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Determining When Drug Rehab is Necessary

While not every person who abuses drugs becomes addicted, more than 4.5 million of those who do meet the criteria for drug dependence, and another 17 million people meet the criteria for alcohol dependence. As families and loved ones watch the person they care about displaying signs of drug or alcohol abuse it can be difficult to witness. This is because illegal drug use, alcohol abuse or prescription drug abuse do not equate to a productive, enjoyable life. For those who do not develop addiction problems, drug and alcohol abuse still delays their ability to reach their goals and may result in arrest, injury, unwanted sex, unwanted pregnancy or serious health complications.

How do you determine when attending a drug rehab is necessary? As a leader in the field of addiction recovery, we know through years of experience that the time to draw the line is at the first realization of substance use. This is because any drug or alcohol abuse can progress into a much deeper habit that will begin to control the user and their decisions. This is a choice you will need to make as a family or loved one of the substance abuser. The time for drug rehab is absolutely necessary when the drug using habits of the individual have begun to control them. When they have promised to focus on their studies or job, but continually fail to keep their promises. As problems with the law, their health, personal relationships, family and finances build the need for treatment is painfully obvious. Addressing these signs as soon as they arise will prevent an enormous amount of damage. Effective drug rehabilitation early in the user’s addiction problem can do more than just stop the issue from progressing, it may even safe their life in the long run.

Our Pledge to You

The Narconon Fresh Start pledge to our graduating clients is unheard of in the field of drug rehabilitation. With an extremely high success rate, we are secure in the quality and effectiveness of our program and stand behind our results. If any graduate of our program has any difficulty remaining drug or alcohol free within 6 months of completing our program, we will gladly accept the client back free of charge for an advanced treatment review program. This free advanced treatment review program does not include the price of airfare or the price of a medical detox, which is the responsibility of the review program participant. Medical detox is not always necessary, but may be required in the rare case that the client has been using the amount or type of drugs or alcohol that may require a medical detox before beginning the advanced treatment review process.

Choosing the Best Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Center

Making the choice on which drug rehab or alcohol rehab center to attend is an important decision. Making an informed and educated decision will likely be what makes the difference in your loved one’s ability to achieve a successful recovery. While the majority of drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers are good, the question becomes how do you know if it is the right treatment program for you?

The best drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers are determined by the skill and professionalism of their staff, the quality of the program itself, the programs reputation and their rate of success. All of these key points are necessary to consider before making the decision on which program to attend. Narconon Fresh Start is a network of exceptional drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs providing over 45 years of successful addiction recovery results.

With treatment centers located in several states on the Western part of the country there is bound to be a facility to meet your recovery needs: Fort Collins new Life Center is located in Colorado, Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada and Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California.

All Narconon Fresh Start programs are:

  • High success rate and program guarantee
  • Inpatient programs
  • Long-term treatment
  • Residential facilities
  • Holistic methods
  • Time variable approach
  • Secluded distraction free locations
  • Life skills rehabilitation and educational courses
  • Body cleansing and purification program (New Life Detoxification Method)
  • Not for profit treatment centers
  • Non 12 step
  • Non group therapy with an individualized approach to recovery
  • Non drug therapy

Since 1966 Fresh Start Programs have successfully been treating addiction year after year. Their consistently high success rates in the field of addiction rehabilitation and recovery from drugs and alcohol speak to how effective their programs really are. After developing the keys to success mentioned above all Narconon Fresh Start locations implement them to ensure they achieve their number one goal: to stop the addicted person and family from continuing to live through the life of addiction and to place the program participant back as a drug and alcohol free contributing member of society. While these keys to success are not the easiest or the quickest approach to rehabilitation, from our experience they have proven to be the most effective.