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Narconon Fresh Start Goes Above and Beyond

Narconon Fresh Start LogoWhile most other drug rehab programs consider detox to be complete when their client’s withdrawal process has ended, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs know that there is more to be done to help a person looking to fully recover from their addiction problem. Unbeknownst to the substances abuser, the substances they consume leave behind drug and alcohol metabolites and toxins which remain stored in their fatty tissue for years after they have been ingested. It is essential that these residual drug metabolites and toxins be removed so that they do not cause the recovering individual to suffer from drug cravings, depression and many other physical and emotional stressors when they are released into their blood stream. This process is a key component of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and is credited to be the reason for our exceptional success rate of total rehabilitation.

“The sauna program has really changed me. I feel so much different now that I get 8 hours of sleep I am much more alert and focused; I’m also more motivated and determined to do better in life. The sauna programs have also made my friends and family respect me and want to be around me more. I’m really looking forward to moving on in the program and having plenty of more wins.”
F. B.

“I feel much better now that I have completed sauna. I feel more alert and energetic. I feel like my body is clean and way more in shape. I know that I have got all the harmful toxins out of my body; it will be much easier to stay sober.”
D. S.

Begin the Process of Rehabilitation from the Inside Out

Over time, drug addiction and alcoholism take a huge toll on the user’s body. To be able to fully recover from one’s addiction issues and restore a person back to their peek physical condition it is essential that the person in recovery understand all of the conditions that could hinder their rehabilitation process. Getting a complete physical is a necessary part of understanding one’s current physical state and what is needed to improve their overall health.

In addition to addressing the general health of a recovering individual, working to flush out the toxins and metabolites left behind by drug and alcohol use is a key step in one’s recovery process. When a person consumes alcohol or takes drugs their body stores the toxins and metabolites in the user’s fatty tissue. Going through a total body purification process will effectively remove these remaining toxins and metabolites giving the person’s body new life and vitality.

This chemical buildup of drug toxins and metabolites does not necessarily create any effect while they are stored in the person’s tissue; it is when they are ultimately released into the person’s body that they trigger cravings and physical compulsions to use. The toxins become dislodged and released at haphazard times – anything from exercise to stress can cause them to become dislodged and circulate in the blood, essentially re-stimulating the user once again. When this happens the user experiences a physical, emotional and psychological reaction to the re-stimulating effects of the drug/alcohol toxins and metabolites.

A sauna-based detoxification process cleanses the person’s body of any residual toxins and metabolites and works to end physical cravings for alcohol and drugs. Narconon Fresh Start uses the New Life Detoxification Program to fully detoxify their clients. This program consists of a protocol of medically supervised exercise, time spent sweating in a dry sauna and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements that target the fatty tissue to release the residual drug and alcohol toxins and metabolites.

The New Life Detoxification program is a process that takes several weeks. While it can be a challenging part of the rehabilitation process, the results program participants gain from completing the sauna detoxification program are numerous. Within the first week of the New Life Detoxification program clients begin to have color back in their face, their eyes appear brighter and clearer and their energy levels increase. As they progress through their sauna detox program clients comment that they are sleeping better at night and waking well rested in the morning. Their mood swings diminish and their anxiety levels balance out leaving them feeling more centered and balanced than they have felt in years; often when this portion of the Narconon Fresh Start program is complete client’s state that they feel more like themselves and more alive and healthy than ever before.

The Many Ways the Sauna Program Changed My Life for the Better

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab sauna program has changed my life for the better; let me tell you about some of the ways:

  • My skin is softer
  • My nails are stronger
  • My mood is a lot mellower
  • I don’t stress hardly ever which is a miracle in itself!
  • My mind is much sharper
  • It taught me how to listen to others
  • It taught me how to act around others
  • I laugh a lot more and I’m much happier
  • I can deal with situations better
  • I can take my time rather than rushing things
  • I take the time to think before I react
  • I have learned to be patient
  • I understand what it means to keep going even if I wanted to quit
  • I have faith in myself now

The New Life Detoxification Program has given me a sense of wellbeing. I’m healthier and stronger (physically) from the exercising in the morning. Most importantly I have accomplished something, something positive and worthwhile for myself. This was a beautiful experience!
L. N.

Feeling better because of the New Life Detoxification Program

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryI feel so much better since being in the New Life Detoxification Program. Also, I’m sleeping so much better than I was before the sauna program. It has helped me be able to go to sleep easier/faster, stay asleep through the night and wake up feeling well rested in the morning; waking feeling well rested is not a feeling I’m not used to but I’m so happy to be experiencing it.
C. R.

Cleansing You Body on a Cellular Level

A person who habitually abuses drugs or alcohol feels bad physically because of the poisons they have put into their body. The harmful substances the addicted person regularly ingested caused them to become nutritionally deficient and is the main contributing factor in their long list of negative physical effects. Even once the person enters Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug and alcohol rehab program they will still continue to feel bad physically and their mind will remain clouded more than before they started using drugs or alcohol because the toxins are still in their body. Rainbow Canyon Retreat uses the drug-free New Life Detoxification program to flush out the program participant’s body of any residual toxins left behind by their substance abuse.

The toxins left behind by a person’s substance abuse will remain stored in their fat cells for some time; even when they are not actively using and have started the process of recovery. What happens is that when the person is under stress, physical exertion, over worked, etc. the residual drug and alcohol toxins are triggered to release and re-enter the person’s blood stream. As these toxins re-enter their blood stream it brings on drug or alcohol cravings, depression and many other physical and emotional stressors. One of the benefits of attending Rainbow Canyon Retreat is that their recovery program is entirely drug-free. They intentionally do not use any substitute drugs or mind-altering medications to solve their clients physical and mental issues brought about by their substance abuse. Using medications only masks the client’s symptoms and the fundamental problems that caused them to choose drugs or alcohol as a solution. As an alternative, Rainbow Canyon Retreat puts emphasis on moderate exercise, healthy nutritional choices, good nutritional supplements and a thorough full-body detox process using dry-heat saunas to sweat out residual toxins and metabolites left behind by years of substance abuse.

Program participants of Rainbow Canyon Retreat begin to see the changes in themselves within just a few short days of doing the New Life Detoxification program. They begin to have color back in their face, their eyes are brighter, their energy levels are up and they are sleeping better at night. The emotional benefits clients get from the program include diminished mood swings, anger, depression and general feelings of uncomfortability. All of these physical and emotional effects of the New Life Detoxification program are added benefits to the primary reason the program was created, to eliminate future drug cravings and relapses on drugs or alcohol.