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Remaining in treatment

Entering drug rehab means admitting that you need help with your substance abuse and that you were unable to stop using on your own. While many people enter treatment willingly, some do so only to get their loved ones off their back about their drug or alcohol use. Whether the program participant has entered the program willingly or not, they will probably struggle at one time or another about remaining in treatment. There will be many hurdles and obstacles to overcome that challenge even the most devoted program participant. One of the key times a program participant may become upset and want to leave is during the withdrawal process. Withdrawal is often physically uncomfortable and the drug cravings, drug using dreams and emotional discomfort is exceptionally difficult to get through. However, once this phase of treatment has passed the program participant often begins to feel much better and slowly embarks on the process of learning to live a drug-free lifestyle.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs understand how difficult the process of drug rehabilitation can be. This is why they have created many techniques to help their clients get through the desire to leave and ultimately make the choice to stay and work on achieving lasting sobriety. Many staff members are former clients who have completed the program. They are able to personally identify with program participants and address their feelings and compulsions very effectively.

A person who uses drugs or alcohol has a drug problem, right?

Generally speaking, a person chooses to take drugs or alcohol as a solution to a problem they are experiencing. Their problem may be that they are struggling at school, they feel unhappy at work, they feel shy, lonely or even bored. Any of these feelings and many others can lead a person to choose substance use as an escape from their problems. There are individuals who develop substance abuse problems due to existing medical conditions. These individuals are prescribed extremely addictive medications by their doctors and eventually choose to take the prescription in a different amount or method than dictated by their physician. While the user continues to abuse their drug of choice, the substance itself begins to become one of the drug user’s problems; this is in addition to the original issue they were struggling with before their drug use began. As addiction to the drug or alcohol takes hold, the user will continue to use the substance despite the fact that it is harming their body and mind. When it comes to a person having a drug problem, there was always a problem in their life BEFORE the started using drugs or alcohol. And, there is almost always a solution available to the user without the use of drugs or alcohol; if they are only able to stop getting high and address their underlying issue.

Living in an alternate reality

When a person abuses drugs or alcohol they are typically looking to escape. Whether it is from personal pain, boredom, problems, stress…the list is endless. I once knew a drug addict who felt that she was “better” than everyone else who didn’t do drugs because she was able to have it all: a job, an education, family, friends, a boyfriend and all the drugs she wanted whenever she wanted. Reality hit her hard and fast when her world came crashing down around her. Her job fired her for never showing up, she dropped out of school after just a month or so because she was so far behind, her family and friends had taken all they could of her out of control behavior and her boyfriend had been using her for the drugs she supplied him. The alternate reality she had built for herself was just a lie she realized. This girl needed help, desperately.

After enrolling in the Narconon Fresh Start program she was able to see that while life was going to be different off drugs, it may be a life worth living. Each day was a struggle to remain in treatment knowing all the “fun” she could be having if she was back home. As she promised herself she’d stay just one more day at Narconon, than one more after that. In time, she found the promises she made to herself not as necessary. By her second month in drug rehab a light bulb had clicked on for her. She was living the life she really wanted. As her graduation approached the girl knew that she had found her calling, to help others who had walked the same path of drug abuse and addiction find sobriety. No longer living in an alternate reality, she has found the years since completing drug rehab to be the best of her life.

Choosing the Best Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Center

Making the choice on which drug rehab or alcohol rehab center to attend is an important decision. Making an informed and educated decision will likely be what makes the difference in your loved one’s ability to achieve a successful recovery. While the majority of drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers are good, the question becomes how do you know if it is the right treatment program for you?

The best drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers are determined by the skill and professionalism of their staff, the quality of the program itself, the programs reputation and their rate of success. All of these key points are necessary to consider before making the decision on which program to attend. Narconon Fresh Start is a network of exceptional drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs providing over 45 years of successful addiction recovery results.

With treatment centers located in several states on the Western part of the country there is bound to be a facility to meet your recovery needs: Fort Collins new Life Center is located in Colorado, Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada and Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California.

All Narconon Fresh Start programs are:

  • High success rate and program guarantee
  • Inpatient programs
  • Long-term treatment
  • Residential facilities
  • Holistic methods
  • Time variable approach
  • Secluded distraction free locations
  • Life skills rehabilitation and educational courses
  • Body cleansing and purification program (New Life Detoxification Method)
  • Not for profit treatment centers
  • Non 12 step
  • Non group therapy with an individualized approach to recovery
  • Non drug therapy

Since 1966 Fresh Start Programs have successfully been treating addiction year after year. Their consistently high success rates in the field of addiction rehabilitation and recovery from drugs and alcohol speak to how effective their programs really are. After developing the keys to success mentioned above all Narconon Fresh Start locations implement them to ensure they achieve their number one goal: to stop the addicted person and family from continuing to live through the life of addiction and to place the program participant back as a drug and alcohol free contributing member of society. While these keys to success are not the easiest or the quickest approach to rehabilitation, from our experience they have proven to be the most effective.

Recovery at Sunshine Summit Lodge

California has some of the most beautiful landscapes around. The rolling hills, the beaches, the mountains; there are so many scenic and diverse environments to see and visit. Tucked away in the picturesque hills of Northern San Diego County is Sunshine Summit Lodge drug alcohol rehab program. Their ultimate goal is to help their program participants achieve lasting sobriety. The immediate goals of Sunshine Summit Loge are to eliminate client’s current drug use, improve their ability to function without substances and address any medical and social complications that have arisen due to the client’s drug or alcohol abuse.

To help recovering clients rid themselves of cravings and drug using compulsions Sunshine Summit Lodge uses an advanced detox protocol. While only the initial step in the recovery process, drug detox is a key part of ridding the client’s body of any remaining drug toxins and metabolites. Alone, detox does little to reverse long-term drug use because it does not address the emotional and psychological issues behind one’s substance abuse. When total detoxification is complete the program participant is ready to begin the educational part of Sunshine Summit Lodge’s drug alcohol rehab program.

This California drug rehab uses life skills courses as part of their cognitive behavioral modification model. The life skills clients learn while in treatment educate them on:

  • How to communicate with others
  • How to see what is good in life, what is bad in life
  • How to avoid a situation that will lead them down the wrong path
  • How to get along with their families as well as with people they don’t usually get along with

Graduates of the Sunshine Summit Lodge drug alcohol rehab program learn necessary tools to help them in their day to day life. The level of integrity, responsibility and self-control they rise to during their time in treatment is one that they likely would never have been able to achieve on their own. This higher level is necessary so that the recovered person can function in the outside world with their relatives, family, boss, etc. without feeling that they need to resort to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems. The results that Sunshine Summit Lodge are able to achieve are phenomenal; they have a very high success rate of true rehabilitation and a written guarantee of sobriety for their graduates.