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About Detox

Narconon Fresh Start Drug DetoxificationToday, a majority of drug rehab programs offer detoxification as part of their rehabilitation program. Those that don’t will have their clients who need drug or alcohol detox attend a withdrawal or detoxification program prior to enrolling in their drug rehab facility. Alone, detox does very little to change the long-term effects of drug and alcohol abuse. It is considered part of the larger picture, a piece of the puzzle to help the addicted individual return to a drug-free state and become rehabilitated.

The detoxification process is a key part of becoming rehabilitated because it helps to remove the remaining drug residuals. Without this process, drug residues can remain in one’s body and cause cravings for years after drug use has ceased. A vital step in a successful drug detox as well as drug rehabilitation is flushing out these accumulated toxic residues so that the individual no longer experiences unwanted adverse effects from the drugs they have taken.

The detox process is performed in numerous ways and is often dependent on where the recovering person is receiving treatment. When attending a standalone detox center they may only provide care to help the person avoid the physical pain of the withdrawal process. Other detox methods (often those located in-house at a drug rehab center) will include counseling during detoxification. Research shows that when both the physical and psychological needs of the recovering person are met during their detoxifications process their chances of relapse decrease.

Our Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs understand that completing a total body detoxification and purification program is the cornerstone to ensuring our program participants have the most successful results. A majority of drug rehab programs beieve that the detox process runs three to seven days, the length of time that they are physically experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the substances they have been dependent on. This is an oversight on their part; drug and alcohol addiction puts an enormous strain on the user’s liver and kidneys. Through extensive research, Narconon Fresh Start has shown that to fully detoxify from the drug residuals remaining in the user’s body they require three stages of comprehensive detoxification to prevent future relapse.

Our New Life Detoxification Program address the program participants detox needs. This part of the Narconon Fresh Start program removes the root cause of future re-stimulation by flushing out the accumulated toxic metabolites in the fatty tissues. The program consists of a strict protocol of medically supervised exercise, dry sauna therapy and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements proven to target and rid the fatty tissues of the stored drug metabolites. The New Life Detoxification program takes several weeks to complete but is effective enough to see its benefits within the first week of participation. In time, program participants see color back in their face, their eyes are brighter, their energy level increases, they sleep well each night waking feeling refreshed and find themselves feeling more centered and balanced than they have in a long time.

Not All Drug Rehab’s are the Same

Not all rehab centers are the same; each rehab may differ significantly in philosophies, program options, credentials, staff skills, qualifications, and cost. The way to tell which rehab center is the most effective is to see how they treat their program participants. For instance, some programs only see their clients as statistics while other drug rehab treatment programs will see them as an individual and make sure their program meets each program participant’s needs as they work through their recovery process. In addition, they will answer questions about how their specific rehab operates by keeping all of their program information accessible to the client and their loved ones.

Highly successful drug rehabs have programs involve the recovering individual’s family. This is because their family members may have been affected by the program participant’s addiction issues and need help healing as well as learning new ways to interact with their loved one when they complete treatment. An effective drug rehab treatment plan will include drug and alcohol education too. This means the recovering addict will learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol and what drove them to abuse drugs in the first place. Being educated about their drug and alcohol addiction issues will help the recovering person to overcome their dependence problem as well as learn how to avoid future relapses.

Drug Rehab Treatment

Happy Guy With GroupDrug rehab treatment is when a person with an alcohol or drug addiction problem receives help getting off the substances they are dependent.  Most drug rehab treatment programs are able to help addicts dependent on a variety of substances including cocaine, crack, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, meth, ecstasy, prescription drugs, and the list goes on and on. When an individual enters rehab, they are attending a program that will help them on the road to recovery. Successful programs go beyond simply helping the individual get off the drugs or alcohol they are dependent on, they also addresses the psychological issues that lead to the individual’s drug addiction.

The very first step of recovery from drug addiction is detoxification; also known as drug detox. It is where the drug user stops using the addictive substances they are dependent on and lets their body adjust to learning to function in a drug-free state. For the recovering addict, detox can range from mild to very intense, and at times can even be life threatening; for this reason drug detox should be monitored by a trained professional.

Depending on the type of drug rehab treatment the individual is enrolled in they will they go on to learn how to live a drug-free lifestyle once detox is complete. There are a lot of different types of drug rehab treatment programs available depending on the individual’s needs. Drug addiction rehabilitation ranges from low levels of participation such as outpatient treatment to more intensive types i.e. residential programs. Outpatient drug rehab treatment is where the individual attends meetings and does not change many areas of their day to day life while receiving drug addiction treatment.

The other end of the spectrum would be residential or inpatient treatment. This form of drug rehab treatment is much more intensive for the recovering drug user. The individual stays at the treatment facility while receiving care and is given support and guidance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This form of drug addiction rehabilitation is considered to be the most successful drug rehab method currently available. Individuals who participate in long-term drug rehab are typically those with serious health/medical related issues as a result of their drug use and/or they have attended other types of drug rehabilitation with little to no success.

Narconon Fresh Start is a network of drug rehab treatment programs that address all aspects of their client’s recovery. Their program has a high success rate and is considered a leader in the field of drug-free addiction recovery. When their graduates complete treatment they are no longer addicts, they are fully recovered individuals able to live their lives without turning to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems.

Reaching the end of your rope?

