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Sunshine Summit Lodge Students Speak Up

Today I’m feeling calm and relaxed. My mind is clear, kind, and happy. I’ve learned to stay in the present moment and avoid dwelling on my past misdeeds. There is a lot to be said for facing my personal demons, writing my wrongs and working on moving forward with my life. I’m looking forward to course tomorrow.

Thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge I’ve been sober one. This is one month of my life that I can remember from start to finish with not blackout and no waking up in an unfamiliar place. I never realized how truly chaotic my life was until I had been here a few weeks. I’ve finally come to understand that the way I was living my life was self-destructive and headed for disaster. What started out as fun had turned into nights on end fuelled by constant drug use and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Now I know I’ll never have to go through those awful symptoms again thanks to this program. I can put my past behind me and live my life as a drug-free person no longer controlled by the substances I take.
C. M.

Learning tons about how I can remain healthy, happy and surrounded by other happy and healthy people too!
R. P.

Today was a great day, what a great realization! I know my last realization while in course was really great and my best one so far. I’m so happy and I can’t wait for the next objective when I go to course tomorrow. I’m curious to see what other great thoughts and realizations I’ll have in the morning.
V. T.

My daughter’s off drugs!

As the mother of a drug addicted daughter I have felt the ups and downs that come with drug use, abuse and addiction. The sleepless nights and constant state of anxiety and stress worrying about her safety have ended now that she is attending Sunshine Summit Lodge. To hear that she is not only off drugs, but enjoying her time in recovery at Narconon Fresh Start I couldn’t be more pleased. I can hear it in her voice when she calls and we are both looking forward to my visit when she has completed the New Life Detoxification Program. I’m feeling optimistic about her future for the first time in years.

Sunshine Summit Lodge: Effectively helping to create sober and happy people

I am sober and happy; a combination of feelings I haven’t felt in a LONG time. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. Knowing that I can do this program and actually achieve a happy life when I go back home puts a smile on my face. I will use what I’ve learned here at Sunshine Summit Lodge to continue a happy sober life when I leave.
S. B.

The power of one’s own positive thoughts can bring about changes in even the most severe addicts. Learning that your addiction is not a lifelong sentence means that you have the power to change the areas in your life and the things about yourself that you want. While strong will-power and determination are necessary in achieving a lasting recovery, they are not the only qualities needed. Sunshine Summit Lodge and the other drug rehab programs in Narconon Fresh Start’s network of treatment centers are the cornerstone of a successful recovery.

During a program participant’s time in one of their treatment programs the recovering individual will address their physical and mental addiction issues while concurrently working on and resolving the underlying problems that drove them to use drugs or alcohol. When the process is complete and the program participant is ready to graduate from the program they will have been through one of the most challenging yet rewarding process of their life. The skills they learn while in any of the Narconon Fresh Start treatment programs will serve them for years and years to come benefiting them in ways they could never realize while they were in treatment. Breaking the cycle of addiction, repairing past ethical conditions, learning to take responsibility for oneself, learning how to study more effectively and changing their perception of themselves are just some of the valuable life skills Narconon Fresh Start graduates practice and integrate into themselves while in rehab.

Getting better each day

I am so happy because all the doubts I had about this place have disappeared. I know that what I’m learning and working on each day is helping me get better. Practicing how to stay in the present moment is hard but something that I know I can accomplish. The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge continues to help me feel supported and upbeat about my recovery. I feel lucky to have found this place.
A. E.