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The Benefits of Choosing a Non Group Therapy Individualized Approach

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are one of the leaders in alcohol and drug rehabilitation and true addiction recovery. Their programs are located in several states including Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado, Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada and Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California. While there are a number of unique qualities Narconon Fresh Start programs are known for, it is their non-group therapy individualized approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and recovery that sets them apart from standard programs.

At every Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab center, program participants address their individual addiction problem, life, family friends, issues, and specific areas that need change and/or improvement. All of these changes and improvements take place while the program participant is in treatment; not when they have left rehab and are on their own. Each drug rehab program has a team of Course Supervisors, Case Supervisors, Registered Addictions Specialists and Life Skills Counselors that work closely with each program participant on a precise schedule to handle their specific issues and needs. Each drug rehab treatment location has a high staff to client ratio; usually 1 staff member for every 2 program participants. Most drug rehab facilities do not practice an individualized approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation like Narconon Fresh Start programs. Typically, they will use group therapy and employ 1 counselor for 10 to 25 clients who are all sharing the same group therapy session.

The problem with this scenario is that if a client does not feel like sharing then they have the ability to sit back and not participate. Or, perhaps the person is much more private and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their past actions and current feelings with strangers; they would not reap the benefit of therapy because they would not actively participate in the group sessions. Narconon Fresh Start’s non-group therapy individualized approach to addiction recovery is ideal for every type of person, from the extremely introverted to the most extroverted person out there. People with every personality type and social comfort level can find the care and individualized attention they need to fully recover while attending one of Narconon Fresh Start’s drug rehab centers.

International Success

Narconon Fresh Start’s network of drug rehab centers are connected with successful programs around the world. Recently, Narconon International released a report with a summary analysis of a 3 year outcome survey completed by a Narconon drug rehab program in Southern Sweden known as Eslov. Graduates from the program were surveyed over a 3 year period to obtain the most current success rates from their specific drug rehab program. The findings validate the high success rate of the Narconon program. It demonstrates how effective this method of rehabilitation and treatment philosophy is for all forms of drug and alcohol addiction.

Some of the key findings collected in this survey include a high retention rate of 77.8%; this percentage is quite high considering the Eslov program runs 8-12 months on average. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs typically run 3-4 months and have comparable retention rates for their facilities.

The findings for drug abstinent and no alcohol intoxication for the “last 30 days” (1-3 years after graduation were: 2010: 82%; 2011: 86%; 2012: 88%. This shows an 86% average of graduates remaining drug free and no alcohol intoxication during this 3 year period.

Narconon Fresh Start has found that their graduates have a very high success rate at lasting drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Because they have one of the highest documented success rates in the country they are proud to stand behind their services with a written guarantee of their results. “If any graduate of our program has any difficulty remaining drug or alcohol free within 6 months of completing our program, we will gladly accept the client back free of charge for an advanced treatment review program. This free advanced treatment review program does not include the price of airfare or the price of a medical detox, which is the responsibility of the review program participant. Medical detox is not always necessary, but may be required in the rare case that the client has been using the amount or type of drugs or alcohol that may require a medical detox before beginning the advanced treatment review process.”

One of the final areas of the survey asked of the graduates of the Eslove drug rehab program pertained to their quality of life over the last 30 days. The responses were as follows: No arrest: 98%; Zero days in jail: 100%; Working or enrolled in school: 75%; Positive relations with family: 87%. These exceptional statistics are to be commended.

Narconon Fresh Start is part of the larger Narconon program with a network of 50 residential drug rehab centers around the world. Their program is based on life skills education coupled with nutritional support and a total body purification sauna detoxification program that effectively removes drug and other toxic residuals from the body. The rehabilitation treatment philosophy utilized by their centers is based on the works of philosopher and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard.

Their drug rehab centers are more than just a place to get off drugs or alcohol; they are a safe and secure sanctuary to learn the life skills necessary to return to one’s life as a completely recovered individual. The objective for all Narconon Fresh Start graduates is that they use the program tools and skills to live a healthy, drug-free life and become productive and ethical members of their communities. Some of the valuable life skills graduates note that they regularly use after completing the program include: confronting and communication skills, tools to stay focused in present time and personal ethics training.