For the addict, reaching the end of their rope feels like defeat; defeat over their ability to control themselves. No matter how hard they try or how much they want to remain sober the compulsion to use is stronger and wins. Admitting defeat over your ability to stop using means that you realize you have a problem larger than you can handle alone. For this very reason, drug rehab programs were created. While it is the intention of all drug rehab programs to get their clients off drugs or alcohol, not all programs are created equal.

If you are looking for a quick fix, a short-term solution or a Band-Aid to cover up the issue, you will likely be right back where you started in no time. Addicts who are at the end of their rope and know that they NEED to make changes in their life understand that a quick fix just isn’t going to do the trick. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a process that happens overnight, and neither is true rehabilitation.

Ending an addiction problem takes time, often months if not longer. The process involves several crucial steps conducted in a specific order so that no area is overlooked and all issues are addressed. Narconon Fresh Start is a team of drug rehab programs working to end addiction and help give their clients their lives back.

Their drug rehab program goes beyond simply getting the client off the addictive substances they are dependent on. Narconon Fresh Start treatment centers use and educational method of rehabilitation to help their program participants improve their personal mental and emotional skills: decision making, problem solving, communication, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotions and coping with stress. Then many benefits of incorporating these skills in drug rehabilitation programs are best expressed by Mr. William Benitez, founder of the Narconon program.

“I found that if a person rehabilitated and applied certain abilities, that person could persevere toward goals set, confront life, isolate problems and resolve them, communicate with life, be responsible and set ethical standards, and function within the band of certainty.”
– William Benitez

Realizing You’re an Addict

Some people are able to use drugs or alcohol recreationally, meaning that they do no experience negative consequences due to their substance use or develop an addiction problem. On the other hand, there are a large number of individuals who find that their substance use has escalated to the point where it causes them problems at work, home, school and in their relationships. What was once a fun or stress relieving activity has now left them feeling helpless, isolated and ashamed.

For the addicted person, it sometimes seems that it’s as if you wake up one morning and suddenly realize you’re an addict. When this realization hits home and you finally grasp what it means to be so dependent on a substance that you have lost nearly everything you previously valued, it can feel overwhelming. If you personally have developed an addiction problem or if someone you care about struggles with addiction it is important that you know there is help available.

Narconon Fresh Start has several drug rehab programs available to help you or the person you care about find a permanent solution to ending addiction. Their drug rehab programs are located in a variety of settings and provide clients with the seclusion and safety they need while they rehabilitate and recover. With centers in Colorado, Texas, Nevada and California there is sure to be a drug rehab treatment location that meets you or your loved one’s specific needs.

Meet Narconon Fresh Start’s Drug Rehab Centers:

Sunshine Summit Lodge was formerly an executive retreat. Its open spaces, beautiful scenery and fresh country air provides program participants with a healthy change of environment. Located in the picturesque hills of Northern San Diego, this drug rehab center is a safe sanctuary to focus on one’s recovery.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is one of Narconon Fresh Start centers and is located near Caliente, Nevada. This facility rests on 320 acres and was formerly a dude ranch. Made up of several buildings on the property, the main log cabin style house sits on active cattle and horse grazing land giving the center a country ranch feel. With the closest city 160 miles away, this country retreat is the ideal setting to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Fort Collins New Life Center is located just east of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. This drug rehab facility provides clients with an accommodating, yet secure residential treatment environment to address their addiction problem. With park-like grounds, mountain views and fresh air – the process of recovering from addiction is made much more amiable.

Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas rests in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley. This drug rehab program is surrounded by lush farmland and provides recovering clients the peace and quiet necessary during their recovery. Situated on 17 lush acres, this drug rehab center is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape. Program participants find Lone Star Victory Ranch welcoming and homey with the ability to take walks or jogs around the lovely fountain and pond or go fishing in the little river that borders the property.

When you or your loved one is ready for help, Narconon Fresh Start intake counselors will are here to assist you in locating a drug rehab program ideal for your personal recovery needs. Each of their treatment centers operates under the same rehabilitation philosophy and treatment methods ensuring that no matter which program you attend you will receive the best quality care available.

What sets Narconon Fresh Start programs apart from other treatment centers is their rehabilitation philosophy. It is not based on the disease model of addiction that dictates a person with an addiction problem will always be an addict with an incurable disease; a disease they cannot ever overcome but only hope to learn to cope with for the rest of their lives. Instead, Narconon Fresh Start uses an education rehabilitation philosophy based on locating, confronting and resolving the root causes of their program participant’s addiction problem and the numerous behaviors associated with it as well.

While clients enter Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs as addicts or alcoholics, they soon become students learning the important educational life skills and tools necessary to become truly rehabilitated. When they graduate from the program they no longer use the labels of addict or alcoholic because they have fully recovered from their addiction problem.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers provide their clients with much more than just helping them get off the addictive substances they are dependent on. These treatment programs teach clients about themselves: why they act and react the way they do, why they choose drug or alcohol use to solve their issues, how to take control over themselves and their environment as well as how to prevent future relapse when they return home. Program graduates learn valuable life skills that benefit them throughout their lives. They strengthen their able to confront difficult or stressful situations without resorting to substance use, they develop effective communication skills, they learn how to stay in the moment instead of sinking back into past thoughts or behaviors and they receive ethics training to help them become a more honorable and moral version of themselves.

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