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I need to forgive myself

Running objective 3 brings up some feelings for me today. I realized I am too hard on myself; I dwell on the mistakes I’ve made and beat myself up too much. I realized I need to forgive myself, love myself I deserve it all. I will use these negative sad feelings as a motivator and reminder of where using and drinking takes me.
R. T.

Narconon Fresh Start educational courses include a two part lesson on objectives. The first are a series of drills and communication exercise and the second focuses on improving the program participant’s present time awareness and increasing their ability to keep focus and complete common tasks and goals that they begin. With the client’s improved awareness of their life, as well as what is going on around them in the present time, comes the ability to remain focused on future life objectives and goals once started.

After sauna I feel great

After Sauna I felt great and came right in to book 3 (Learning Improvement Course). I did my best and got it done quickly. It taught me a lot on how to study and fully understand the concept of proper studying.
M. J.

The sauna program, known as the New Life Detoxification Program helps clients to rid their body of all remaining drug metabolites and toxins. By flushing out the drug metabolites left behind by substance abuse they no longer experience physical drug or alcohol cravings along with an extensive list of additional health benefits. Students in the Narconon Fresh Start program find that after they have completed the dry sauna portion of their program they are able to focus on course much better, take in new information easier and retain the new information they have learned better than before.

The Learning Improvement Course enables students to overcome common barriers to study. They improve their learning skills and their ability to comprehend and apply what they have studied in the Narconon Fresh Start courses. There is great benefit to these study techniques because they are used throughout the remainder of the program and can be used outside the Narconon Fresh Start program in the student’s everyday life.

One of the most Important Things I’ve Learned…

I learned a lot in book 6; however one of the most important things for me was responsibility, taking responsibility for your own actions. I was happy to hear about how if you hold certain feelings in how they affect you. I can see that withholding negative energy and not taking responsibility will just take over your life. I’m happy to be writing about the success and the accomplishments I have done and that I take responsibility for my own actions.
M. D.

Taking Responsibility

An important part of the Narconon Fresh Start program is taking personal responsibility for the things you have done in the past and making amends when needed. Clients identify areas in their life where they were unethical and negligent of others. Through addressing these specific incidents (writing them down, thinking about them and talking about them) the program participant is able to work through their feelings and move past the guilt that burdens them. Freeing themselves of these negative feelings and emotions allows the client to focus on their future. This is because they have put those past experiences to rest and done their best to do right by those they may have hurt or harmed along the way. For the client it feels like they are given the chance to start anew, a clean slate if you will to begin living the new life they are preparing for while in treatment.

I feel much better after my class and writing my letters. Getting all my feelings and emotions out really lifted a load off of me and makes me feel strong. I am happy to be moving on with my program.
M. M.

I feel a lot better after finally writing down all the guilt and shame I have been carrying around for all these years. I have a great sense of relief after writing a letter to my boyfriend.
K. W.

Book 6 – Personal Values and Integrity Course

WIN! I got a lot out of the 6th book. I learned about why people commit harmful acts on themselves and others. I took responsibility for a lot of over reactions and withholds I had in my own life and feel so relived. I hope others can get as many wins as I did reading this book.
M. S.

The 6th book was the best book so far. I got to comfort my past and handle it. Now I know how to love my new life and apply my ethics so I’m happy and responsible. I know I can be a good responsible man now.
M. A.

Narconon Book 6 is the Personal Values and Integrity Course. This course is designed to help clients regain their personal integrity and recognize their own personal values. Clients conduct a thorough examination of their past harmful and destructive actions. During the process they also take personal responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their own past actions.