Natural Drug Withdrawal

Natural Drug RecoveryUnlike many other drug rehabilitation programs, Narconon Fresh Start uses a holistic and natural approach.

We do not use substitute drugs to help people get off drugs. We use nutritional supplements and minerals and special techniques that help people get off drugs as painlessly and easy as possible.

Why Someone Can’t Quit Using Drugs

Some users can’t quit using drugs on their own even when they sincerely try because he or she can never get past the painful drug withdrawal symptoms. They may not fully understand why they can’t quit. They only know that they feel better when they use drugs again.

They are basically just masking the pain with more drug use to temporarily feel better.

Substitute Drugs

Some drug rehabs and treatment centers use substitute drugs. These replacement drugs are used to “lesson” the drug withdrawal pains, but the truth is that these medications can have their own side effects and addictive properties including drug withdrawal symptoms.

Using substitute drugs is like trading one drug for another. Eventually the person will have to get off those medications as well if they want to be totally free from drug addiction. These medications really just prolong the recovery process.

Getting off Drugs Naturally

Getting off drugs in a natural way without the use of substitute drugs helps to prevent other possible drug addictions that can occur from the medications that are used in these treatment centers.

Our holistic approach helps to ease drug withdrawal symptoms to make coming off drugs easier.

We believe in offering a holistic approach that will start a person on the road towards true recovery the moment he or she walks into one of our facilities.

After Drug Withdrawal

The next step after getting off drugs is to clean the drug residues out of your body which can cause a person to have drug cravings.

Next Step – Drug Detoxification, Getting the drugs out.

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