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Able to focus on completing my intentions

I’m noticing a positive change in attention and being better able to focus on my intentions and complete them. Working with a twin is helping me retain skills better.
W. K.

Program participates are often paired up at different points during the day to work on specific TRs; “TRs” are training routines. The training routines are made up of drills and other useful steps which help improve the student’s ability to confront situations better through communication and to prepare them for their life-changing journey through the program. The “TRs” learned in the Narconon Fresh Start program can be used throughout the client’s everyday life. They are especially useful when the program participant returns home and finds themself interacting and communication with new people.


I was in a constant haze…Now I have HOPE

I came into the program and to sauna with an open mind because at this point I couldn’t do any more damage to myself. I arrived at Narconon Fresh Start as a zombie, although I didn’t realize it at the time I was socially sick and in a constant haze. I never experienced an epiphany but I preserved through book 1 and 39 days of sauna and had some highs and lows. I started to gain spurts of energy and clear mindedness. As I progressed through the second half of sauna these traits became more consistent until I achieved an overall sense of well-being…

Now I can look back and see that I was in bad shape and have made so many improvements. Most importantly, I have gained something that was lost a long time ago – HOPE. I feel like I may have something to wake up for and don’t feel that I am just waiting anymore. I give a lot of credit to every staff member for putting all the components in place and then stepping back to let me grow. I’m especially thankful for Dustin because I spent the majority of time in drug withdrawal and sauna with him- he has been my rock when times were rough.
D. J.