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Living a happy and sober life that I’m proud of

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the Narconon Fresh Start program. I remember being so scared and afraid of entering the program for fear of what was in store for me. I’d never been in a long-term residential drug rehab program before. Sure, I’d gone to outpatient treatment; but honestly, that was pretty much a joke as far as I was concerned. I was just making my parents happy and doing my best to keep my job at the time. I didn’t take it seriously. Narconon Fresh Start was exactly that, a fresh start for me. I learned things about myself that I never would have realized without their skilled staff. I was able to discover the real issues that made me feel the need to turn to drugs as a way to cope. I not only got off drugs, but actually addressed the personal issues that drove me to want to use.

Their program also included a total body purification process known as the New Life Detoxification Program.  While I hated sweating every day, I did see the benefits almost from the start. I was able to put on weight; much needed as my 5’5 – 95lb appearance was exceptionally gaunt and skeletal. I learned how to eat right, exercise and spent my days in the dry sauna sweating out the drug toxins and metabolites left behind by my years of drug abuse. When this portion of my drug rehab program was complete I had color back in my face, was no longer experiencing drug cravings and was feeling better than I had since I had started abusing drugs.

Thanks to the Narconon Fresh Start program I was able to return home and finish college after my graduation from the rehab program. After graduating from college I found a great job and have been living a successful, productive life. To this day, I still use the life skills training I learned while living at the rehab center. Additionally, I find my communication skills to be extremely beneficial when it comes to my career as a project manager. I count my blessings and will forever be grateful to Narconon Fresh Start for helping me get off drugs and learn to live a happy, sober life that I am proud of.  

I’m free of the things that were holding me back

I am in the best physical shape of my adult life right now. Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab I feel free from all things that have been hindering me physically and mentally from progressing in my life. I’m no longer emotionally drained and I’m in a constant happy mood! Going through the New Life Detoxification program has helped me flush out the drug toxins and comply purify my body. I have an amazing new feeling about myself now; I’m confident and comfortable with myself. My senses have become insanely heighted and I really feel as though I’ve regained a clear mind. After completing drug detox I feel great and I am super stoked that I feel normal again.
J. M.

The Real Cause Behind Drug and Alcohol Cravings

When a person takes substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs (cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.) prescription drugs (Vicodin, OxyContin, Ritalin, Ativan, Xanax, Ambien, etc.) and over-the-counter medications it becomes stored in their fat cells for a long time after they have taken them. Drugs easily mix with the user’s body fat (no matter how thin a person is!) by being drawn through their veins like a magnet.

This becomes a problem later when the person is exercising, working, hiking (really any form of physical exertion or stress) and they burn their stored fat. If the fat is burned that contains the tiny amount of the drug, the substance can be released back into their bloodstream. This can make the person feel some of the effects of the drug again, giving them a little “taste” of that drug from so long ago. Just like when a person gets a tiny taste of sugar and they want more; the same is true when the substance is released into their bloodstream and causes effects on the user, they want more. This may happen even years after they have stopped taking drugs and have been living a clean and sober life.

Narconon Fresh Start Programs such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat use a precise protocol that has been medically documented for mobilizing fat-stored toxins, enhancing their elimination and restoring metabolic balance. Through a specific protocol of vitamins, minerals and oils, exercise and time spent in a dry sauna, clients are able to sweat out the drug metabolites left behind by their substance abuse. This process effectively reduces and often eliminates future drug cravings and compulsions. Clients also notice an improvement in their memory, cognitive functions, immune system and general physical condition.