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Using what I’ve learned on a daily basis

I have successfully completed the Narconon Fresh Start program and I’m very grateful. I’m so thankful for Narconon and the staff here for truly saving my life and bringing me back to see and become the person I’m truly meant to be. Everything I have learned here has been so helpful and I will apply it in my life on a daily basis. I am now ready to start my internship and help others achieve the success I now have and live a life of happiness. Thank you to Narconon and all the staff, I love all of you.  You truly saved my life.
Big Win!
R. S.

Recovery from Alcoholism

Recovery from alcoholism is attainable by completing any of the Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehab programs. In stark contrast to common belief that alcoholism is a disease without a cure, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers have proven this theory wrong and do not subscribe to this belief. Their clients make complete recoveries from their alcoholism and go on to live happy, healthy lives. Productive lives where they do not live in fear of relapse, where they do not attend meetings and where they take responsibility for their actions instead of believing they are a victim of a disease and a genetic predisposition.

Current research has come to light challenging the genetic theory of alcoholism. The previous theory was that the onset of alcoholism was by and large a predisposed condition that a person was susceptible to based on their genetic pool and family history. Studies today reveal that genetics might not be the only reason for alcoholism; in fact, it may not be the cause at all. Researchers suggest that a person’s predisposition to alcoholism is brought on by environmental influences.

This new view on the origin of alcoholism means that instead of genetics playing such a major role in determining someone’s susceptibility to alcoholism, specific issues, pressures and stimuli in their present environment contributes to their alcoholism. The issues, pressures and stimuli that trigger the person to abuse alcohol are entirely within their control, meaning that they can resolve them and effectively recover from alcoholism. Narconon Fresh Start helps their program participants recover by identifying, understanding and resolving the underlying issues that drove the person to drink. During their time in treatment the recovering client prepares for life without alcohol by integrating effective coping mechanisms so that they can prevent future environmental triggers from causing them to relapse. When the program participant has safely detoxed, the Narconon Fresh Start treatment counselors utilize rehabilitation techniques to address and solve past issues once and for all. Their alcohol drug rehab is one of the most successful in the field of recovery and has helped even the toughest cases make true and lasting recoveries.

Drug rehab, the cure for addiction

While there is no universal cure for drug addiction and alcoholism, enrolling in a drug rehab program such as Fort Collins New Life Center is one’s best bet on ending addiction problems. Over the years there has been a lot of research done to find a solution for drug addiction. Some scientists support the idea that medications are the solution to ending drug addiction and alcoholism in every person who struggles with dependence. While prescription drugs have their place in helping sick or hurt people getter better, taking an addicted person off their drug of choice and putting them on another is not a long term solution to recovery. What they have essentially done is simply switched their addictive substance. They may no longer be getting “high”, but they are still controlled by a drug. The most successful cure for drug addiction and alcoholism is drug rehabilitation.

Drug addiction is a very complex but treatable problem. It is characterized by compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of severe and negative consequences. For many people, drug addiction becomes unending, with relapses possible even after long periods of abstinence. There are those who find that their drug addiction and/or alcohol dependence problems may require repeated episodes of treatment before they are finally able to put their problems behind them. Through treatment tailored to meet the individual’s needs, people with addiction problems can recover and lead productive, happy, drug-free lives.

Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado has helped many people make true and lasting recoveries from their drug and alcohol addiction problems. Their program is unique because they do not subscribe to the disease concept of drug addiction and alcoholism. This means that when a program participant enters their program they are not told that they have an incurable disease they must live with for the rest of their life. They are not made to feel as though they will have to learn to live with this incurable disease, or that they can only hope to manage their systems. Because the Fort Collins New Life Center’s program is not based on the disease concept of drug and alcohol addiction, the program does not think of itself a ‘cure’ for addiction. Rather, as the most effective drug rehab program to date using treatment technology and educational courses to help their clients accomplish true rehabilitation. Their recovery process is based decades of scientific research and successful results.

