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Book 6 – Personal Values and Integrity Course

WIN! I got a lot out of the 6th book. I learned about why people commit harmful acts on themselves and others. I took responsibility for a lot of over reactions and withholds I had in my own life and feel so relived. I hope others can get as many wins as I did reading this book.
M. S.

The 6th book was the best book so far. I got to comfort my past and handle it. Now I know how to love my new life and apply my ethics so I’m happy and responsible. I know I can be a good responsible man now.
M. A.

Narconon Book 6 is the Personal Values and Integrity Course. This course is designed to help clients regain their personal integrity and recognize their own personal values. Clients conduct a thorough examination of their past harmful and destructive actions. During the process they also take personal responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their own past actions.

Fort Collins New Life Center, a Different Approach to Recovery

Fort Collins New Life Center is a drug rehab program with a different approach to recovery. They do not tell their clients that they have a disease. They do not tell their clients that they are powerless over themselves, their choices and their actions. The philosophy that drives the recovery process at Fort Collins New Life Center is centered on taking personal responsibility for oneself and the results that come with making poor choices.

While addiction to drugs and alcohol is a debilitating problem that robs the addict of their sense of self, their morals, ethics and other necessary qualities needed to create a person of integrity it can be dealt with and resolved. A person who is an addict today does not always have to remain so. Through using Narconon Fresh Start treatment technology and the New Life Detoxification method clients of the Fort Collins New Life Center can live a happy, sober, productive life. The life they should be living had drugs or alcohol not gotten in the way.

Narconon – Where can I start to say what I have received from this program? It has changed so much in my life for the better. My hope is to take what I learned here and to keep on applying it every day in my life. I know that if I can do that I will never repeat my past mistakes and I can look forward to a much better future.
L. C.

To have completed this program is the biggest accomplishment of my life thus far. I have learned so much in my tine here and I can’t express how secure I feel right now in my sobriety and my future. I owe my life to Narconon and the staff members that have pushed me to be the amazing person I am today. Without them I would’ve been in jail. I can’t wait to apply everything I have learned here to my life outside of Narconon. I feel like an entirely new person and can’t wait to show my family the new and improved me! Thank you to all the staff members for believing in me!
L. S.

Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Actions

When a client enrolls in a Narconon Fresh Start program their responsibility level is at an all-time personal low. Likely, they have manipulated people and situations and done things they are not proud of in order to continue their addiction. For most their morals, values and ethics have gone out the window replaced by the urgent need to feed their addiction at all costs. We understand our clients are burdened with feelings of guilt, anger and shame that need to be addressed before they return home. Through the course of their time enrolled in a Narconon Fresh Start program the client will identify, look at, confront, write about, talk about and take personal responsibility for the past harmful events and situations they have been part of. This is done so that the program participant can then begin to move on a make amends to those they have harmed.

Codependency and Addiction Recovery

As a parent, family member, loved one or close friend it can be so hard to watch the person you care about struggling with their addiction issues. When codependency becomes part of the relationship equation it often delays getting the necessary treatment the addict needs to get off drugs and take control of their life. A codependent relationship is often difficult for those who are participating in to fully grasp because it is quite simply normal behavior taken to extremes. A mother who wants to help her son, a wife who wants to shield her husband from the consequences of his drinking or a friend who thinks she can help her best friend without bringing anyone else into the situation.

The problem lies in the fact that after these loved ones continually try to go it alone and rescue their loved ones from their self-imposed problems without success they repeat these ineffective actions day in and day out, year after year. The addict learns that this loved one will ALWAYS be there for them, will ALWAYS be there to bail them out of trouble so it really doesn’t matter what they do because they have a built in safety net. This becomes a negative cycle that plays out over and over again if help is not sought and both people learn how to effectively address the underlying issues.

Narconon Fresh Start programs like Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab helps the addicted individual and their loved ones better understand the cycle of addiction. During their time in treatment clients address the issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol as well as effective ways to handle such issues when they return home. Program participants learn what it means to take responsibility for oneself and incorporate this sense of personal accountability into their moral code. This process changes the dynamic of the codependent relationship leaving the recovered person stronger than before and able to handle their life without leaning on their loved ones to get them out of daily challenges.

So Many Benefits from Sauna

I am enjoying the gains from sauna. I am sleeping better, my memory is coming back and I notice my surrounding environment more. Also, I have less anxiety. Our supervisor and Micah take great care of us and looks out for us to ensure we are gaining the full effects of sauna.
H. N.