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The Narconon Fresh Start drug detox program helps to eliminate drug residuals that drive cravings.

Sauna has given me much more clarity in my life

Sauna Drug DetoxI am very excited to be out of sauna, but Sauna helped me a lot. Before I started Sauna I felt as I was always tired, but after completing Sauna I feel a burst of energy. Sauna also helped me gain some much needed weight from when I first started. I feel that sauna has given me much more clarity in my life.


I completed the New Life Drug Detoxification program and feel great and back to my former self again.


Thanks to Narconon Program I have gave myself the tools to change my life.



Thanks to the Changing Conditions course I have a formula to change the conditions in my life. It will be one of the ways I improve my life.


Thanks to OW’s I saw what kind of mistakes I was making. I see the changes I need to make so that it doesn’t happen again.


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Medical Drug Detox Compared to Drug-free Withdrawal Method

Ryan was addicted to opiates and methadone. He compares his personal experience between a medical drug detox and the Narconon Fresh Start drug-free withdrawal. He states that he was still being given medication about 15 days after being in the 30 day program and that by the time he was done, he was still going through withdrawal. Ryan completed the Narconon Fresh Start program and has been living a drug-free life since 2009.

Ryan’s Medical Drug Detox Experience Compared to the Drug-free Withdrawal Method at Narconon Fresh Start

Video transcript of Ryan’s medical detox experience compared to his drug-free withdrawal at Narconon Fresh Start.

Before arriving at Narconon Fresh Start, I had been to two other programs. They were both 30 day 12 Step type programs. And I had been using methadone and benzos. There was a med detox involved in that. It was about 15 days or so that I was still being given medication. By the time I was done and hit that 30 day mark, I was pretty much still going through withdrawal. Not feeling good physically, not really mentally. We would go to meetings here and there, but those kinda just got me down. They were a little depressing and it didn’t really, to me, give me like an answer that I was looking for, any kind of skills to be able to handle life appropriately. And so I pretty much relapsed immediately, both times that I went to these inpatient programs. I also did an outpatient program which just didn’t work at all. I used the entire time I was there and eventually was kicked out for using.

While in drug-free withdrawal at Narconon Fresh Start, I didn’t experience the painful withdrawals that I had normally experienced on my own or in other medical detoxes. Through the vitamins and minerals and different exercises that we did while on the drug-free withdrawal program, it helped me get through the process with very minimal amount of pain and agony that I was used to. There’s a lot discomfort and pain involved with coming off of opiates and benzos. I’ve done it many times and this time around it was no where near as painful and excruciating as some of those other times.

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Narconon Fresh Start Drug Detoxification Success Stories

The Smaller things in My Life MatterThe Smaller things in my Life Matter

Now that I have completed the sauna drug detox, I now understand what the sauna was meant to do. At first I didn’t believe in it. But as I continued on, I gradually realized the benefits. First I started to get back my natural energy, something I haven’t had in a while. Second, I started to realize the smaller things in my life matter. I found myself enjoying things I would have not have noticed or enjoyed before. Thirdly, I became more relaxed while in sauna. Being in one spot would have normally driven me crazy, but not anymore. Lastly, I now feel like all the toxins have left my system and I’m ready to move on to the life skills courses.

– PK

More Narconon Fresh Start Drug Detox Success Stories

Coming Back to Life

I am 13 days in sauna. I’m sleeping 8 hours. Everyone keeps saying that I look so different from when I came in the program. I have color in my face. I basically came back to life! It feels great!

– AG

Feeling Much Healthier

Now that I am finished with sauna, I feel much, much healthier and aware and I feel that I can concentrate better while doing objectives. I also feel that the objectives are already helping me and my twin to recover from the effects of using drugs and alcohol.

– VS

Feeling Great!

I have been impatient as long as I can remember (27-28 years) and have battled inner demons for that long. I won some and lost some! One of the battles I lost again and again is patience. I quit when things got tough. Completing the sauna and sitting still for 30 days is a miracle and it feels great!

– MJ

Reflecting on Personality Traits

Sauna has been a great experience so far. Beyond the effects of cleansing my physical body, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my personality traits and decide which ones I like and which ones I’d like to change.

– ME

Sleeping Good

I had trouble sleeping and staying asleep. Since day 3 of sauna, I have been sleeping 8 hours straight. My focus is coming back and I feel healthy.

– KM

Feeling Awesome

It’s been a while since I’ve exercised, ate healthy and got good sleep. I feel great. Sauna is really helping me. I feel awesome.

– CS

Getting Rid of the Drug Toxins

Getting Rid of Drug ToxinsThe Narconon Fresh Start program helps individuals to get the drug toxins out of their body so that they can think more clear and feel better physically. Here’s a success story from one of our students. 

Wow, I really can’t even begin to rationalize my actions of the past 3 years of my life. Drugs and alcohol really transformed me into a degenerate. My mother didn’t raise me to be this way. I am ashamed of the things I’ve done, but proud that I actually found the strength to change. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat program is the key factor responsible for the change I’ve gone through. I can finally see myself again. I’m no longer dreading my reflection in the mirror. I still don’t know what was uglier, my actual face or my personality while I was high. I’m just so glad to be rid of all the toxins that I had stored in my body.

– J.V.

Prepared to Live a Drug-Free Life

Living Drug Free | Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryA Narconon Fresh Start graduate shares his success and experience throughout the program.

Today I completed the Narconon program. When I first came up to the lodge from withdraw I had a very bad attitude towards the program. I did not want to be here and didn’t think the program would help me. I started sauna and at first my attitude got worse. About halfway through I started to feel a lot better and realized that it was helping me a lot. The cravings for drugs were gone and I had a lot more energy. I completed sauna and started the objectives course. Once again I thought they were pointless, but as time went on I realized that they really were making me more aware of my environment and bringing me into present time. I got through them and went on to complete the Ups and Downs book, the Personal Values book and the Changing Conditions book. I feel like a new person now that I have completed the program and now I feel prepared to live a drug free life.

~ Caleb G. ~