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Sunshine Summit Lodge Students Speak Up

Today I’m feeling calm and relaxed. My mind is clear, kind, and happy. I’ve learned to stay in the present moment and avoid dwelling on my past misdeeds. There is a lot to be said for facing my personal demons, writing my wrongs and working on moving forward with my life. I’m looking forward to course tomorrow.

Thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge I’ve been sober one. This is one month of my life that I can remember from start to finish with not blackout and no waking up in an unfamiliar place. I never realized how truly chaotic my life was until I had been here a few weeks. I’ve finally come to understand that the way I was living my life was self-destructive and headed for disaster. What started out as fun had turned into nights on end fuelled by constant drug use and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Now I know I’ll never have to go through those awful symptoms again thanks to this program. I can put my past behind me and live my life as a drug-free person no longer controlled by the substances I take.
C. M.

Learning tons about how I can remain healthy, happy and surrounded by other happy and healthy people too!
R. P.

Today was a great day, what a great realization! I know my last realization while in course was really great and my best one so far. I’m so happy and I can’t wait for the next objective when I go to course tomorrow. I’m curious to see what other great thoughts and realizations I’ll have in the morning.
V. T.

I’m impressed with the man my son has become thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge

When I first started looking into a drug rehab program for my son I was overwhelmed by the multitude of options available. Did I want him close to home, in a long-term program, taking replacement mediations? The questions my research brought up were endless and made my head swim with decisions need to be made. At one point in my research process I found the Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge site and felt a click of “that’s right for my son, that’s right for our family” and made the call. Speaking with their intake counselor I was impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of addiction and rehabilitation. I liked the fact that when my son completed treatment at their drug rehab he wouldn’t be considered an “addict” any longer. He wouldn’t have to attend meetings for the rest or his life and he certainly wouldn’t be on methadone or buprenorphine to “manage” his withdrawal symptoms. I was happy to hear that he would be taking responsibility for his past, making amends and creating a plan for his life once his time at Sunshine Summit Lodge was done.

All of this took place six months ago and life has been so much better since. He graduated from the program after about four months and has returned home to live with his father and me until he can get back on his feet financially. I’ve seen changes in him I would have never imagined possible. Not only does he no longer associate with his past drug using friends, he has found a girlfriend who is supportive of his sobriety and only wants the best out of life for him. We have family meals now, he goes to bed at a “normal” hour and wakes the next morning to go to work not feeling sick from heroin withdrawal. I have always loved my son, but since his graduation from Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge I truly like the man he has become. He lives his life with integrity, personal ethics and high morals; all positive aspects of himself that worked on developing during his time in rehab. I have my son back and his future is up to him now, not the drugs he was controlled by in the past.
-2012 Mother of Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduate

Can addiction to drugs and alcohol be cured?

The answer in a nutshell is, yes! Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs view drug addiction and alcoholism differently than other treatment facilities. They do not go along with the belief that drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases a person suffers from and can only hope to manage “one day at a time”. Instead, they treat addiction for what it truly is; a mental and physical problem that must be overcome while concurrently addressing the underlying issues that drove the individual to abuse the substance in the first place. One of the vast differences in their program vs. others is that Narconon Fresh Start clients are not labeled lifelong addicts and told they are powerless over their drug addiction or alcoholism. The treatment program they provide gives their clients true rehabilitation that builds them up and clearly illustrates to them that they are powerful and in control of their thoughts, emotions and actions.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is both a learned behavior as well as physical conditioning to take the substance. When an individual habitually consumes mind altering substances in excess for a period of time their mind and body begins to adjust to the substance’s regular presence and starts to accommodate for it. While these changes in the drug or alcohol user persist during their substance use, the individual will return back to “normal” with proper treatment (i.e. drug rehabilitation) and time spent clean and sober.

Narconon Fresh Start is a network of highly successful drug rehab programs that provide their clients with the most effective drug rehabilitation technology and highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery. Their graduates experience true and lasting rehabilitation, remaining substance free for life. Their network of drug rehabs includes Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado, Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada and Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California. Each location offers program participants a safe sanctuary from the many temptations and restimulative environments they have previously been influenced by. The facilities themselves provide clients with a therapeutic environment designed to address their drug and/or alcohol addiction problem. Program participants go through a complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from their addiction issues; typically, this is one of the hardest, yet rewarding endeavors they accomplish in their lifetime. Because of this fact, all Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are equipped with everything necessary to complete this process while ensuring their client’s safety and comfort during each step of the process.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program is a long-term, multi-phase program that includes withdrawal, complete total body detoxification and purification (the New Life Detoxification Program) and education in life and interpersonal skills. One of the unique aspects of their program is the life skills training because many other treatment centers do not include this as part of their recovery process. Clients become students as they go to course each day, study the Narconon Fresh Start program books and are then tested on the information they have just learned. The testing ensures that the student fully understands what they have just learned and is able to make it their own, integrate it into their way of thinking and their daily life. Students learn effective communication skills, how to get along with others (i.e. family, friends, acquaintances, etc.), how to see what is good in life and what is bad, how to avoid situations that will lead them down the wrong path and teaches them a common sense moral code that when followed will put them on the road to happiness. As the program comes to completion the student has fully learned all the life and interpersonal skills spelled out in the Narconon Fresh Start books. They achieve a level of understanding and existence that they may never have reached without going through this specific drug rehab program. It is a level of understanding and existence that is necessary to function in the outside world with their family, relatives, friends, employer and coworkers without feeling that they need to resort to drugs or alcohol. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs have all the tools and life skills they need to remain clean and sober when they return home; no meetings to attend, no drug replacement medications to take in order to maintain their sobriety.

