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About Detox

Narconon Fresh Start Drug DetoxificationToday, a majority of drug rehab programs offer detoxification as part of their rehabilitation program. Those that don’t will have their clients who need drug or alcohol detox attend a withdrawal or detoxification program prior to enrolling in their drug rehab facility. Alone, detox does very little to change the long-term effects of drug and alcohol abuse. It is considered part of the larger picture, a piece of the puzzle to help the addicted individual return to a drug-free state and become rehabilitated.

The detoxification process is a key part of becoming rehabilitated because it helps to remove the remaining drug residuals. Without this process, drug residues can remain in one’s body and cause cravings for years after drug use has ceased. A vital step in a successful drug detox as well as drug rehabilitation is flushing out these accumulated toxic residues so that the individual no longer experiences unwanted adverse effects from the drugs they have taken.

The detox process is performed in numerous ways and is often dependent on where the recovering person is receiving treatment. When attending a standalone detox center they may only provide care to help the person avoid the physical pain of the withdrawal process. Other detox methods (often those located in-house at a drug rehab center) will include counseling during detoxification. Research shows that when both the physical and psychological needs of the recovering person are met during their detoxifications process their chances of relapse decrease.

Our Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs understand that completing a total body detoxification and purification program is the cornerstone to ensuring our program participants have the most successful results. A majority of drug rehab programs beieve that the detox process runs three to seven days, the length of time that they are physically experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the substances they have been dependent on. This is an oversight on their part; drug and alcohol addiction puts an enormous strain on the user’s liver and kidneys. Through extensive research, Narconon Fresh Start has shown that to fully detoxify from the drug residuals remaining in the user’s body they require three stages of comprehensive detoxification to prevent future relapse.

Our New Life Detoxification Program address the program participants detox needs. This part of the Narconon Fresh Start program removes the root cause of future re-stimulation by flushing out the accumulated toxic metabolites in the fatty tissues. The program consists of a strict protocol of medically supervised exercise, dry sauna therapy and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements proven to target and rid the fatty tissues of the stored drug metabolites. The New Life Detoxification program takes several weeks to complete but is effective enough to see its benefits within the first week of participation. In time, program participants see color back in their face, their eyes are brighter, their energy level increases, they sleep well each night waking feeling refreshed and find themselves feeling more centered and balanced than they have in a long time.

Reaching the end of your rope?

For the addict, reaching the end of their rope feels like defeat; defeat over their ability to control themselves. No matter how hard they try or how much they want to remain sober the compulsion to use is stronger and wins. Admitting defeat over your ability to stop using means that you realize you have a problem larger than you can handle alone. For this very reason, drug rehab programs were created. While it is the intention of all drug rehab programs to get their clients off drugs or alcohol, not all programs are created equal.

If you are looking for a quick fix, a short-term solution or a Band-Aid to cover up the issue, you will likely be right back where you started in no time. Addicts who are at the end of their rope and know that they NEED to make changes in their life understand that a quick fix just isn’t going to do the trick. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a process that happens overnight, and neither is true rehabilitation.

Ending an addiction problem takes time, often months if not longer. The process involves several crucial steps conducted in a specific order so that no area is overlooked and all issues are addressed. Narconon Fresh Start is a team of drug rehab programs working to end addiction and help give their clients their lives back.

Their drug rehab program goes beyond simply getting the client off the addictive substances they are dependent on. Narconon Fresh Start treatment centers use and educational method of rehabilitation to help their program participants improve their personal mental and emotional skills: decision making, problem solving, communication, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotions and coping with stress. Then many benefits of incorporating these skills in drug rehabilitation programs are best expressed by Mr. William Benitez, founder of the Narconon program.

“I found that if a person rehabilitated and applied certain abilities, that person could persevere toward goals set, confront life, isolate problems and resolve them, communicate with life, be responsible and set ethical standards, and function within the band of certainty.”
– William Benitez

You are not alone…

Being the loved one of an addict is a very difficult situation to be in. The rollercoaster seems to never end; one moment all is going well, then the next it seems the rug has been pulled out from under you and you are in free fall. We understand the whirlwind of emotions you are going through and want to help you regain your footing and learn to take back control over your life. While you cannot control the choices and behavior of those around you, you can take control and responsibility for yourself. Doing this will help you feel more like yourself and better equipped to handle the turmoil your loved one is struggling with.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol opens up a dark and tumultuous world for those who love and care about the addicted individual. When addiction takes hold of a person is steals away the essence of who they are and leaves a shell of their former selves behind. Their focus shifts from their family, loved ones, school, career, etc. to their drug of choice. Everyday centers around obtaining the substance, using the substance and recovering from its negative effects. The person you once knew as a daughter, son, husband, wife, sister, brother or friend is now replaced by an addict who puts their needs before anyone or anything else.

As one of the top drug rehab programs in the country we have decades of experience helping addicted individuals achieve lasting sobriety while working with their family and loved ones at rebuilding trust and their family bond. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are unlike other programs you have heard of or been through. Unlike traditional twelve-step based treatment programs that teach their client’s that they are powerless, label them lifelong addicts and alcoholics and tell them that they have an incurable disease… Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs build up their client’s sense of self, showing them that they are powerful over their addiction and that it can be overcome. The Narconon Fresh Start program address addiction to drugs and alcohol for what it really is, a physical and mental problem that needs to be overcome while working through and resolving the underlying issues that drove the persons to substance abuse in the first place.

