Life Skills

New Drug-free LifeAt Narconon Fresh Start, not only do we help a person get off drugs naturally and remove the drug residues that trigger drug cravings, but we even take it a step further. We equip a person with the life skills necessary to constantly improve their life to succeed and stay off drugs for good.

Living a Life Without Drugs

We provide a specific sequence of educational life skills courses that bring about changes in a person’s behavior and arm a person with a definite set of skills to live a successful and drug-free life.

Graduates of the program walk away with many life skills that can be used throughout the rest of their life.

They learn how to effectively:

  • Skillfully communicate
  • Confront problems
  • Exhibit self-control
  • Obtain goals
  • Choose friends more wisely
  • Make ethical decisions
  • Increase their condition in life

These skills help graduates take control of their life, and stay off drugs for good.

Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills

Evidence of Success

A 40 year study has shown that approximately 75% of responding graduates reported they were either going back to school or staying out of trouble and jail or that they were still living a drug-free life six months or more after completing the program.

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