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Using drugs to get off drugs?

Using doctor prescribed drugs to help with the effects of drug addiction withdrawal and recovery is a very risky method of drug addiction rehabilitation. Often, the user finds they have traded their current addiction for a legal of drug addiction prescribed by their doctor. They are now free from their “drug of choice” but are now dependent on taking the “helper” drug from there on out.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are entirely drug-free and use a combination of holistic therapeutic techniques, a total body purification program, cognitive behavioral modification and educational courses to help their clients fully recover from their addiction.

Their state of the art drug rehab program accomplishes real rehabilitation through the use of their New Life Detoxification program. The detox program removes the physical cravings and compulsions that are caused from the drug residual build up within the body. The Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills courses help achieve the cognitive behavioral modification that is needed to become a happy, drug free, productive member of society.

Ending Addiction the Drug-Free Way

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are entirely drug-free and holistically based. Clients who enter treatment with severe physical addiction issues and require medication during their withdrawal process are taken to medical detox until their withdrawal symptoms have subsided. Once they return to the drug rehab center they will begin Narconon Fresh Start’s drug-free withdrawal program.

This group of drug rehab facilities does not use any form of drug replacement or drug substitution therapy to help their clients end their addiction. It is their belief that helping a person get off drugs only to still remain dependent on a prescription drug is not true rehabilitation. Clients in the Narconon Fresh Start program truly end their dependence on all substances during their time in treatment. They graduate from the program no longer controlled by any addictive substances and in charge of their thoughts, actions and future. They do not attend meetings and no longer think of themselves as addicts because they have fully recovered from their addiction. Having learned all the necessary life skills, intrapersonal skills and relapse prevention techniques and tips they have all they need within themselves to maintain their sobriety.

You know you need drug rehab, what next?

When drug addiction or alcoholism takes hold of your life it can make daily challenges seem magnified and overwhelming to deal with. Substance abuse is a problem that so many people struggle with yet are unwilling or unable to admit that they have. If you are ready to admit that you do have a drug or alcohol problem then congratulations! Recognizing that you actually have a problem is the first step on the long road to recovery; a step that takes tremendous courage and strength.

Taking responsibility for your addiction problem without minimizing it or making excuses for yourself can be frightening and difficult but recovery is within reach. Now that you have come to the decision that you need to make some changes in your life and are committed to seeking help you can and will recover from your addiction and build a satisfying, drug-free life for yourself.

Choosing to enroll in a drug rehab program is the best decision you can make. A drug rehab will assist you along the way with the difficult and necessary changes to make a drug-free lifestyle attainable. You’ll need to identify the severity of your problem and what type of treatment options you feel will best work for you. It is suggested that a long-term inpatient program is ideal for an addicted individual who has many months and/or years of substance abuse under their belt. Making the changes you need to learn to live without using drugs or alcohol will take time. This is why leaving your day to day life behind for a substantial period of time and focusing on your recovery is important. With so much of your life spent using and abusing substances it will be a challenge learning who you are off drugs and how to handle difficult situations without choosing to get high. A person who has only just started to abuse drugs or alcohol and discovers they are having a hard time stopping on their own may find recovery in an outpatient program gives them the support they need but does not intertie with their day to day life.

Narconon Fresh Start has a network of highly effective residential inpatient drug rehab centers that address all aspects of addiction recovery. Their programs help clients through their withdrawal process, detoxification and purification flushing drug toxins and metabolites out using the New Life Detoxification Program, Life Skills Courses to educate and retrain the client on how to live drug-free and a detailed battle plan for their future once they graduate and leave the Narconon Fresh Start program. There are centers located in Southern California, Nevada, Texas and Colorado to help people from all across the country. A very high success rate means that their drug rehab program is one of the most effective in the nation and a written guarantee is given to graduates because this program is proud to stand behind their results.