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Feeling great without drugs!

I do not ever remember the last time I felt so great without drugs. I have never made an honest decision to get clean until now. I’m so glad that I’m here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat finally getting the treatment I need to stop using meth. Learning the different life skills this program teaches has been so beneficial. My phone calls with my wife are not filled with arguments any longer and we are working on healing a lot of the past damage I’ve caused in our relationship.
A. C.
So many of our program participants have been addicted to one substance or another for so long that they no longer remember what it feels like to be completely sober without any form of a hangover. When years go by and getting high has been one’s only preoccupation it can seem that choosing to stay sober is going to be boring. Through the course of the Narconon Fresh Start program here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat clients turn a new leaf and find old hobbies they once enjoyed interest them again. Or, they may discover new pursuits that light a spark in them and keep them focused on their recovery and not on thoughts of using.

Choose Drug-Free Withdrawal and Treatment

Going through the drug or alcohol withdrawal process is a difficult part of recovery. However difficult it is, it is a necessary step on the road to sobriety. Choosing a program that offers a drug-free withdrawal process means not trading one addiction for another. While it may seem like the easiest option to take a pill or liquid to ward off major withdrawal symptoms you are effectively just picking up a new habit. Your body will being to rely on the new medication to feel normal and the withdrawal process will need to take place all over again to get off the drug substitute medication you are now on.

Narconon Fresh Start programs do not use any form of drug replacement therapy or drug substitution treatment to help their clients recover from addiction. While this may not be the quickest or easiest method, it is the most effective. When their clients complete treatment they do not need to take any prescriptions or medications to maintain their sobriety. They are no longer controlled by any substances and have learned the necessary skills and techniques to stay sober on their own accord. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start centers achieve true addiction rehabilitation and have the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery.