiction problems.

As a group of individuals who have banned together to eradicate drug addiction and alcoholism, Narconon Fresh Start’s staff is dedicated to helping addicts and their families restore what has been lost through substance addiction. Over the decades, thousands of Narconon Fresh Start graduates have successfully recovered from their addiction problem and gone on to live healthy and productive lives. This program’s ability to completely turn a person’s life around is why so many individuals struggling with addiction problems have found lasting sobriety and success. Choosing to use alternative holistic methods of rehabilitation, Narconon Fresh Start does not use drug substitution to help their client’s overcome drug addiction. That would defeat the purpose of true addiction rehabilitation. Instead, the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program helps get addicted individuals off of drugs or alcohol safely and naturally.

Essential life skills are part of Narconon Fresh Start’s rehabilitation program. As the program participant acclimates to their time in Narconon Fresh Start’s rehab program they become more like students than clients. Through the Life Skills Courses they learn vital skills to help them achieve sobriety, improve their quality of life and become valuable contributing members of their families and society. Skills Narconon Fresh Start graduates develop during their time in rehab include:

  • How to differentiate between a dangerous associate who will lead one back into drug abuse and a friend who can be trusted
  • How to recover and maintain one’s own personal integrity and self-respect
  • How to solve problems in life and not be unstabilized by setbacks or disappointments
  • How to make the right moral choices, based on an understanding of the way that good survival creates true happiness for self and others.

Five Categories of Drug Use

There are various levels of drug abuse and addiction problems. Attending a drug rehab recovery program can help end an escalating drug abuse program and successfully help a long-term addict achieve lasting sobriety. Drug use can be categorized into five main areas, with most drug users falling into the experimental and recreational categories.

  • Experimental use: when a person tries a drug once or twice out of curiosity. Novice users run the risk of a lack of tolerance to the drug, and of not knowing how they will react, as well as the risks that may be associated with the effects of the drug.
  • Recreational use: where a person chooses to use a drug for enjoyment, particularly to enhance a mood or social occasion.
  • Situational use: where a drug is used to cope with the demands of particular situations. For example, amphetamines have been used by long distance truck drivers to maintain alertness and by athletes to gain energy. People who experience bereavement are often prescribed benzodiazepines (minor tranquillizers) to cope with grief.
  • Intensive use: also known as “bingeing”, where a person consumes a heavy amount of drugs over a short period of time, or use is continuous over a number of days or weeks.
  • Dependent use: where a person becomes dependent on a drug after prolonged or heavy use over time. They feel a need to take the drug consistently in order to feel normal, or to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Dependence can be psychological, physical, or both.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehabilitation program can help addicted individuals achieve sobriety no matter how severe or long-term their addiction problem. With locations throughout the western United States, you can connect with one of our treatment centers and end your downward spiral of drug abuse and addiction.

Change is Necessary for Lasting Sobriety

There are no quick fixes in the recovery process; Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs can help you reach your goal of lasting sobriety.

It would be great if there were a painless and quick way to end addiction; to wake up and find your cravings gone and the desire to use drugs or alcohol no longer controlling your thoughts. What addict wouldn’t want to skip the physical pain of the withdrawal process or the grueling journey of recovery? While this quick fix would be ideal to many struggling with achieving sobriety, it would not heal their psychological and physiological issues that accompany their addiction problem. Too truly recover from addiction, more than just the physical act of using has to change. There are layers upon layers of underlying and deeply rooted issues that must be uncovered and addressed in order for the addicted individual to be able to heal emotionally and psychologically from their addiction.

The draw of using drugs or alcohol is how easy the use of these substances brings on a high. The high the user gest from using drugs or alcohol seemingly melts away life’s problems leaving them feeling numb and able to escape from their problems, even if only for a little while. When given the choice, most addicts continue to use despite the negative consequences because it is the most simple and sure way of avoiding the problems in their life. In order for an addict to make a real recovery from addiction they must put distance between themselves and their addictive lifestyle as well as develop new skills to enable them to maintain their long-term sobriety.



Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Addiction

Family and friends who choose to do nothing about their loved one’s addiction problem enable them to continue their use.

Having an alcoholic or drug addict in the family is often a painful and heartbreaking situation. As the loved one, you care deeply for the addicted individual but getting them to recognize their problem and accept help is challenging. There are probably times when you would rather turn a blind eye to their substance use and pretend that nothing is wrong; hoping that things will just get better and the problem will eventually go away. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most situations. If left untreated, addiction progresses and consumes the user; robing them of their emotional stability, finances, physical health and in some cases their lives. By minimizing or choosing to live in denial about your loved one’s addiction problem the situation will eventually go from bad to worse and damage the addict and those who love and care about them.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are difficult challenges that incorporate many interconnected issues for the addicted individual. While there is no “magic” formula to end addiction once and for all, drug rehab programs such as Narconon Fresh Start provide addicted persons with the resources, education and guidance they need to achieve true rehabilitation. Our drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program includes services to help addicts and their loved ones through the recovery process. As the loved one of a drug addict or alcoholic, reaching out for help is a critical step in getting the individual the help they need to stop using once and for all. Please, contact our skilled addiction counselors for guidance and support to help your loved one end their addiction and regain the life they are meant to be living.


My Graduation from Narconon Fresh Start

I had a normal life before drugs. I had the love of my family and close friends, but as I got older we moved around a lot. That made it difficult to make friends as I got older and I never seemed to fit in at any of the schools I attended. At 15 I started smoking pot and drinking to avoid the negative feelings I was struggling with. My drug use eventually progressed to harder drugs like pills and ecstasy. Being surrounded by drug users I was introduced to meth and it was as if I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. Meth became my drug of choice almost immediately and as my addiction progressed it felt like I was a slave to my addiction. There was nothing bright in my future and I truly wanted to stop using. I just couldn’t give it up.

Before Narconon Fresh Start I had been in and out of six other rehab programs. They ranged from inpatient, outpatient, state funded to private. The one thing all these other programs had in common was that they were based on the 12-step model of recovery. The disease concept of addiction just didn’t make sense to me and I struggled to find a way to apply those programs philosophy to my life when I didn’t believe that I had a disease. When I would enter the other drug rehab programs they would set out to diagnose me and begin putting me on antidepressants and other medications. This never addressed the real root of my addiction problem and left me feeling hopeless that I would ever achieve real sobriety.

Enrolling in Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab was entirely different. The atmosphere was welcoming, uplifting and so different than any other program I’d ever attended. They didn’t put me on prescription medications, which was such a relief. During my withdrawal I felt sad and found myself wanting to dwell in the past. The staff members were so kind and kept me from remaining stuck in my head by talking with me and helping me look outside myself to what was presently is going on around me. These exercises, and the ones I latter practiced in the course room helped me to look at my life objectively. I’ve been able to take responsibility for my past which has been a very important part of my recovery from meth. I have gained a sense of control over my life and my future, something that I never had before. Now I can handle life using the skills and tools I learned at Narconon Fresh Start and no longer play the victim in my life.

A.P. Narconon Fresh Start Review
Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduate 2013