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Drug-Free Rehabilitation

The thing that drove me to choose Fort Collins New Life Center as the drug rehab program I attended was the fact that their entire process is drug-free. I didn’t want to just trade one drug for another. I no longer wanted to be controlled by drugs and alcohol and I sure as heck wasn’t going to start taking prescription drugs regularly with all the talk I’ve heard about how addicting they can be. At Fort Collins New Life Center I was able to go through the withdrawal process completely drug-free. They didn’t tell me I needed this or that medication to help my withdrawal symptoms. Their staff continually monitored me and if I was experiencing any discomfort they had natural, homeopathic remedies to aid in making me feel better.

When I graduated from their program I was in the best shape of my life and ready to take on the world. I returned back home and have really made something of my life. I am finally living up to the potential everyone said I had. I tell everyone I meet who struggles with drug abuse, addiction or knows someone who is going through these issues about Fort Collins New Life center and all the Narconon Fresh Start programs. They changed my life and I know they will be able to help anyone who walks through their doors.
-A Narconon Fresh Start Graduate

Glad I Got Help

Last week I was strung out, broke and didn’t know where I was going to crash each night. After speaking with my dad about getting help for the millionth time I decided fine, I’ll go. It’s got to be better than what my life is like now. I was right. I’m starting to feel more like myself than I have in years. During detox I was able to get the sleep I really needed and have been eating well since I walked through these doors. Thanks to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat detox staff that helped me through this past week. I know I was difficult to put up with but now that I’m past the worst of it I’m so glad I stuck it out. I can’t wait to see what sauna and course is going to be like. I’m hopeful for my life in a way I can’t remember feeling before.

Drug Rehab with a Homey Feel in a Professional Environment

Narconon Fresh Start treatment locations are part of what makes the difference. Their residential facilities provide clients with the comforts of home yet are professional and designed to address all parts of the recovery process. Newly arriving clients are made to feel at ease during their withdrawal process in a clam, private, therapeutic environment. Trained specialists supervise program participants during this critical period of recovery ensuring they receive special withdrawal therapies, nutritious meals, vitamin supplementation and plenty of rest.

Due to Narconon Fresh Start picturesque locations clients are able to indulge in a variety of outdoor actives year round. Routinely you will find program participants jogging, hiking, playing basketball etc. The serenity of feeling safe and removed from the temptations of life at home is one of the key features of enrolling in a long-term inpatient residential treatment program such as Narconon Fresh Start. When treatment is complete the client is able to return home completely rehabilitated and become part of their family and community once again. Some clients find that their time at Narconon Fresh Start facilities is so exceptional that they want to stay on and become part of their intern program; this option is one surefire way to continue the hard won efforts of sobriety the client has achieved.

Drug-Free Withdrawal

When I came here I didn’t really think I would learn much from this part of the program (drug-free withdrawal) because I had gone through most of my withdrawals right before the program. I then realized that I was dwelling in my past bad experience rather than thinking of all the good things around me. Now, I am a lot more positive. I also realized that the drug I was doing was pulling me off course and that I can’t get back on track until I let the drugs go.
J. P.

Drug-Free Withdrawal

Through my withdrawal I had a few ups and downs but I am finally feeling 100% better and I am ready to start course!

Narconon Fresh Start programs do not use any form of drug substitution or drug replacement therapy to help their client’s going through withdrawal. While medically assisted withdrawal is necessary in some cases, it is conducted at specialized facilities. Once complete the client then enters the Narconon Fresh Start program center and begins our drug-free withdrawal process. Using specific vitamin and mineral supplements we are able to assist even the most severe cases of addiction withdrawal. We know that our clients lasting sobriety is contingent on providing them with the best start to their recovery process possible.