Why Drug Rehab is Important for Getting Sober

Attending an appropriate drug rehab for your drug addiction or alcoholism issues is an important part of recovering. In addition helping you stop your drug use and/or alcohol abuse, the goal of drug rehab is to help you become a productive, functioning member of your family, workplace, and community. While in a drug rehab program you’ll learn about addiction, recovery and relapse while addressing the underlying issues that drove you to substance abuse. Attending a drug rehab will help you to make lifestyle changes, manage feelings, develop coping tools and drug refusal skills. In addition, you’ll learn to identify relapse warning signs and challenge thoughts that may lead to relapse.

As more and more people are developing addiction problems to street drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter medications and alcohol a variety of programs have been created to assist these addicted individuals with getting off the dangerous substances they have become dependent on. Over the years research has shown that addiction to any substance can be effectively treated and recovered from. However, there is no one specific type of drug rehab approach that is appropriate for everyone. When getting help for your drug addiction or alcoholism you have to take into account type of substance you are dependent on as well as your personal needs, values and expectations of what being completed rehabilitated looks and feels like.

Some programs use drug replacement medications or drug substation to assist their clients in coming off the substances they are dependent on; essentially just replacing the current drug addiction with one that can be picked up at a pharmacy or clinic. Other types of drug rehab methods are entirely drug-free and holistically based so that when their clients complete treatment they are no longer controlled by any substances whatsoever. Additional topics to consider include group counseling, length of treatment and location of the drug rehab. Take the time to decide if you would feel comfortable in group counseling or if a more individualized approach would be right for you.

How long of a drug rehab program do you need. Choosing a short-term program may be appealing but, if you have struggled with addiction issues for years then a short-term rehab program is probably not going to be long enough to make the changes you need to make. A person with a long history of abuse and addiction will need long term treatment in order to fully learn and practice living day to day life as a sober individual.

Drug addiction treatment must address the specific needs of each individual. Just as there are varying degrees of addiction there are varying degrees of treatment. If you are an individual who has a history of many prior attempts at sobriety with no lasting success then enrolling in an inpatient residential treatment is the next step in conquering your addiction. Current research shows that inpatient treatment, like one would receive at a residential drug rehab program, is the most successful modality for individuals with multiple unsuccessful attempts at sobriety.

As one of the premiere drug rehab companies for over 45 years, Narconon Fresh Start has been helping people just like you get off drugs and alcohol and learn the skills and tools necessary to live the life they always wanted.  Many of our staff members have been through and overcome addiction problems and have decided to dedicate their lives to helping others find lasting sobriety. It is important that we share with you that we understand while no two people or families are the same, there is one thing you all have in common – you can have your life back and we will help you get there.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are long-term residential drug rehab programs located in a variety of locations to maximize the recovery experience. We have programs in Colorado (Fort Collins New Life Center), in Texas (Lone Star Victory Ranch), in Nevada (Rainbow Canyon Retreat) and in Southern California (Sunshine Summit Lodge). All of our programs provide the same excellent drug rehab treatment and utilize Narconon Fresh Start recovery technology. The program we provide is complete from start to finish helping our client’s withdraw from the substances they are addicted to, going through a total body purification process known as the New Life Detoxification Program and the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program courses and books. The Narconon program books and courses are the core of the drug rehab program. While in our program clients become students as they learn, study and implement the new life skills and techniques taught to them. The skills and tools learned while at any of our Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs gives our program participants the keys they need to reach their goals and succeed at living a drug-free life.

Life is getting better each day

Life is getting better each day; it wasn’t long ago that I couldn’t see that happening. Today, happiness, confidence, calmness and comfort are all feelings that exist for me in various amounts. There is room for more of each feeling but I know that they will increase as I continue to do the right things, make the right actions and apply the information I’ve learned at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I have to say, it’s pretty cool how things can change if I allow them to.
N. M.