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Feeling anxious about attending drug rehab?

When a person first enters drug rehab, whether it is their first time or a sequential enrollment, they often feel anxious because of the unknown. What will life be like off the substances they are used to taking? What are the people there going to be like; and will I get along with them? These are all common thoughts and feelings because making the change from regular drug abuse or drinking alcohol to living a sober life is difficult. For most, getting clean and sober will be the greatest accomplishment of their life and something they are proud of for many years to come. While the journey is challenging it is one worth taking because the end result is a life filled with integrity, purpose and positivity.

Typically, drug addicted individuals have a difficult time talking to others and being good listeners. They sometimes do not feel comfortable in their own skin and entering new situations can seem overwhelming and cause them stress. If the person does not have any previous psychological diagnosis of known conditions then it is usually due to their habitual drug or alcohol use. Regularly using drugs and/or alcohol can causes a person to lose focus, become inattentive and experience anxiety in a variety of different situations that would not have affected them previously.

Programs such as Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado are designed to handle the addicted person’s physical addiction symptoms as well as their psychological symptoms of addition. The life skills that Fort Collins New Life Center and all Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs teach go beyond the basic rehab experience. Every aspect of recovery is handled while enrolled in a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab. Clients go through withdrawal, detoxification and many lessons on life skills, relapse prevention and creating a battle plan for their future. The Fort Collins New Life Center, just as all other Narconon Fresh Start programs, is a long-term residential drug rehabilitation program. The methods used are entirely drug-free and holistically based so that clients regain the best health they can while enrolled in treatment and learn how to continue these new principles of healthy living once they return home. While there is no set timeline for clients to complete the program, most graduate between three to four months after their enrollment. Program participants who need more time to process and put into practice the information they are taught during rehab do not feel rushed to get through their lessons. The process of truly recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism takes as long as it takes. This philosophy serves clients of Fort Collins New Life Center well because they feel more relaxed knowing that they do not have to rush or hurry through their program in order to meet a predetermined deadline.

When graduation from the program is coming near, the staff meets with the program participant one on one to begin the process of creating a battle plan. The battle plan the client and staff members create encompass all areas of the recovering person’s life. They include day to day activities, long term goals and relapse prevention techniques to utilize if necessary. Each battle plan is unique to the recovering person and is agreed upon by both the staff members and the graduating client. Going through this finial step maximizes the recovering individual’s success and provides them with a step by step plan for the next few months after rehab when chances of relapse are considered to be the greatest.

I’m excited to show my family my improvement

I am feeling very good about being here at Fort Collins New Life Center. Today I even used the info I learned in the 3rd book to help me in the 4th book. I’m just really happy to be here and doing something good for myself for a change. I’m excited to show my family the improvement I have made so far how far. I also can’t wait to see how far I’ve come when I finally complete the program.
S. A.

Every day was hard…

Lots of hard nights lead to today. I woke up feeling great and had no bad dreams last night. My bad dreams had been holding me back and making every day hard. Today I successfully got my supervisors pass for my course 1-4 starting to work and get a lot done.
B. D.

Many of our program participants here at Fort Collins New Life Center enter with sleep issues and trouble focusing during the day. Through the course of drug withdrawal, our total body purification process (New Life Detoxification Program) and the education they receive while studying, the personal issues they entered the program with are resolved. We think of our program participants as students as they learn and study life skills and techniques they never learned in school. As their time is spent learning new effective ways to handle stress and communicate effectively they are building up their self-confidence and new found life skills.

Recovery is Possible

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are a drug-free solution for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. There are several treatment locations we have chosen due to the locations natural beauty, serenity, therapeutic environment and safety: Fort Collins New Life Center is Colorado, Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada and Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California. Our drug rehab methods do not use any medications and are entirely holistic; we use nutritional supplements to help our program participants regain the necessary vitamin and minerals that have been depleted due to their addiction problem. The Narconon Fresh Start program is neither psychiatric nor medical in its treatment methodology. It is a social education model of drug addiction rehabilitation. This type of treatment works by using role modeling and peer support to encourage appropriate behaviors toward the desired goal of sobriety. Living in a safe, supportive and sober setting, program participants learn to live and “work” together in an environment where they can practice their new skills and techniques at handling day to day problems as they arise. This form of drug rehab provides recovering persons the chance to learn through experience with the support of other like-minded individuals.

