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I Want to Build a Sauna in My Home!

I’ve been sober for 40 some odd days now and I’m feeling 100% better than I did when I first came to Narconon Fresh Start. I’m sleeping better now than I can ever remember; probably since my teenage years. I can feel my brain coming back to life. Well, as much of it as I can get back. I am thankful for my choice to get help and even more happy that I did not end up some place else. The New Life Detoxification Program has, and still is helping me more than I imagined. The results are so wonderful that I want to build a sauna in my home to continue removing chemicals and environmental toxins from my body monthly. Thanks to this program I feel well balanced and stable.
N. H.

Feeling a lot better physically

I completed a full day of sauna with exercise. I feel a lot better physically and my skin and hair are feeling smoother.
C. V.

The Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification Program is a body cleansing and purification process. Through the specific protocol of nutritional supplements, a healthy diet, moderate exercise and time sweating in a dry sauna the program participant flushes the residual drug toxins and metabolites from their system thereby removing the root cause of future physical drug and alcohol cravings; one of the primary causes of relapse among those going through recovery or who have just completed drug rehab. The New Life Detoxification Program benefits all types of substance abuse and addiction problems i.e. cocaine, heroin, Xanax, PCP, amphetamines, crank, crystal meth, methamphetamine, ecstasy, alcohol and medicinal drugs such as narcotic painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills just to list a few.