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Using what I’ve learned on a daily basis

I have successfully completed the Narconon Fresh Start program and I’m very grateful. I’m so thankful for Narconon and the staff here for truly saving my life and bringing me back to see and become the person I’m truly meant to be. Everything I have learned here has been so helpful and I will apply it in my life on a daily basis. I am now ready to start my internship and help others achieve the success I now have and live a life of happiness. Thank you to Narconon and all the staff, I love all of you.  You truly saved my life.
Big Win!
R. S.

Determining When Drug Rehab is Necessary

While not every person who abuses drugs becomes addicted, more than 4.5 million of those who do meet the criteria for drug dependence, and another 17 million people meet the criteria for alcohol dependence. As families and loved ones watch the person they care about displaying signs of drug or alcohol abuse it can be difficult to witness. This is because illegal drug use, alcohol abuse or prescription drug abuse do not equate to a productive, enjoyable life. For those who do not develop addiction problems, drug and alcohol abuse still delays their ability to reach their goals and may result in arrest, injury, unwanted sex, unwanted pregnancy or serious health complications.

How do you determine when attending a drug rehab is necessary? As a leader in the field of addiction recovery, we know through years of experience that the time to draw the line is at the first realization of substance use. This is because any drug or alcohol abuse can progress into a much deeper habit that will begin to control the user and their decisions. This is a choice you will need to make as a family or loved one of the substance abuser. The time for drug rehab is absolutely necessary when the drug using habits of the individual have begun to control them. When they have promised to focus on their studies or job, but continually fail to keep their promises. As problems with the law, their health, personal relationships, family and finances build the need for treatment is painfully obvious. Addressing these signs as soon as they arise will prevent an enormous amount of damage. Effective drug rehabilitation early in the user’s addiction problem can do more than just stop the issue from progressing, it may even safe their life in the long run.

Learning How to Look at Life Objectively

What I’m learning right now here at Lonestar Victory Ranch is to look at things in my life objectively. I’ve never done that before. I always let my emotions rule my decisions and often they get the better of me. Using what I’ve learned while studying in course I will be able to make future decisions from an objective viewpoint, not based on my emotions or what my past experiences have always resulted in. This info is going to help me when I get home and have to struggle with my family. I’ll take the time to listen and think about what they are actually saying before I start making a decision or responding to them. I know that it is important for me to handle my anger issues here before I go home so that I do not blow up at anyone and use that as an excuse to get high.

I Can Now Live a Happier More Successful Life

I have successfully completed the sauna program. I believe that this part of the program has helped me a lot; I now sleep through the night. I feel it has also helped me to remove all of the drugs out of my system and now I can live a happier more successful life.
K. B.

The results our clients receive through their time in the Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification program benefit them long after they complete treatment and return home. Feeling healthier, brighter (inside and out), well rested and no longer experiencing drug cravings are just some of the top benefits clients regularly speak about. Research along with modern science has proven the results our clients experience are real and lasting. There is no denying the benefits achieved through the New Life Detoxification program.

Identifying Underlying Issues that Caused Addiction Problems

Narconon Fresh Start treatment programs such as the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab realize how important identifying, confronting and resolving underlying issues is to their clients recovery. When a client enrolls at Lonestar Victory Ranch they are often at the lowest point in their life. Their addiction has taken just about everything from them and they need help in many areas of their life. While addressing their addiction issues the staff also help the client identify the underlying reasons that lead them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. Once these specific areas have been identified they are thoroughly worked through during the client’s time in treatment. When rehabilitation is complete the client will have addressed and fully reconciled these past issues so that they will not continue to cause havoc on the recovered client.