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Narconon Fresh Start’s Drug Rehabilitation Philosophy

Unlike other drug rehab programs who have their clients believing they suffer from the disease of addiction, Narconon Fresh Start programs know that addiction to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications (OTC) and alcohol is not a lifelong sentence and is not an incurable disease. Twelve-step based programs tell their clients that they are powerless and label them an addict or alcoholic insisting that they can only hope to manage their addiction problem by taking it one day at a time. We believe that this is not the case and have over 45 years of successful, fully rehabilitated clients who live a life of sobriety and do not think of themselves as addicts any longer. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs treat addiction to drugs and alcohol for what it truly is, a physical and mental problem that needs to overcome while addressing the underlying issues that drove the person to use in the first place. The program we use builds up our client’s self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to handle life as a sober individual. While going through the Narconon Fresh Start Program clients become more like students learning invaluable interpersonal skills such as effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, listening skills, problem solving, decision making, assertiveness as well as the ability to work well with others and as part of a team. We help people concur their addiction to drugs or alcohol once and for all using our complete treatment technology that goes beyond addressing merely the physical aspect of addiction. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs are completely rehabilitated and do not need drug replacement medication or to attend meetings to maintain their sobriety. Their addiction is behind them and they can begin the life they always wanted now that they are clean and sober armed with the life skills necessary to handle any problem that comes their way.

Learning how to confront, control and communicate successfully

All of our Narconon Fresh Start programs utilize the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program Books to enhance our program participant’s communication skills, ability to learn, level of confront, awareness of constructive or destructive characteristics in others and their personal values and happiness in life. The skills and tools taught in the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program Books are essential to our clients succeeding and living a drug-free life when they complete our drug rehab program and return home. The first book in the series is known as the Therapeutic Training Routines (TRs) Course. This book is made up of drills and other practical steps that help to raise the program participant’s ability to confront situations in a more effective way by using communication to get their point across and to clearly understand what others are expecting of them as well. This course prepares the client for their life-changing journey through our Narconon Fresh Start program.

The exercises in this book are designed to assist the recovering individual directly after their withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol. The purpose of the TRs course is to address the basic and fundamental issues that all individuals struggle with, especially addicts, so that they can get along better in life. Drugs and alcohol hinder a person’s ability to confront, control and communicate with the people and the world around them. A person who has never developed effective skills at handling life’s problems will struggle when issues in life arise. As a child they may have become frustrated because they couldn’t control the situation and hid in their room. As a teen they may have gotten in their car and driven off to escape the problem. If the person chooses to use drugs or alcohol as a means of solving their life’s problems their substance use quickly escalates from use to abuse and then to addiction. They never develop the interpersonal skills necessary to handle issues on their own and tend to lack the ability to confront, control and communicate successfully with the people around them and the world they live in.

These life skills are essential for the recovering person’s ability to positively interact with others and their capability to handle the difficult situations in life that arise. While at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab the program participant will learn how to effectively communicate their ideas with others, understand and acknowledge the ideas of others around them and bolster their ability to confront uncomfortable topics, relationships and situations. The Narconon Fresh Start program has been designed as a step by step process and having the TRs course as our program participant’s first book gives them a vast set of skills with which to utilize throughout the rest of their program, as well as when they graduate and return to their daily life.

Feeling great physically, mentally, and emotionally

Today I am continuing to apply what I have learned in book 3. I find that I’m able to study more effectively and remember what I’ve learned. Also, I’m able to apply what I have been learning in book 4A. I’ve been creating better friendships with people and getting to know them a lot better. Thanks to this drug rehab I’m feeling great physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am enjoying life and focusing on the present moments and how great they are.
R. P.

The Learning Improvement Course is Book 3 of the Narconon Fresh Start program at Lone Star Victory Ranch. This course enables students to overcome barriers to study and improve his or her learning skills and ability to comprehend and apply what is studied in the courses on the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program. These study techniques can be used outside of the Narconon program in everyday life so that knowledge can be obtained and applied for the success of the individual.

Lone Star Victory Ranch’s Narconon Fresh Start book 4A is the Communication and Perception Course. This course of study and exercises help a student to become more aware of the present time and to develop self-control as well as the ability to face and maintain control of his or her environment. It is very beneficial for staying drug-free.

Learning Educational Life Skills

Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s educational rehabilitation philosophy is based on confronting and locating the many issues and behaviors that brought about the client’s addiction problem and resolving said issues. While clients enter the program as addicts, they become students during the course of their time with us learning educational life skills each day in course. When their time with us is complete they are no longer addicts or alcoholics, they are truly rehabilitated and do not need to wear those labels any longer.

“When I entered Rainbow Canyon Retreat I was a mess. I was so out of it that I didn’t care about anything anymore, including myself. Because I stayed in the program and began to invest myself into what I was learning I have come a long way. After sauna I feel so much better, healthy for the first time in a long time. Working through this rehab is hard, each day is a challenge but I’m finding I like who I am becoming. I am working things out with my family and they are so happy that I have really applied myself these past few months. Graduation is just around the corner for me. I have learned more here in rehab than I ever did in college. I am going to use what I’ve learned to stay sober and apply myself to all aspects of my life when I get home.”

I’ve grown up So Much since Being Here at Narconon

Since coming to Narconon I have grown in many ways. I feel that I have not only confronted my drug addiction, but also my lack of responsibility. I’ve grown up so much. I definitely feel very different now from when I first came to Narconon. I’ve learned how to confront people and situations in my life. I’ve learned to be in present time. I know how to study more efficiently. I can identify social and antisocial personalities. I have learned about values and integrity. I look at my future in a totally different way than before I came here. I am very excited about graduating the program and already feel very accomplished. I would like to acknowledge all the staff members for making my time here more enjoyable and fun filled and for really helping me to put forth my best effort in bettering myself. Thank you Narconon for everything.
L. S.