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True Addiction Recovery is a Challenge worth Completing

Sunshine Summit Lodge accomplishes true addiction rehabilitation through their use of the New Life Detoxification program and Life Skills courses. Their body purification process removes the toxins left behind by substance abuse and significantly diminishes, if not fully eradicates physical cravings and compulsions to use drugs or alcohol. The Life Skills courses clients work on help them to achieve the cognitive behavioral modification necessary to become the happy, drug-free, productive people they desire to become. Sunshine Summit Lodge’s drug rehabilitation program has several components and is structured in a specific step by step sequence to provide the best results. While the road to true recovery from addiction is challenging, with the right guidance and rehabilitation techniques Sunshine Summit Lodge can help you or your loved one accomplish it.

Why Long-Term Treatment Worked For Me

Long-term residential treatment is an excellent choice for addicts who have been struggling with their substance abuse problems for a while. When months, years or even decades go by filled with drug and alcohol abuse it can be hard to remember what a sober life was like. Addicts who have a long history with addiction problems are going to need more than just a few weeks to change their addictive ways. It takes a while to make day to day life without drugs feel normal and natural.

I should know, it took me close to four months to feel like my new found sobriety was more than just a fleeting moment. I had spent years addicted to drugs before I entered a Narconon Fresh Start program. During my first few weeks I realized just how difficult the process was going to be. It wasn’t something I could rush my way through or b.s. others to get out of doing it. I had to really apply myself and actually learn the new information being taught to me if this program was going to really work.

Because I had all the time I needed to learn, practice and integrate the education I received I was able to stay sober since the day I entered Narconon Fresh Start over a decade ago. Long-term residential treatment was able to help me finally get off drugs when other programs couldn’t. I’m so glad I invested the time in myself and went to Narconon Fresh Start.
-Narconon Graduate

Experience Lasting Sobriety Thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge

What makes Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab different from other treatment facilities? It is their ability to take an individual whose life is filled with alcohol, drugs and chaos and teach them how to stop their self-destructive actions. While at Sunshine Summit Lodge clients learn to live a life built on integrity, purpose and direction. These life changes happen thanks to Narconon Fresh Start’s New Life Detoxification method as well as their use of a cognitive behavioral modification model to addiction recovery.

The Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification method has been used for decades to flush out client’s remaining drug toxins. If not removed, these toxins will remain stored in the client’s fatty tissue long after the substances have been consumed. The New Life Detoxification method is a systematic process of medically supervised exercise, time spent sweating in a dry sauna, and specific vitamin and mineral supplements proven to expedite the body’s ability to rid itself of drug toxins. When the New Life Detoxification method is complete clients are less susceptible to drug or alcohol relapse because they no longer experience drug cravings, emotional distress and are generally healthier overall.

Sunshine Summit Lodge uses cognitive behavioral modification to help their clients learn new and better ways of approaching life and life’s problems. This approach to drug rehabilitation is centered on a combination of cognitive and behavioral learning principles meant to shape and encourage desired behaviors. Through the course work and interactive therapeutic techniques clients learn how to conquer the barriers to studying, effectively communicate, identify and confront underlying issues that caused them to choose substance abuse, given an ethical and moral code to live by and create a battle plan for their future.

Clarity, No More Negative Thinking & Better Sleep!

I got here by a friend, she said I needed help and I agreed and we looked up Narconon. I Talked to Josh on the phone and was here the next day. OCD is where I stated, it went well. I got through withdrawal and this is my first day in class. I’m overall happy so far things are well. I’m looking forward to Narconon. Thanks….

…My objectives went great, mostly great due to my specialist. I’ve gained clarity and learned how to get out of negative thinking using new methods I’ve been taught. My sleep has improved greatly and my eating habits have gotten way better. Also I can’t forget my appetite has risen greatly.
J. M.

During a client’s time here at Narconon Fresh Start they see many improvements in themselves. Some they anticipated due to getting off drugs or alcohol and some improvements in themselves are surprising to them. These surprising and wonderful improvements inspire the client to keep putting in the hard work and investing their time in themselves to make a total and lasting addiction recovery.

I Feel Like My Old Self!

I loved objectives very much. They made me feel like my old self which my family and I are very happy about.
J. A.

Our clients find a renewed sense of purpose while going through the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program. They rediscover who they are and their passion for life. Often, through the course work they work on daily they begin to realize how amazing life is without using drugs or alcohol.