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How does Narconon Fresh Start Work?

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs begin with a drug-free withdrawal; this is because our programs are entirely drug-free and holistically based. Graduates of our programs do not take any form of drug therapy or drug substitution treatment during their rehabilitation process. Once they complete the Narconon Fresh Start program they are able to stand on their own two feet and meet challenges head on without using any substances to maintain their sobriety. During the program participants drug-free withdrawal they are provided with specific supplementary vitamins and minerals to minimize the physical problems associated with the initial stopping of drug use. Additionally, special and quite unique procedures developed by L. Ron Hubbard, called “assists,” are used to further ease the discomfort of withdrawal.

Additionally, graduates of our programs no longer consider themselves addicts. They have fully recovered from their addiction and do not attend meetings or counseling to maintain their sobriety. During their time at Narconon Fresh Start they will have learned, practiced and mastered all the necessary life skills and relapse prevention techniques.

The program participant then undergoes a total body detoxification regimen known as the New Life Detoxification Program. Our detox program is unique in the drug rehabilitation field and has been created as being the basis to the Narconon Fresh Start programs success rate of lasting sobriety. The detoxification program consists of an intensive sauna and exercise program, carried out in conjunction with carefully administered vitamin and mineral supplementation. Also developed by Mr. Hubbard, the New Life Detoxification program enables the body to rid itself of drug metabolite residues lodged in fatty tissues. This is crucial because the release of such substances back into the bloodstream when a person becomes anxious, excited or physically active, even years later, causes the recovered individual to again feel cravings to take drugs.

A part of the Narconon Fresh Start program addresses the program participants emotional and behavioral issues brought on by their substance abuse.  Commonly, heavy drug abusers will lie, steal, and degrade themselves in order to procure additional drugs or simply because the impact of the drugs on them emotionally serves to make them unfeeling and uncaring of others. The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program addresses this and the fact that, to a greater or lesser degree, the addict resorted to drugs due to an inability to successfully handle situations in their life. That the drugs then became their own reason for further drug use does not change the fact that the detoxified addict still has a need to learn life skills.

For these reason the Narconon Fresh Start program includes a series of courses and practical exercises utilizing technologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard. These provide the program participant with tools and abilities needed to deal successfully with life situations and interact positively and responsibly with loved ones, associates and in the community as a whole.

As the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program fully addresses the multiple ways in which drugs and/or alcohol impacts the individual – graduates of the program find that they are released from the chains of addiction. No longer trapped with bodies that physically repeat the demand for further drugs, and no longer needing a refuge from aspects of life that seem “too difficult” or “too unfair” to deal with. Narconon Fresh Start graduates become truly free and able to contribute to their communities and to set out to create the life they desire.

Reaching the end of your rope?

For the addict, reaching the end of their rope feels like defeat; defeat over their ability to control themselves. No matter how hard they try or how much they want to remain sober the compulsion to use is stronger and wins. Admitting defeat over your ability to stop using means that you realize you have a problem larger than you can handle alone. For this very reason, drug rehab programs were created. While it is the intention of all drug rehab programs to get their clients off drugs or alcohol, not all programs are created equal.

If you are looking for a quick fix, a short-term solution or a Band-Aid to cover up the issue, you will likely be right back where you started in no time. Addicts who are at the end of their rope and know that they NEED to make changes in their life understand that a quick fix just isn’t going to do the trick. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a process that happens overnight, and neither is true rehabilitation.

Ending an addiction problem takes time, often months if not longer. The process involves several crucial steps conducted in a specific order so that no area is overlooked and all issues are addressed. Narconon Fresh Start is a team of drug rehab programs working to end addiction and help give their clients their lives back.

Their drug rehab program goes beyond simply getting the client off the addictive substances they are dependent on. Narconon Fresh Start treatment centers use and educational method of rehabilitation to help their program participants improve their personal mental and emotional skills: decision making, problem solving, communication, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotions and coping with stress. Then many benefits of incorporating these skills in drug rehabilitation programs are best expressed by Mr. William Benitez, founder of the Narconon program.

“I found that if a person rehabilitated and applied certain abilities, that person could persevere toward goals set, confront life, isolate problems and resolve them, communicate with life, be responsible and set ethical standards, and function within the band of certainty.”
– William Benitez

Starting a New Life after Recovery

Starting a new life after recovering from an addiction problem is as exciting as it is challenging. Personally, I found the first few months after I completed drug rehab at Narconon Fresh Start to be some of the brightest yet difficult months of my life. I knew how to stay clean and sober; the issue was making the right choices each day to continue down the right path. I knew if I drove over to the other side of town I would find my old using friends. I knew if I went into the restaurant I used to work at I would run into my dealers or using buddies. It was a conscious effort to steer clear of those places while I was still somewhat “vulnerable” to falling back into my old ways.

I reconnected with non-using friends I hadn’t seen in a while and made new friends while at college. While I didn’t advertise that I was a recovered addict, I made it clear to new acquaintances when it was necessary that I didn’t condone substance use and had struggled with it in my past. By doing this the would-be friends weeded themselves out of my life if they didn’t want to hang-out with a sober person and those who were interested in living a healthy, clean lifestyle stuck around.

