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Extremely satisfied with my results

I have completed the sauna program! I’m happy and extremely satisfied with the results. I am feeling better both mentally and physically. My anxiety which has been a major conflict in my life seems to have been put at ease. These days I’m sleeping more and therefore thinking more clearly. I truly believe that the toxins that remained in my system from seventeen years of alcohol abuse have been flushed out of my fat cells. My hair and skin looks healthy, I am eating better and I am able to run. This is something that I enjoy doing for the first time in a while. Overall, I am very glad that I had the opportunity to complete the New Life Detoxification Program and fully detoxify and purify my body!
A. K.

My Days in the New Life Detoxification Program

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryDay Five: Sauna allowed me to become much clearer headed. I am also sleeping and eating better, as well as having much more energy…

Day Ten: Today I was very tired at the start of sauna, but I toughed it out and now I’m feeling rejuvenated and great!

Day Fifteen: I am moving on up in the New Life Detoxification Program and feeling great; very used to it. I’m very glad to clear out my body.

Day Twenty-nine: I have attested sauna and the New Life Detoxification Program! I feel brighter, better, and stronger than ever before both physically and mentally. I am excited to continue to grow in this program.
J. R.

Almost every aspect of going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation is difficult. The Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification Program is considered to be one of the most physically challenging experiences for our program participants next to their withdrawal process. Per medical approval, clients participate in the body cleansing and purification protocol of supervised exercise, time sweating in a dry sauna and consumption of scientifically formulated nutritional supplements targeted to rid the fatty tissues of stored drug toxins. This program eliminates the physical cause of drug and alcohol cravings and immensely decreases the client’s chances of relapse in the future.  

Sauna has been worth the effort = )

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryThe wins I’ve gotten from the New Life Detoxification Program are astounding! I feel stronger physically, I feel clear headed and my skin has cleared up. Sticking out the sauna program is not easy for me but with the many wins I’ve achieved I know that it is worth the effort. Through this program I will be able to study more effectively on course and learn the life skills I need to stay sober when I return home.
C. P.

Sweating all the toxins out

I’m glad I am sweating all the toxins out of my body. With so much time spent using drugs and drinking I know that this New Life Detoxification Program is necessary for me. The first few days so far have been difficult to say the least. However, the sauna staff here at Sunshine Summit Lodge are amazing and have helped me push myself so that I get the most out of my experience. I’ve got a long way to go but with the other friends I’m making while in the program the time should pass quickly.
C. H.

After the New Life Detox Program my mind feels so clear

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryI’ve really enjoyed my time in the New Life Detoxification Program a lot; it’s surprising to admit that I’m actually a little sad to leave. Sauna was blast; I made a great friend in that box and shared a lot of stuff together. I feel so much better now after the dry sauna New Life Detoxification program. I’ve lost weight, I have no pain and my mind feels so clear. The staff in the sauna were great and they always kept me going. I have to admit I will miss my afternoon naps but I’m very excited to move on in my Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program.
C. R.