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About Drug Rehab

When drugs and/or alcohol take over a person’s life to the point where they are suffering physical, emotional or financial hardships yet they continue to use despite these negative consequences they have an addiction problem. Addiction treatment is necessary when the individual has attempted to end their substance use on their own with little to no real success. Entering a drug rehab program will help the individual get help to control their drug taking behavior and learn to live a sober, happy and successful life. There are several addiction treatment options available for drug and alcohol addiction. Some of these options include self-help groups (AA/NA), counseling (individual/group) and drug rehabilitation programs (inpatient/outpatient). Each of these differs in their approach to treating addiction problems, the programs level of intensity and duration of time.

• Self-help groups such as AA or NA typically approach drug addiction as a disease one has to accept and learn to live with one day at a time. They are a place where ex-drug users and current drug users looking to end their addiction problem gather together in hopes of helping one another. While they may have a leader to provide some direction to the meeting, there is usually no treatment professional present. A number of people find these types of meetings re-stimulating because those attending are bringing up past drug using stories and reliving their experiences.
• Counseling, whether individual or group can be a beneficial way of working through many drug addiction issues. While individual or private counseling sessions are going to provide the most one-on-one care, many people choose group counseling because it is more cost effective. It is not unusual for a person to enter a group counseling session and feel overwhelmed by the others present and choose not to share anything about themself. While just sitting in the room and listening to others as well as the counselor can have its benefits, it is not going to yield the best long-term outcome of lasting sobriety and learning valuable interpersonal skills.
• Drug rehab programs provide the addicted person with the environment and education they need to stop using drugs or alcohol. Outpatient programs are much less intensive than inpatient ones but do offer some structure for the recovering individual. They are expected to attend on specific days and times giving them a sense of purpose and accountability. When compared to self-help groups this is a step up in intensity because there is no mandate that the addicted person attend meetings (unless ordered to by the justice system) and no one will follow up with them whether they went to their meeting or not. Inpatient programs are the most intensive level of addiction treatment and provide their clients with the greatest chance of achieving lasting sobriety. While it can seem daunting to enroll in a program that lasts close to a month or longer, doing so can mean the difference between breaking the cycle of addiction and experiencing another relapse. Inpatient programs operate in a variety of different environments and for various lengths of time.

I was a meth addict.

Before Fort Collins New Life Center I was addicted to meth. I had a daily habit that caused me to blow through my entire savings account. When that was gone I still needed money and working 9 to 5 was out of the question. That left me just a few options to get ahold of the money I needed to get high. I started stealing from friends and family, shoplifting and pawning the items I took as well as rummaging through peoples cars or apartments if I found them to be open. I can’t believe the things I did just to get high.

Now, with 60 days in treatment I’m beginning to feel like my old self again. They person I was before I got messed up with meth. I’m learning life skills that I’m able to apply each day, even while I’m here at the drug rehab center. While I don’t know what the future holds for me I can now make plans for my life. Something I never would have thought of before Narconon Fresh Start. I can focus on what I want to accomplish and how I’m going to achieve it. I already feel like a success and I still have a least a month left before I graduate. Completing this program is going to get me on the right path to change my life and make all those who care about me back home proud.