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Proud of Myself

I am very proud of myself for not holding back the things I have done to my family. I really struggled getting it out but I’m glad I did.
A. D.

I’m starting to feel a lot better now that I’m getting everything that has made me feel bad off my chest.
A. D.

Taking a long hard look at yourself and the things you have done in your past is often very difficult for a recovering person. This is why Sunshine Summit Lodge incorporates this difficult, but necessary task into their recovery process. The personal values and integrity course allows students to acknowledge their past transgressions and illicit behavior by taking full responsibility for their actions. They are taught a code of honor to live by to help them in their future endeavors and to ensure that they remain on the right path when they return home.

The things I’ve done in my past have impacted me greatly

I am currently working on o/w. I’m writing about some serious things that subconsciously impacted me greatly. It feels good to let them out and talk about it, I feel better already.
M. M.

Part of our program here at Lone Star Victory Ranch is addressing the past chemical personality that was created by drugs and alcohol. One specific course we include gives the program participant the opportunity to clear their conscience of past transgressions and illicit behavior by taking full responsibility for their actions. Program participants are then taught a code of honor to live by; it stresses the importance of being honest in their lives and the many benefits of living in an ethical manner.

I was trying to forget my real life

I started using drugs with my family when I was very young. I had a history of physical abuse and death in my family. I always felt depressed and unable to be happy and productive. I used drugs to live in an alternate reality and try to forget my real life. Narconon taught me that I can be happy and successful without needing drugs to deal with my life. I have 4 months sober right now and I will keep climbing.
R. C.

The strength and determination Narconon Fresh Start program participants show is always impressive. As the client above shared, even a lifetime filled with addiction can be overcome. They were able to use what they learned while in drug rehab to remain off drugs when they returned home. Because Narconon Fresh Start is a complete program from start to finish, when a client graduates from treatment they are fully rehabilitated. Their time in treatment has prepared them to tackle any challenge that comes their way, no matter how small or large. A graduate of Narconon Fresh Start doesn’t attend meetings, call themselves an addict or believe that they are living with an incurable disease. They stand on their own two feet as sober, ethical members of their family and community.

I’ve got a new outlook on life

Before I came to Fort Collins New Life Center I was so focused on my drug use that I didn’t realize all the things in my life that I had let slide and eventually deteriorate. Through the course of the program here I’ve found respect for myself as well as how important it is to treat those who love and care about me with the respect they deserve. I have become a much better son and brother to my family. I look forward to continuing to build the bonds I’ve stared creating while in treatment with my close family. They tell me they see such a difference in my in just these last few weeks. The changes I’m going through are exactly what I need. I’ve got a new outlook on life, new ways to handle my emotions when they begin to overwhelm me and stress busing techniques that really work. I’m grateful to the staff here at the Fort Collins New Life Center and so glad that I choose to come here.