Recovery at Fort Collins New Life Center is possible regardless of the type of drug that has been used, or the length of abuse. The key is applying all areas of the drug rehab program to one’s life during their time in treatment as well as when they graduate and return to their daily life. When an individual enrolls into Fort Collins New Life Center they are attending a program that will help them detox and recover through proven scientific knowledge and education. While in alcohol drug rehab, the recovering addict will acquire the tools necessary to stop using drugs and remain drug free once they have completed the program. Upon graduation from the drug rehab the program participant will have a different outlook on life and the role they play in it. Because the Fort Collins New Life Center is a complete rehabilitation program, they do more than just addressing the client’s physical addiction problem. They also address the underlying issues that lead to their addiction in the first place. All parts of one’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual recovery takes place during their time at the treatment facility. Once complete, there are no meetings to attend, no sponsors to continually check in with and no prescribed medications to take to maintain one’s sobriety or ward off withdrawal symptoms. A Fort Collins New Life Center program graduate is no longer an addict; they return to their daily life as a fully recovered person able to stand on their own two feet.

Getting My Life Together

Today I started my new books about changing conditions in life and I’m very excited about that, I’m glad how everything is falling into place and I thank God. My life has been wonderful since I’ve been here applying all these tools I’ve learned…

…This program has helped me get my life together. Since I’ve been here I feel great! The Narconon Fresh Start program is really working for me.
J. P.

All of the Narconon Fresh Start program books and course work builds upon what the student has previously learned. Book 7 – Changing Conditions in Life, helps students to learn how to evaluate all aspects of his or her life and how to take action to strengthen any area that may be lacking. A person’s life can viewed as several different sections: self, partner, family, and groups (work, social, etc.). When a student enters the Narconon Fresh Start program certain areas of their life may be doing great while other areas are struggling or are somewhere in between these two conditions. The Changing Conditions in Life course outlines the many different conditions a person can be in and gives them a step-by-step guide on how to enhance any sections of their life that need improvement. This helps the student achieve a balanced life and that encompasses more than just themselves. These techniques can be applied to reach personal goals or improve any area of life that can use some improvement long after the student has left the Narconon program.

Beyond Recovery

To be fully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction is an amazing feeling; you realize that you have likely concurred one of the most difficult challenges you will ever have to face in your lifetime and come out on top. Once you complete Narconon Fresh Start, the responsibility of continuing to use your new life skills and drug prevention/refusal techniques becomes an ongoing necessity. Taking responsibility for your actions, emotions and words is going to put you in control of the sobriety you have worked so hard to achieve.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab process is one of the most thorough programs your will experience. Some practical matters that are important and often prove challenging include issues finding appropriate housing, finding a job, continuing education and obtaining medical insurance. While a large majority of the time is spent helping you get off drugs or alcohol, there is a substantial amount of planning that goes into helping you prepare a life plan for your future out of treatment. This is a plan for the new life that you are beginning upon completing of the Narconon Fresh Start program. This plan incorporates the application of your entire program and is customized for your life and personal goals. The plan you create must be agreed upon by both you and your Narconon Fresh Start case supervisor. This ensures that the plan has the maximum potential for you lasting success.

When a person has stopped using a substance the process of learning to live daily life without that substance begins. Learning to manage life’s daily stresses and using new found strategies to deal with the challenges that arise is an important part of developing your new sober identity, maintaining your recovery and preventing relapse. There are numerous ways to keep yourself on the right track. Some recovered persons find that making schedules for their day/week/month helps them to feel in control and know what they expect of themselves, and what others expect of them too. This is a way to hold yourself accountable for your time so that any free time is spent doing enjoyable activities, not being bored and thinking about the past. Many people who have completed Narconon Fresh Start and want to keep their recovery on track seek out ways to be of service to others and their community. Whether it is working in a soup kitchen or answering phones at a local charity; any task that helps others and makes you feel valuable is going to benefit you and the charity you are helping. Life beyond recovery is filled with the same ups and downs you had before drug rehab. The difference is that now you have the life skills and education on how to handle these issues without resorting to drugs or alcohol to escape.