MDMA – Molly and Ecstasy Abuse

MDMA Molly and ecstasy are both dangerous and highly addictive and are very popular among people who hit the rave and club scenes. These drugs are known as “Hug Drugs” because they enhance feelings of sensation, empathy and socialization.

Is Pure Ecstasy and Molly Safer?

People are looking for the “Pure Ecstasy” or the “Pure Molly” because they think that it is somehow safer since it’s said to be more “Pure.” However, that is not true because MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine), the active ingredient in ecstasy and molly, in its purest form is very dangerous. But that doesn’t mean that it is safe to take a “Less Pure” form of ecstasy or molly either because the truth is that you never know what you are getting.

Many samples of ecstasy and molly that have been submitted for tests contained no MDMA at all. Most of them contained other types of stimulants such as caffeine, amphetamine, benzylpiperazine, cocaine, ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. Mescaline and dextromethorphan have also been found as well as levamisole, a worming agent for large farm animals. Ketamine, a veterinary anesthetic, is also frequently found.

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People are being exposed to unknown and dangerous combinations of drugs and chemicals without even knowing it or knowing how they will interact with alcohol and other drugs. These drugs have been known to cause death even after trying it only once.

MDMA Effects

Ecstasy and Molly AbuseMDMA produces feelings of euphoria. Users say they feel more energy and find more pleasure in their senses. Lights, sounds and touches are more heightened and they feel warm emotions. The effects of MDMA last around 3 to 6 hours. This experience may drive a person to use MDMA again.

Other Effects of MDMA

  • Queasiness
  • Clenching of teeth
  • Blurry vision
  • Muscle cramps
  • Chills and sweating
  • Damaged memory
  • Poor coordination
  • Slow reaction
  • Impulsive behavior

A person who barely even used MDMA can have negative side effects that last for several weeks. This can include learning difficulty, memory problems, depression, anxiety and confusion. A heavy user might develop sleeping problems and experience paranoia.

Users may also experience

  • Mental changes
  • Psychosis
  • Dissociation
  • Flash backs
  • Panic attacks
  • Decreased pleasure
  • Irritation and aggression
  • Extreme depression
  • Loss of appetite

Dangers of Using MDMA

A lot of damage can rapidly occur to a person taking MDMA in just a short amount of time. When a person takes MDMA, it affects the body’s ability to regulate temperature. This dehydrates the body and can lead to kidney, liver or heart failure and in many cases, death.

The heart rate also increases which can be risky for people with heart or blood vessel problems.

Is MDMA Addictive?

MDMA is highly addictive. People who take MDMA may continue to take it even when knowing how much it is hurting them. Cravings set in and drive a person back to use again.

Signs and Symptoms of MDMA Abuse

Many young people may try ecstasy or molly because they are flooded with so much false information about these drugs. An internet search will bring up websites providing instructions on how to use it safely. MDMA usually comes in the form of colorful pills with designs of popular logos with catchy names which can lure kids into trying it because they may appear to be safe and fun.

Some Common Signs and Symptoms of MDMA Abuse

  • More emotional
  • Less inhibition
  • Increased pleasure
  • Enhanced energy
  • Distorted time
  • Change in sleeping schedule

Another sign may be clubbing and dancing more than usual.

How to Help Someone With MDMA Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with MDMA addiction, call Narconon Fresh Start today at 855-734-2223 to find out how we can help.

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Our drug rehabilitation program has been saving the lives of those addicted to drugs since 1966. Our unique drug detoxification program can help conquer the cravings, and our life skills lay out the steps on how to live a more happier, productive and stable life without drugs.