You no longer have to go this road alone, contact Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab to speak with one of our skilled counselors and start the process of getting help for your loved. Speaking with one of our counselors will put your loved one’s addiction issues, self-destructive behavior and other life problems (legal issues, trust issues, etc.) into perspective for you as well. With over 45 years of experience in the field of addiction recovery, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are nationally recognized as having some of the highest success rates. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs provide real addiction recovery without the need for substitute medications or attending meetings for the rest of one’s life.

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I can move forward now

Finally finished with objectives, it feels great. These exercises got me into present time, which was one of the main points of doing them! I needed that to happen in my life so that I could move forward. I realize that anything from the past that has bothered me really doesn’t matter.
J. H.

About Cocaine

Cocaine UseWhile cocaine abuse is not as widespread as it once was in the 70’s and 80’s, the use of this drug is still an issue with drug rehab programs across the United States. Cocaine continues to rank among one of the top drugs clients enrolling in treatment are addicted to. As recently as 2008, cocaine addiction ranked 5th for smoked cocaine (crack) and 8th for powdered cocaine. As more and more research on cocaine addiction takes place, we learn more about where and how cocaine acts in the brain; including how the drug produces its pleasurable effects and why it is so addictive.

Using state of the art technology, scientists are now able to see the dynamic changes that occur in the brain as an individual takes cocaine. They can observe the different brain changes that happen as a person experiences the rush, the high, and finally the craving for this addictive drug. They can also identify parts of the brain that become active when a cocaine addict sees or hears environmental stimuli that trigger the craving for the drug. A goal of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s (NIDA) is to interpret what scientists learn from their cocaine addiction research. The hope is that by doing so they will be able to help the public better understand cocaine abuse and addiction and develop more effective strategies for the prevention and treatment of addiction.

Cocaine AbuseCocaine is generally sold on the street as a fine, white, crystalline powder known as: Coke, Big C, Snow, Flake, C-dust, Yay, Yayo and Blow just to list a few of the more common terms. A few of the more frequent terms used when using and/or possessing cocaine include: Holding, Amped, Line, Rail and Geeked Up. Cocaine is processed from the South American Coca Plant. Street dealers often dilute their cocaine supply to make it go further when selling it on the street. They may add inert substances such as cornstarch, talcum powder or sugar. Or, they may choose to add active drugs like procaine (a chemically-related local anesthetic) or other stimulants like amphetamines.

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Offelia’s Son Overcame His Cocaine Addiction at Narconon Fresh Start

Cocaine, more than any other drug of abuse has direct and immediate access to the brain’s pleasure center. It causes disruption in the delicate chemistry that regulates mood, pleasure and a person’s survival drive. This drug is a potent and dangerous Central Nervous System stimulant. It works by blocking the reabsorption of dopamine in the brain (a chemical messenger that assists in normal functioning of the Central Nervous System and is associated with pleasure and movement).

In its powdered form cocaine is sniffed or mixed with water and injected. Another form of the drug has become popular as well; users are smoking a freebase form of cocaine termed Crack (named for the “crackling” sound produced when the mixture of cocaine and sodium bicarbonate is heated).

Injecting CocaineNo matter what method is used to ingest cocaine: injecting, snorting or smoking – the same risks are involved. While all forms of the drug are highly addictive, it has been speculated that the onset of addiction to cocaine may be much more rapid in the smoked form (Crack). When a person uses cocaine they will experience dilated pupils, increased body temperature, constricted blood vessels, increased heart rate and blood pressure. The effects of cocaine that entice the user to take the drug include the euphoria that comes with using cocaine, reduced fatigue, more sociable and a perception of mental clarity. The negative side effects experienced by cocaine users include restlessness, irritability, and anxiety.

When cocaine abuse develops into an addiction problem it can be difficult to give up using the drug. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs have been helping people recover from their cocaine addiction issues for over 45 years and have a very high success rate of long-term continued sobriety for their graduating clients. The Narconon Fresh Start treatment philosophy is unlike other programs where clients are told they are powerless over their addiction, that they have an incurable disease and that they will be addicts for the rest of their lives. The philosophy that Narconon Fresh Start operates under is based on treating addiction to drugs and/or alcohol for what it truly is; a physical and mental problem that can and will be overcome. Their programs help clients physically recover from their addiction while simultaneously addressing the underlying issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol. The methods that their centers use build up the program participant’s self-worth and makes them feel powerful over their addiction problem, not powerless.

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Narconon Fresh Start LogoAs a drug-free, long-term, residential drug rehab program Narconon Fresh Start centers provide their clients with the most effective rehabilitation technology and offer a written guarantee of success for their graduating clients. Their program uses no form of drug replacement therapy or drug substitution therapy to help their clients get off drugs and remain sober once they complete treatment. The purpose of going to drug rehab is to stop using drugs; to use a replacement medication to aid in the process leaves the addict dependent and controlled by yet another substance. The program is long-term, running on average 3 to 4 months to complete. This length of time allows the recovering individual to fully withdraw and detox, learn the program information, put into practice by using the new skills they have acquired and develop a plan for their future when treatment is complete. With thousands of graduates and decades of successful rehabilitation results, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers will be able to help even the most severe and long-term cocaine addicts find lasting sobriety.