The Learning Improvement Course

Narconon Fresh Start has a series of courses that our clients go through on their journey to recovery. While we utilize several approaches to help our clients achieve sobriety, (cognitive behavioral modification, living in a supportive residential environment, education on life skills, relapse prevention methods) the educational courses that make up the Narconon Fresh Start program create a feeling of being a student rather than a client in rehab. While all the courses that make up our program teach valuable life skills, there is one that many of our students find to be exceptionally helpful throughout the rest of their program and their daily lives when they return home. It is the Learning Improvement Course. While it is very short in its duration, this course is extremely power in its application. Just as the name of the course states, it helps the student improve their ability to learn. We often hear our students say that they struggled in school or that they felt stupid compared to the other kids in their class. These feelings are sometimes why they turned to drugs. Worse yet, we hear of students who were misdiagnosed with having ADD or ADHD and were given prescription drugs to “help” them focus. What the parents and school system do not understand is that using prescription medication to control a person’s symptoms of ADD or ADHD is never a long-term solution. These children who were given Ritalin or Adderall in their school age years often turn to methamphetamine when they get older. After all, these substances are extremely similar.

Luckily, even if a person felt that they weren’t smart enough to learn when they were in school or was given prescription drugs for ADD or ADHD they can turn it all around and make a successful recovery. Often times, students in the Narconon Fresh Start program are relieved to find that they weren’t stupid of suffering with ADD or ADHD; they simply had many barriers to study that they didn’t realize at the time. So many of our program participants comment that they wish they had had this information when they were in school or that they are going to be sure to teach it to their children so they don’t have to struggle like they did.

The Learning Improvement Course is a key part of the Narconon Fresh Start program for many reasons. An individual’s ability to understand and retain new information is vital in navigating life. This includes everything from reading a book, listening to a conversation, watching a movie, going to school or even learning a new job. If the individual is unable to quickly and efficiently learn new information their capabilities in life are significantly diminished. In turn it leads to lowered feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.
While taking the Learning Improvement Course students learn:

• How to identify when you do not understand something so that you can address it as an alternative to “checking out”.
• The harmful effects of not comprehending something, which leads you to not liking to study a subject at all.
• The skills needed to be able to comprehend information and be able to apply that information to life.
• How one can really succeed in life if they apply study skills and put in the time to really take in the data.

 “I’m more confident in myself and I’m learning a lot from this program. I was never able to study, learn, memorize, and concentrate on taking a test. I definitely have much better test taking skills since the learning improvement course!”
A. E.

Most Drugs Aren’t Habit Forming, Right?

We at Rainbow Canyon Retreat know that all drugs have the potential to be habit forming. This is because even if the drug does not create a physical dependence in the individual who is taking it, it can become psychologically addicting. For example, when a person smokes marijuana to calm down from a stressful day or to feel relaxed they are simply covering their feelings and emotions with the effects of the drug. When the drug wears off however, the stress and pressures of their life will return; in some cases worse than they were before.

The sequence of stress, drug use then the return of the unwanted feelings when the drug wears off creates drug using cycle for the individual. They begin to rely on the drug psychologically to “get through the day” or to “help them relax” at the end of the day. Their life problems do not just go away when they are high on the drug; they simply are put on the back burner until later. If left unattended these problems often multiply causing the drug user to want MORE of the drug to escape reality.

This cycle will not stop until the drug user realizes that until they get a handle on how to manage their stress and problems without turning to drugs they will continually struggle. What was once a way to “end the day” or “blow off steam” becomes a way to cope with ALL their problems. It is likely that they will increase the amount they use and move on to using harder, stronger drugs to increase the effect they are looking to experience.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat helps all types of addicts recover from their addiction problems. We are a drug-free environment and only use holistic methods along with cognitive behavioral modification to achieve our results. When clients complete our program they leave here totally rehabilitated. They do not return home and attend meetings, fear relapse around every corner and they do not call themselves an addict any longer. Graduates of Rainbow Canyon Retreat are able to stand on their own two feet without drugs or alcohol, they make positive and healthy choices for themselves and have the ability to confront life head on using the tools and life skills learned while in our program.

Thank You Narconon

I was influenced by older people around me drinking beer and how they felt or acted around others or to themselves. Once I got a little older and started to drink I felt and acted like them but it started to change my life. It hurt my family and me very bad. Also seeing the way I acted was so wrong to everyone. I don’t blame anyone other than myself because I should have stopped a long time ago. Alcohol got me in trouble and I lost myself a lot growing up. When John Gregory called me and told me that Narconon can help me I did agree to come out. Anything at that moment and time I had to do was right for me and my family. I came out and seen what John told me and from doing the program It really helped me see who I really am and what type of life I can live sober. My family loves me a lot and my friends do as well. I thank Narconon for changing me and seeing a new way of life.
Thank You.
M. L.