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About addiction

Addiction to illicit street drugs, over the counter medications, prescription drugs or alcohol all take a toll on the user changing who they are physically, psychologically and emotionally. In the past, people used to believe that a person was only an addict if they needed to take the substance every day or if they suffered withdrawal symptoms when they stopped using. A common misconception was that all addicted individuals were poor, unemployed inner city dwellers.

These previous misconceptions of who an addict is have been put to rest. Today, it is known that anyone can suffer from addiction problems no matter how young or old, rich or poor, city dweller or suburbanite. A person does not have to use a substance every day to be considered an addict and they do not always suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using either. You may be surprised to hear that many addicted individuals are employed and appear to function normally in their work place and communities.

Addiction is far more than a physical condition. It is a physical health problem as well as having underlying personal issues that must resolved in order to fully be rehabilitated. Attending a drug rehab program such as Narconon Fresh Start’s Sunshine Summit Lodge will help put an end to the cycle of addiction. The long-term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program provided at Sunshine Summit Lodge has one of the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery. With a very high success rate, Narconon Fresh Start is so confident of their ability to help addicted individuals conquer their dependence issues that they stand behind their services with a written guarantee.

Lonestar Victory Ranch, Teaching Addicts Lasting Recovery

Choosing to enter a drug rehab program is a decision not easily made for most addicts. However, picking Lonestar Victory Ranch as the drug rehab you enroll in is a breeze. Their amazing staff and high success rate makes recovering from your addiction problem less of a daunting task. The Narconon Fresh Start program they use to help their clients get off drugs and/or alcohol has shown to be the most effective in the field of addiction recovery. A high number of their clients do not return to a life of drugs or alcohol once they have graduated from Lonestar Victory Ranch. This percentage is so high because they have developed a method of helping their clients get off drugs/alcohol, address the underlying reasons that drove them to use, fully detoxify their client’s bodies on a cellular level and teach them invaluable life skills to help them remain sober and live a happy life when they return home.

“After completing Lonestar Victory Ranch I was able to return home and pick up my life. There were days that were harder than others but I always knew I had a strong support network I could (and did!) lean on if necessary. I got my daughter back and have patched things up with my ex-husband. We are at least able to stay hospitable when around each other. I learned how to control my emotions and reactions while at Lonestar Victory Ranch and no longer let him trigger angry outbursts from me. I’m working on a degree and now have the focus and determination to study each night; something that would have never been possible six months ago before rehab. I’m grateful to the staff and friends I made at Lonestar Victory Ranch for supporting me and helping me get past my addiction to Oxys.”

I am able to focus on getting better

So far in this program I have learned a lot and feel rejuvenated despite all the stress that I have at home. This program is teaching me how to separate myself from that and to just focus on getting better. I have come a long way. And, even though I have a way to go I know the end result will be worth it all and pay off with a good ending.
K. W.

Why Long-Term Treatment Worked For Me

Long-term residential treatment is an excellent choice for addicts who have been struggling with their substance abuse problems for a while. When months, years or even decades go by filled with drug and alcohol abuse it can be hard to remember what a sober life was like. Addicts who have a long history with addiction problems are going to need more than just a few weeks to change their addictive ways. It takes a while to make day to day life without drugs feel normal and natural.

I should know, it took me close to four months to feel like my new found sobriety was more than just a fleeting moment. I had spent years addicted to drugs before I entered a Narconon Fresh Start program. During my first few weeks I realized just how difficult the process was going to be. It wasn’t something I could rush my way through or b.s. others to get out of doing it. I had to really apply myself and actually learn the new information being taught to me if this program was going to really work.

Because I had all the time I needed to learn, practice and integrate the education I received I was able to stay sober since the day I entered Narconon Fresh Start over a decade ago. Long-term residential treatment was able to help me finally get off drugs when other programs couldn’t. I’m so glad I invested the time in myself and went to Narconon Fresh Start.
-Narconon Graduate

Once an Addict, Always an Addict?

“Once an addict, always an addict” while this phrase is not new to any of us in the field of addiction recovery it doesn’t ‘hold water’ here at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs. This is because we treat addiction for the obstacle it truly is; a physical and mental problem that must be overcome while concurrently addressing the issues that lead to the abuse of substances in the first place. Our program participants go through the most thorough withdrawal and detoxification process. Our New Life Detoxification process is able to rid their bodies of all remaining drug toxins left behind by substance abuse. This process works to effectively eliminate future drug cravings and compulsions.

Clients are taught new ways to approach life’s challenges so that resorting to using drugs or alcohol is no longer a desirable option. Program participants learn…

  • effective communication techniques
  • how to address and work through difficult situations
  • how to identify people in their life who wish to do them well or wish to harm them
  • personal values and integrity
  • tools to properly handle and improve their condition in life
  • a common sense moral code to use daily in order to maintain their drug-free lifestyle
  • how to create a battle plan for themselves once they complete treatment and return home

Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs are no longer addicts when they concluded treatment. They have made a complete and total recovery and have learned all the tools and information to continue their sobriety when they return home. Our program graduates do not need to attend meetings or take drug-substitution medications to maintain their sobriety because they now realize that they are in control of their actions and the choices they make.