Drug Detoxification

Drug DetoxificationOur drug detoxification program is very unique compared to other programs that offer drug detoxification. We do not wean people off drugs or offer drug replacements.

Instead, Narconon Fresh Start cleanses the body of drug residues that can cause emotional responses and trigger drug cravings. The theory behind our drug detoxification program is that drug residuals can store in body fat and remain in the fat cells even long after a person has quit using drugs. These drug residuals can be released into the bloodstream and trigger drug cravings which can lead to drug relapse.

How the Narconon Fresh Start Drug Detoxification Program Works

Sweating the Drugs Out

With a combination of exercises, nutrition and a specific amount of time sweating in a dry sauna, we help accelerate the body’s natural detoxification process to rid the body of these left over drug residues.

The result is an increased awareness, clear mind and new energy which many of our graduates describe as being born again or gaining a new life and being free from drug cravings.

After Drug Detox

A clear mind and body allows you to focus on the next big step which involves learning how to live a successful life without drugs.

Next Step Life Skills, Learning how to live a life without drugs

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