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Drug Rehab Programs

Drug rehabs programs provide the help addicted individuals need to end their dependence on drugs or alcohol. There are several reasons why a person would choose to enroll in a drug rehab program. They may not have enough motivation to quit in their home situation, they may not receive the support necessary to stop using from the people around them or they may have tried to quit on their own and have not be able to find lasting sobriety. Enrolling in a drug rehab program provides the recovering addict a drug and alcohol-free environment where they can focus on their recovery. Every drug rehab program has its own methods of treatment; but, in general much attention is given to the addicted individual themselves. There will likely be individual or group counseling to help the recovering individual uncover and address the areas of their life that sparked their urge to use drugs or alcohol.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects more than just the person who is abusing the substance. The toll substance abuse and addiction has on the user’s family, loved ones, friends and co-workers often goes unnoticed by the substance user. It is only after they have stopped using that they are able to clearly see the damage and heartbreak their self-destructive actions have caused. While the addicted person is receiving treatment at a drug rehab program it is important for those close to the recovering individual get help processing through their emotions and feelings about their loved one. They will also need guidance on how to structure their new sober relationship with their rehabilitated loved one. This benefits both the recovered person and the loved one because having clear rules and consequences and an open line of communication about what is happening day to day means that nothing gets “swept under the rug” and there will be no more “turning a blind eye”.

The ultimate goal of a drug rehab program is to enable the individual to achieve lasting sobriety; the short term goal of a drug rehab is to help the individual stop using the substances they are dependent on, uncover why the individual choose drug or alcohol use to solve their problems and teach them new healthy ways to handle stress and challenges that no longer involves using drugs or alcohol. Today, millions of addicted individuals have successfully recovered from drug addiction because they received the right help and information. Generally speaking, the more help an individual is given to conquer their drug addiction, the more successful their results will be. Additionally, research has shown that those who stay in a drug rehab center longer than 3 months have higher success rates in achieving lasting sobriety than those who stay a shorter amount of time.

Narconon Fresh Start operates a number of drug rehab programs that have some of the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery. Their programs are able to handle all types of drug addiction: heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs and alcohol. The success of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers comes from their unconventional treatment methods. They do not operate under the belief that addiction is a “disease” one has to live with for the rest of their life. Instead of telling their clients that they are powerless over a disease, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs builds up their client’s sense of self-worth and belief that they are responsible for their actions and choices. Through the course of the program clients become more like students learning invaluable life skills and addressing the underlying issues that drove them to drug abuse and addiction.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is complete from start to finish including a completely drug-free withdrawal phase, a total body purification and detoxification program, life skills courses, relapse prevention training and the development of a battle plan for when treatment is complete. When a program participant graduates from a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program they are no longer an addict, they do not think of themselves as an addict or alcoholic because they are fully rehabilitated. Graduates do not attend meetings to maintain their sobriety and they do not take drug therapy medications to ward of withdrawal symptoms. They stand on their own two feet, no longer controlled by any substance and able to put into practice all the new skills they have acquired while in rehab.

Drug Rehab Treatment is Not “One Size Fits All”

There is no drug rehab treatment that comes in a “one size fits all” method of recovery. While the idea that one day there will be a “magic bullet” to end addiction problems is a novel thought, it is one that will never happen. This is because each addicted person has different drug abuse related problems and in turn will respond to the similar forms of treatment very differently; even when they are addicted to the same substance.

Because each person has their own set of issues pertaining to their addiction, the best type of drug rehab program will be one that provides an array of treatments and services tailored to address each individual’s needs. For some recovering addicts this may mean trying out several different treatment methods before a “match” is found between client and drug rehab center.

Fortunately, Narconon Fresh Start is a network of highly successful drug rehab programs that understands how unique each individual’s addiction problem is and addresses each client’s recovery on an individual basis. Their rehab philosophy is not based on the disease model of addiction, but rather on locating and confronting the specific causes of one’s addiction as well as addressing the behaviors associated with it. Clients enter their drug rehab programs as addicts, but soon become students learning educational life skills. Former addicts are fully rehabilitated and no longer think of themselves or refer to themselves as “addicts” or “alcoholics” because truly recovered.

Clear headed and sober

These last few weeks I have been getting so many wins out of my program. The Narconon Fresh Start tech is truly amazing and so helpful in every situation in life. I’m learning to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around me, how to improve my learning skills, to be more aware of the present moment instead of dwelling on my past, how to handle the ups and downs in life, personal values and integrity, step by step formulas to improve my situation and balance my life, common sense guidelines to living a happy life and working on a battle plan for my future sobriety. It is so nice to be clear headed and sober. I am feeling better and better every day.
S. W.

Cocaine Addiction and Drug Rehab

Cocaine AbuseWhile there are a number of drugs that people enter drug rehab for, cocaine still ranks high on the list. When it comes to ending cocaine addiction many people are under the mistaken belief that because the drug is not physically addicting their recovery will be “easy” and not require much work on their part. Cocaine is a highly addictive substance that not only changes the way the user’s brain works but how the drug user behaves and processes new information from their environment. While an addict is able to stop using cocaine for some period of time they will inevitably return to the drug because they have not developed other skills to handle life and problems that arise. Whether it is an introverted person looking for a way to be more social, a stressed out individual looking for an escape or any number of other reasons turning to cocaine seems to be the solution to their problem. It is an instantaneous fix and provides the relief the person feels they so desperately need. While the drug is used recreationally at first, cocaine users quickly sink deeper into their cocaine abuse and almost always succumb to addiction. It is usually a slow process taking months if not years to develop but once ingrained in the individual it can be VERY difficult to put a stop to.

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This is why cocaine addiction rehab is necessary for a person to make a real and lasting recovery from their dependence problem. Most addicted persons will need to attend a long-term inpatient drug rehab program so that they can have the time to fully withdraw and work through both the psychological and emotional issues associated with their cocaine addiction. Many studies on drug rehabilitation success rates have shown that remaining in treatment for a minimum of 90 days is necessary for the individual to truly improve their outcome and have a successful recovery. A person who is moderately to severely addicted to cocaine is recommended to enroll and complete a long-term inpatient drug rehab program.

Entering drug rehab is a vital step in cocaine addiction recovery. However, there is a lot more to addiction treatment than getting the individual to stop using cocaine. They also need to learn the tools necessary to avoid using cocaine in the future once they leave treatment. Another area that is addressed in treatment is how to live day to day life without feeling the need to use cocaine or other substances to solve one’s problems. Cocaine addiction treatment helps to restore the individual to their pre-cocaine using days and guides them to become a productive and functioning part of their family, workplace, and community.

Drug rehab programs for cocaine addiction help the recovering person learn about their addiction problem, what recovery really means and how to avoid relapse in the future. Time spent in treatment allows the program participant to examine and address misguided beliefs about themselves, their relationships with others and the environment they live in. The drug rehab process includes information on healthy lifestyle changes, how to manage feelings, developing coping skills and learning drug refusal skills.

Years of research has shown that entering and completing a cocaine drug rehab program substantially improves an individual’s prospects for future employment. This is due to the person successfully ending their drug addiction and learning new interpersonal skills. Being able to handle life as a sober, productive individual is one of the greatest benefits of completing drug rehab. This ability would not have been possible if the person had not enrolled and applied themselves during their drug rehabilitation process.

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Life’s getting better each day I’m here

Life seems to be getting better each day. I’ve only experienced a few urges, if any really, to go back to the way things used to be. I’m very happy and grateful I was able to come to Narconon Fresh Start. I feel like I’ve made a lot of positive changes in a short time and becoming a person I enjoy being and that others want to be around.
N. M.