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Why Having Support During and After Drug Rehab is Crucial

While getting treatment for your addiction problem is a necessary step in your recovery process, having a supportive group of friends and family members to help you navigate your new lifestyle, face challenges and handle your unique set of needs and obstacles is critical for maintaining your sobriety. Having support from people who care about your wellbeing during rehab as well as after completing treatment has shown to increase the individual’s health, happiness, desire to stay sober and prevents relapse.

Associating with people who have your best interest at heart is going to help prevent you from falling back into old habits and participating in self-destructive behavior. Spending time with your previous drug using friends and acquaintances puts you in the difficult position of having to refuse use drugs or alcohol. As a newly recovered addict, why make life harder for yourself? Make the choice to wish your past drug or alcohol using buddies a fond farewell and develop new friendships with other people who choose to be drug-free and sober.

For those who have an addict in their life and don’t know what to do to help, showing support for the addicted person and letting them know that you are there and willing to help them get the treatment they need goes a long way. The addicted person may even recognize their addiction problem and become open to the idea of getting treatment now that they know they are not going to be alone during the process. While recovering from addiction is not easy, knowing that they have people willing to stand by their side, who they can turn to for encouragement and guidance can make the journey easier to travel.

I feel like a million bucks

I feel great. I sleep well. I’m usually feeling ready to take on the day and excited about it. My senses are cleaner; I feel like a million bucks.

The drug-free Narconon New Life Detoxification program clears the body of remaining toxins left by drugs and alcohol. Much different than other drug rehab centers, this treatment method does not use substitute drugs or mind-altering medications to resolve the physical and mental issues brought about by drug and alcohol addiction. Those merely cover the symptoms of the individual’s basic issues. Instead the treatment method puts emphasis on moderate exercise, healthy nutrition and nutritional supplements, and a comprehensive full-body cleansing through the use of dry-heat saunas. The one of a kind Narconon New Life Detoxification program eliminates the toxins and restores an addicted individual’s damaged and nutritionally fatigued body.

I smile a lot now

I feel that anti-depressants and anxiety meds are all out if my system. I feel much better than I did when I first arrived here at the Lone Star Victory Ranch. I rarely get nervous and I have no suicidal thoughts at all, I also smile a lot now.
S. S.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is entirely drug-free and holistic in their approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. Recovering using the Narconon Fresh Start treatment method means no longer being controlled by any substances: alcohol, illicit drugs, over the counter medicines or prescription medications. Choosing to enroll in a drug rehab that does not use drug substitution means you will learn to control your ability to sleep, wake and function properly without resorting to prescription drugs to aid you. The sense of being in control over one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions is often a very freeing experience for a recovering person who has been controlled by their addiction for so long. To no longer “need” anything to get through the day or night provides not only a sense of accomplishment to our program participants; it is a healthy solution to finally putting an end to all substance use once and for all.

Getting prepared for a normal sober life

Pushing through book 4B was a test! Out of everything I’ve done in the program, I believe that this book has done the most to prepare me for life; a normal sober life.

Book 4B of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s Narconon Fresh Start program is the second part of our Communication and Perception course. The focus on this course is to help the program participant become more aware of the present time and improve their self-control. The client will develop and improve their ability to confront and maintain control of their environment. These skills are extremely valuable for remaining drug-free and sober.

A new awareness and focus on my life

I just completed 4 of my objectives. It was a long, sometimes frustrating process but I believe I got a lot out of it. I was able to look at areas of my life that I had not looked at in a long time. I feel a new awareness and focus on my life and surroundings. I also learned how to stay in the present moment and not let my thoughts run away from me, causing me to spin out of control.