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Using what I’ve learned on a daily basis

I have successfully completed the Narconon Fresh Start program and I’m very grateful. I’m so thankful for Narconon and the staff here for truly saving my life and bringing me back to see and become the person I’m truly meant to be. Everything I have learned here has been so helpful and I will apply it in my life on a daily basis. I am now ready to start my internship and help others achieve the success I now have and live a life of happiness. Thank you to Narconon and all the staff, I love all of you.  You truly saved my life.
Big Win!
R. S.

Getting prepared for a normal sober life

Pushing through book 4B was a test! Out of everything I’ve done in the program, I believe that this book has done the most to prepare me for life; a normal sober life.

Book 4B of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s Narconon Fresh Start program is the second part of our Communication and Perception course. The focus on this course is to help the program participant become more aware of the present time and improve their self-control. The client will develop and improve their ability to confront and maintain control of their environment. These skills are extremely valuable for remaining drug-free and sober.

There is life after drugs

It has been over seven years since I have gone without any kind of drugs. From book one I have learned how to communicate better by an appropriate measure of confrontation to get my point across better. Also while understanding others I have also learned there is life after these drugs.
J. W.