It can be intimidating to begin a relationship with someone after completing drug rehabilitation. You may wonder if you need to share the details of your past of if you should keep them to yourself. It’s a personal choice which way to handle it. As a recovered addict who stated a relationship a few months after rehab I felt that I needed to share with my boyfriend at the time. He was grateful and commented that if I hadn’t talked to him about my past it would have felt like I was hiding something about myself or even lying to him about who I was. Years later we married and started a family; I’m glad that I told him about my past because he has been my rock over the ups and downs in life and supported me when I felt weak or tempted.

One of the biggest things about starting again after rehab is creating a new schedule for your day to day life. I found that while at Narconon Fresh Start I thrived on knowing what was going to be happening in the morning, what was for lunch that day, when I had free time and what was scheduled in the evening. While I didn’t plan out every minute of the day when I returned home, the first few months were very regimented. I made sure to make plans with friends in advance so that I had something to look forward to. I incorporated exercise into my daily routine and kept busy at home when I had free time by cleaning or reading. I know it might sound crazy, but I found that when I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, etc. cleaning made me feel better. I believe this is because it is an activity that improves my condition, creates positive changes I can see immediately and feels good once complete. These are a few of the ways that I successfully started over after rehab. Feel free to share with us your positive and healthy tips and techniques to help others stay sober = )

International Success

Narconon Fresh Start’s network of drug rehab centers are connected with successful programs around the world. Recently, Narconon International released a report with a summary analysis of a 3 year outcome survey completed by a Narconon drug rehab program in Southern Sweden known as Eslov. Graduates from the program were surveyed over a 3 year period to obtain the most current success rates from their specific drug rehab program. The findings validate the high success rate of the Narconon program. It demonstrates how effective this method of rehabilitation and treatment philosophy is for all forms of drug and alcohol addiction.

Some of the key findings collected in this survey include a high retention rate of 77.8%; this percentage is quite high considering the Eslov program runs 8-12 months on average. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs typically run 3-4 months and have comparable retention rates for their facilities.

The findings for drug abstinent and no alcohol intoxication for the “last 30 days” (1-3 years after graduation were: 2010: 82%; 2011: 86%; 2012: 88%. This shows an 86% average of graduates remaining drug free and no alcohol intoxication during this 3 year period.

Narconon Fresh Start has found that their graduates have a very high success rate at lasting drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Because they have one of the highest documented success rates in the country they are proud to stand behind their services with a written guarantee of their results. “If any graduate of our program has any difficulty remaining drug or alcohol free within 6 months of completing our program, we will gladly accept the client back free of charge for an advanced treatment review program. This free advanced treatment review program does not include the price of airfare or the price of a medical detox, which is the responsibility of the review program participant. Medical detox is not always necessary, but may be required in the rare case that the client has been using the amount or type of drugs or alcohol that may require a medical detox before beginning the advanced treatment review process.”

One of the final areas of the survey asked of the graduates of the Eslove drug rehab program pertained to their quality of life over the last 30 days. The responses were as follows: No arrest: 98%; Zero days in jail: 100%; Working or enrolled in school: 75%; Positive relations with family: 87%. These exceptional statistics are to be commended.

Narconon Fresh Start is part of the larger Narconon program with a network of 50 residential drug rehab centers around the world. Their program is based on life skills education coupled with nutritional support and a total body purification sauna detoxification program that effectively removes drug and other toxic residuals from the body. The rehabilitation treatment philosophy utilized by their centers is based on the works of philosopher and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard.

Their drug rehab centers are more than just a place to get off drugs or alcohol; they are a safe and secure sanctuary to learn the life skills necessary to return to one’s life as a completely recovered individual. The objective for all Narconon Fresh Start graduates is that they use the program tools and skills to live a healthy, drug-free life and become productive and ethical members of their communities. Some of the valuable life skills graduates note that they regularly use after completing the program include: confronting and communication skills, tools to stay focused in present time and personal ethics training.

Is alcoholism a disease

While this is a subject that is under a lot of debate among drug rehabilitation professionals and medical researchers, Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab does not subscribe to the disease model of addiction when it comes to alcoholism or drug addiction. Currently, there is very little evidence to support the idea that alcoholism is a “disease”; some researchers have turned up evidence that alcohol addiction has a biochemical component. The disease model dictates that a person who has an addiction problem, whether it is alcohol or any other substance has been stricken with an incurable disease that they can never overcome but only hope to cope with for the rest of their days. Currently, the most successful treatment philosophies on alcoholism recovery address alcohol addiction as a physical, mental and spiritual problem.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat knows that alcohol addiction is both a learned behavior and physical conditioning to using alcohol. Once a person has chosen to consume alcohol in excess for a period of months their body and mind begin to make changes to accommodate the substance in their body.  While these changes will go back to normal after some time without alcohol, proper treatment for alcoholism is necessary to ensure the individual does not return to a life of alcohol abuse.

The drug and alcohol rehab program offered at Rainbow Canyon Retreat encompasses all aspects of one’s recovery from start to finish. During the program participant’s time in treatment they will:

  • fully withdrawal from alcohol
  • go through a body cleansing and purification process like none other they have ever experienced
  • address their personal underlying issues that drove them to alcohol
  • learn necessary life skills to handle day to day life clean and sober
  • develop a battle plan for their future once they return home from alcohol rehab

All steps of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat program are conducted at the drug rehab facility. When program participant’s graduate from the drug rehab they are equipped with all the knowledge, skills and tools they need. They are no longer alcoholics controlled by alcohol or any other substance because they have been fully rehabilitated through the Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.