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How do I Find the Right Drug Rehab?

Important things to consider when finding the right drug rehab.

How do I find the right drug rehab? When you are ready to stop your drug or alcohol abuse finding the right drug rehab program is the first step in the process. While the idea of ending your addiction is motivating, without the right help and support from an effective and highly successful drug rehab program you may find yourself spinning your wheels. The process of researching and finding the right program to help you overcome your drug addiction or alcoholism problem can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

Finding Drug RehabTo help you narrow your search, let’s go over a few questions. How severe is your addiction problem? For individuals with long-term histories of alcoholism or drug addiction a long-term inpatient or residential program will be your best choice. Remaining in a program for an adequate length of time is going to get you the results you are looking for. Research shows that 90 days in treatment is considered the gold standard when recovering from long-term drug and alcohol addiction.

Do you have any special needs or requirements to ensure your comfort and safety during your recovery? This is an important point for those who have health issues in addition to their addiction problem. Additionally, individuals who struggle with mental illness in combination with their addiction problem will need to address this issue concurrently during their recovery process. Be sure to inquire if the programs you are looking into address mental illness if this is a concern for you personally.

If you are looking at programs close to home find out if you are able to take a tour of the facility. This may help to put you at ease when making a decision about which program will provide the right resources and accommodations to meet your needs. If you’re unable to see the program before enrolling, ask if they can send you any brochures or electronic literature to help you to visualize their facility and the property where the program is located.

Last of all consider how much you are able to invest in a drug rehab program. If you have insurance it is important to contact them to find out what your coverage is for addiction treatment and ask for a list of referrals. While insurance may not cover the entire cost of drug rehab, they may be able to pay part or a significant portion of the enrollment costs. This is a crucial point that many people do not even consider when looking into their drug rehab options; but one that can significantly narrow down your search for a program.

While each program ranges in price based on their services offered, length of stay and location look for the best value for your dollar. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Choosing to attend a lower cost rehab might mean cutting corners on your sobriety. A program that provides all the rehabilitation services you are looking for and the amenities you like is going to be worth spending the extra money on. In the end, this is one of the most important investments you will ever make in yourself.


I Want to Build a Sauna in My Home!

I’ve been sober for 40 some odd days now and I’m feeling 100% better than I did when I first came to Narconon Fresh Start. I’m sleeping better now than I can ever remember; probably since my teenage years. I can feel my brain coming back to life. Well, as much of it as I can get back. I am thankful for my choice to get help and even more happy that I did not end up some place else. The New Life Detoxification Program has, and still is helping me more than I imagined. The results are so wonderful that I want to build a sauna in my home to continue removing chemicals and environmental toxins from my body monthly. Thanks to this program I feel well balanced and stable.
N. H.

Reaching the end of your rope?

For the addict, reaching the end of their rope feels like defeat; defeat over their ability to control themselves. No matter how hard they try or how much they want to remain sober the compulsion to use is stronger and wins. Admitting defeat over your ability to stop using means that you realize you have a problem larger than you can handle alone. For this very reason, drug rehab programs were created. While it is the intention of all drug rehab programs to get their clients off drugs or alcohol, not all programs are created equal.

If you are looking for a quick fix, a short-term solution or a Band-Aid to cover up the issue, you will likely be right back where you started in no time. Addicts who are at the end of their rope and know that they NEED to make changes in their life understand that a quick fix just isn’t going to do the trick. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a process that happens overnight, and neither is true rehabilitation.

Ending an addiction problem takes time, often months if not longer. The process involves several crucial steps conducted in a specific order so that no area is overlooked and all issues are addressed. Narconon Fresh Start is a team of drug rehab programs working to end addiction and help give their clients their lives back.

Their drug rehab program goes beyond simply getting the client off the addictive substances they are dependent on. Narconon Fresh Start treatment centers use and educational method of rehabilitation to help their program participants improve their personal mental and emotional skills: decision making, problem solving, communication, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotions and coping with stress. Then many benefits of incorporating these skills in drug rehabilitation programs are best expressed by Mr. William Benitez, founder of the Narconon program.

“I found that if a person rehabilitated and applied certain abilities, that person could persevere toward goals set, confront life, isolate problems and resolve them, communicate with life, be responsible and set ethical standards, and function within the band of certainty.”
– William Benitez

Getting practical about how to turn things around

A difficult part of acclimating to daily life as a sober individual is connecting with new people. The newly recovered person often has limited social skills and has relied on their substance use to find connections with others. Developing the inner voice that helps effectively determine whether a person has your best interest in mind or if they are a destructive individual looking to do you harm in some way is an important part of staying sober. Using specific methods spelled out in Book 5, Ups and Downs in Life Course the program participant will be able to select a positive group of friends in the future that are more supportive and helpful than they would have previously chosen. The methods given are to be used throughout one’s life to continually achieve greater stability and happiness.