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Why Drugs are Bad for You

Lonestar Victory Ranch would like to share with you the many, many reasons why drugs (even prescription medications) are bad for you. Legal drugs such as prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs change the chemical state of your body and/or mind. While they are sometimes necessary, they are all too often over prescribed and over used by the general population. Many people mistakenly believe that just because their doctor prescribed it or it is for sale on the drugstore shelf it must be safe. When prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs are taken in excess, mixed with other substances or used by someone without prescription fatal consequences may happen.

All drugs affect your body, mind and sometimes your social life. Taking drugs or alcohol habitually can cause severe physical changes to your body. Many people look 10 to 15 years older than they really are because of their substance abuse. The changes are often permanent and last even after the user has stopped abusing the drug. Depending on the drug abused an addict may experience rotten/decayed teeth or even lose their teeth, develop lung cancer or breathing problems, suffer hair loss and struggle with insomnia.

When a person takes a drug it affects their brain. This is where the effects of the drug stem from causing the feelings, emotions or physical changes the user is looking for when they abuse a substance. A person who has developed an addiction to drugs will cause damage to their brain cells. Sadly, the damage is often times un-repairable. Addicted persons struggle with memory loss, dementia, irrational decisions, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, hallucinations and mental impairment.

Drug use can affect your social life too. It greatly impairs your judgment and decision making leading to poor choices that may have lasting consequences (pregnancy, legal problems, etc.). You may become alienated from your friends and those who care about you. Drug addicts often withdrawal from family activities and steer clear of close family members leading to tension and hostility in the household. Worst case scenario is not just your parents and loved ones finding out about your addiction problem, but you getting into trouble with the law. Criminal behavior can haunt you for years, if not the rest of your life depending on the extent and severity of what you have done.

Understanding why drugs are bad for you will hopefully help you choose to stay away from them and help your friends do the same. One poor choice to try drugs may lead you down a road you never saw coming. Make the decision now to say no if you are put in a situation to use drugs and you will find that if/when that day arrives it will be much easier to follow through with your choice.   

…We Really Appreciate that Narconon Fresh Start Took the Time and Energy to Share With Us

Dear Mr. Tony,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak with our students! They were asking many questions both during and after your presentation, which definitely means they were engaged and thinking about all of the information you shared with them.

Last year, when reviewing our curriculum in regards to the health standards for the State of California, we agreed that as a faculty we wanted to do a better job of educating our students regarding drugs. You have facilitated this goal for us and have definitely sparked the conversation for us to continue with the students.

Again, we really appreciate that Narconon Fresh Start took the time and energy to share with us. May God Bless you as you continue to do this work!


Ms. ER       SMM Catholic School

Responses From Students to the Narconon Fresh Start Lectures

“Every time I see my brother smoke it makes me want to smoke, but now that I know what weed/other drugs really are I won’t ever try drugs. I can also give my brother the information and try to convince him to stop and inform my friends to stay away from drugs.”   10th Grade

“This talk was direct and honest. I liked that he relied on logic rather than scare tactics. It helped me to see the bigger picture of how drugs can gradually affect a life and how, from the outside, the choices and changes are directly linked whereas from the inside the addict only sees moment to moment. I won’t rely on drugs for my happiness.”

12th Grade

My Students LOVED the Narconon Presentations

We had the privilege of having Tony from Narconon as a guest speaker for three periods of my Medical Sciences Academy today and my students LOVED the presentations. This is the second year that I’ve had Narconon come out and speak with my students. The first year was extremely successful and this year was the same.

Once again I sat in my classroom and watched and listened to the interaction between Tony and my students, I realized that high-schoolers have not received correct information as well as a sufficient education about drugs. My students were engaged and focused on the presentation given to them today. Some of their faces were priceless as the realized how ignorant they were when it comes to the hard facts (although, coming into the class they thought they knew everything there was to know about these drugs.) I’m guessing many have experimented with tobacco, drugs and alcohol and I believe they were surprised and maybe a little shocked when they learned about the important statistics surrounding these drugs. I saw some students taking notes which I’m sure they want to share with others. I can truly say that many of these students will not experiment with drugs as a result of these presentations! So many students feel that marijuana is an innocent drug and that it is completely natural and relatively harmless, their minds were changed today!

Thank you again for the opportunity to make this available for my students to benefit from this powerful program. I wish all students had the opportunity to hear what my students heard today!


Medical Sciences Academy Instructor

We Look Forward to Having Narconon Fresh Start at our School Next Year!

Thank you so much for sponsoring the Drug/Alcohol Education classes for our 6-8th grade students through Narconon. I have been working with Narconon’s for about 12 years now, relying upon their expertise and resources in providing valuable information for all our students. We always appreciate speakers addressing education, prevention and intervention on different types of drugs with a different perspective.

Our speakers, Tony and Jesse truly gave our students a reality based view on drugs, were engaging, knowledgeable and appeared to make true connections with students.

Again, thank you for your commitment in providing the opportunity for our students to learn more about drugs and alcohol.

We look forward to having Narconon Fresh Start at our school next year!