As the program participant works their way through the courses they learn to regain control of their lives. This is an important distinction from other treatment philosophies, program participants in Narconon Fresh Start programs do not enroll in our drug rehab to recover from an “illness” or “disease”; they enroll to learn something they don’t already know. The program participant address the many issues brought about by their drug use using the new life skills and techniques they have studied. Narconon Fresh Start staff prepares the program participant for their “re-entry” into their new drug-free life. Throughout the time the program participant is in the program they are being educated and trained in a variety of life skills to enable them to stand on their own feet and live drug-free, ethical lives after drug rehab is complete. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs do not attend weekly meetings for months after completing treatment and do not think of themselves as “a recovering addict”. They have fully recovered from their addiction and now have a new orientation in life. As one mother of a Narconon graduate shared “…It doesn’t only address the drug problem. It helps the person find themselves and that is the beauty of Narconon.”

Once the program participant has completed their Narconon Fresh Start program they will continue to use the tools they practiced and learned daily while in treatment; this is what makes recovery possible and graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs remain clean and sober long after they leave treatment. It is not a theory; there are over four decades of graduates who will swear by Narconon Fresh Start’s treatment success. While the vast majority of graduates achieve recovery the first time they enroll in the program, there are those who need extra assistance. For these graduates the Narconon Fresh Start written guarantee offers additional support.

“If any graduate of our program has any difficulty remaining drug or alcohol free within 6 months of completing our program, we will gladly accept the client back free of charge for an advanced treatment review program. This free advanced treatment review program does not include the price of airfare or the price of a medical detox, which is the responsibility of the review program participant. Medical detox is not always necessary, but may be required in the rare case that the client has been using the amount or type of drugs or alcohol that may require a medical detox before beginning the advanced treatment review process.”

The entire Narconon Fresh Start program takes between 4 to 6 months to complete. The program is delivered in a therapeutic community setting; this means that program participants reside at the treatment facility. Days are spent learning and ample free time to pursue hobbies and interests are provided. While the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is structured as a therapeutic community, it would be more appropriate to think of it as “going back to school” only this time to learn the tools necessary for real life.

Drug Rehab in the Rocky Mountains

Colorado is known for having beautiful landscapes and majestic mountain ranges. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado are also home to one of the finest drug rehab centers in the United States, the Fort Collins New Life Center. Located near Colorado State University just east of the magnificent Rocky Mountains the New Life Center offers clients from across the U.S. and around the world the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation available. Their extremely high success rate is a testament to their ability to help program participants truly conquer their addiction issues and find lasting sobriety.

Known for being part of the Narconon Fresh Start network of drug rehab centers, Fort Collins New Life Center has over 45 years of successful rehabilitation technology behind their Colorado drug rehab program. As a residential inpatient long term drug rehab the Fort Collins New Life Center provides clients with exceptional services in a residential neighborhood location. Their building layout and security policies in place ensure a safe sanctuary from the temptations and restimulative environments that have previously influenced their addictive tendencies.

The many benefits of attending the Fort Collins New Life Center are numerous:
• Getting away from the drug using environment you are used to and living in an environment where the park-like grounds, fresh air and mountain views provide a healthy change of pace
• Attending a long term inpatient program where you can focus on your recovery and go at your own pace
• Experiencing the most thorough detoxification programs available, The New Life Detoxification Method
• Learning new and beneficial ways of handling stressful situations and difficult life problems without turning to drugs or alcohol
• Receiving addiction rehabilitation in a holistic environment where prescription drugs and drug replacement therapy are never used
• Knowing that when you complete drug rehab you will be completely rehabilitated. No meetings, no prescription drugs, no long term therapy or counseling required
• A written guarantee of success and the ability to return for an advanced treatment review program if you feel as though your sobriety is in jeopardy