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FAQ About Narconon Fresh Start

  • What does the word “Narconon” mean?
    • The word Narconon comes from two Greek words. The first being “Narco” meaning drugs and the second from “Non” meaning no. When combined they make the word Narconon = “Drugs-No!”
  • What is Narconon Fresh Start’s philosophy on addiction?
    • At Narconon Fresh Start we believe that the addicted person can accomplish complete rehabilitation and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction through the application of our Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program.  Unlike 12 step programs, we do not tell our clients that they are powerless over their addiction. Instead, we treat addiction for what it really is; a physical and mental problem that has to be overcome with underlying issues that must be resolved. We have successfully proven this for over 45 with an extremely high percentage of our graduates going on to live a life of sobriety.
  • How did the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program begin?
    • The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program was founded by Mr. William Benitez in the Arizona State Penitentiary back in 1966. At that time, Mr. Benitez was a heroin addict who was struggling to kick the habit using traditional methods. Using the techniques of researcher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Benitez was finally able to break his heroin addiction problem once and for all. He went on to help other inmates get off drugs.  This is the beginning of the Narconon Fresh Start program we now see today. Currently, the Narconon network of drug rehabs have over 50 drug rehabilitation centers around the world.
  • What does it mean to be a “non-traditional” drug rehab?
    • While most other drug rehab centers use a combination of 12 step recovery and group therapy, we do not use either of these typical rehab techniques. Our drug rehab programs are not based on the disease model of addiction which dictates that a person with an addiction problem will always be an addict with an incurable disease. We approach addiction by confronting and locating the specific causes of addiction and the many behaviors associated with it and resolving them. While our clients enter our drug rehab facilities as addicts, they become students learning life skills throughout their program. When they graduate from the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program they are no longer “addicts”, they have fully recovered from their addiction issues. Throughout our program we do not utilize any drug substitution medications or replacement drugs ensuring that our graduating clients are no longer controlled by any substances whatsoever.
  • What makes the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program so exceptional?
    • Our high success rate is a result of the very structured, step-by-step sequence of program components.We approach physical detoxification in a way that no other drug rehab program comes close to. The long-term use of addictive substances causes a buildup of drug toxins and metabolites in the user’s body. If left behind, these drug or alcohol toxins will remain in the recovering person’s body for years to come causing the person cravings to use and inspiring relapse. Using the New Life Detoxification Program, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs effectively flush out the remaining drug toxins and metabolites. The detox program consists of program participants taking in specific nutritional supplements proven to aid in the flushing out of drug toxins from their fatty tissue, participating in supervised exercise and time sweating in the dry sauna.

      Program participants are taught life skills during their time Narconon Fresh Start. Because many people mistakenly believe that the common abilities (getting along with others, confronting situations, handling stress) and life skills (communication, learning, discovering social and anti-social personalities, etc.) a person uses everyday are instinctual they never take the time to learn, practice and perfect them. Life skills are an area most addicted persons struggle with and are often found to be deficient in. Just a few of the life skills the recovering individual is taught while at Narconon Fresh Start include effective communication skills, how to confront situations in a drug-free way, how to be accountable for one’s actions and how to change one’s perception of themself.

      In addition to the life skills courses the program participant takes part in a number of therapeutic procedures completely unique to the Narconon Fresh Start program. These one of a kind therapeutic procedures are designed to free the individual from their guilt, remorse and regret of past actions while restoring their self-control that was sacrificed when they become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

  • Are Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers covered by insurance?
    • While every insurance plan is different, most companies will pay for part (in some cases all) of the Narconon Fresh Start program; provided that the policy is not an HMO plan.
  • Are Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers accredited?
    • Yes, all of our drug rehab facilities are fully licensed by their respective States.
  • Does Narconon Fresh Start use medical physicians?
    • Yes, each program participant sees a licensed medical physician before they begin the Narconon Fresh Start program as well as at several points during their program to address any medical conditions that might exist.
  • How long does it take to complete the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program?
    • Most program participants complete the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program in three months, give or take a few weeks. Because we are a not for profit treatment organization we are able to provide our clients with a time variable approach to their rehabilitation. We understand that recovery takes as long as it takes and that it is not a process that can be rushed. Each program participant progress at their own pace and works closely with their case supervisor on determining their timeline for moving forward in the program.
  • What type of clients does Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs treat?
    • Our drug rehab program helps individuals from all walks of life, both males and females and younger and older. While we boast a great diversity in our program participant population, age ranges are usually between 18-65 with a ratio of 40% female and 60% male.
  • Where are the different Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs located?
    • We have drug rehab centers in several different western states.
      -Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California: A former executive retreat located near the famous Warner Hot Springs in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County, which offers a very accommodating yet therapeutic environment for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
      -Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada: Located in a valley meadow beneath the beautiful layered colors of Rainbow Canyon, near Caliente, Nevada, offering the perfect distraction free environment for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
      -Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas: This drug rehab rests in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by lush farmland, this center offers the peace and quiet so conducive to the recovery journey.
      -Fort Collins New Life Center: Located near Colorado State University just east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, offering an accommodating yet secure residential environment for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

My Personal Experience Going Through the New Life Detoxification Program

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryI think the Narconon Fresh Start detoxification program is helping me out physically and mentally. At first I thought it was a waste of time, but then after like day 9 everything seemed to be getting better for me. I’ve been sleeping better, not waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats. My body feels better physically…

… I am really noticing the difference the dry sauna is making to my health and body. I am for the most part sleeping better, I have more energy and overall I’m just feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally…

… Today was great! Another day in sauna and I feel that I’m really making progress. I spoke with my girlfriend yesterday and I realized that had to end things. I’m here to work on myself and to get sober so I can live a successful life. The things she is doing back at home will bring me down and affect my program and sobriety. That is why I ended it before it went too far. I’m very hurt, but so proud of what I did. It might have not been an easy decision, but I feel I made the right choice!…

… So yesterday after sauna I had a horrible injury “turn on” (re-stimulation) from hockey. It was an injury that dislocated my jaw and I had horrible pain. It lasted all night, but when I got into sauna today I stuck through it and was excited to get through another “turn on”. Sauna can do mysterious things while you are in and out of the box. I realized even getting through these “turn ons” are making me a stronger person in dealing with myself when in pain, anger etc. I feel these “turn ons” are good because you get through it yourself without having to use any drugs! Everyday gets better and I always look forward to the next day to see what is coming up next…

… Great day in sauna, it went very smoothly. I became physically able to do more without running out of breath. I really love the New Life Detoxification Program and how much it has changed me in such a short amount of time! Sauna is just amazing…

… I really enjoyed the body cleansing and purification process here at Narconon Fresh Start; it helped me deal with my anger a bit more. I got a lot out of it. I feel better; see things clear and also clearly. I had a list of good times in the “box” and a lot of times I wish I was never in. Overall, I really enjoyed my time in the New Life Detoxification program. It also helped me realize a lot of things that I did not want to see. I just wanted to thank everyone for putting up with me and all, thank you again…

… Yes! Sauna detox is over; I am so happy that I did the New Life Detoxification Program though. After doing sauna I was able to think straight and not dwell in the past. My drug dreams went away and I don’t even have thoughts of using anymore! Sauna has helped me feel so great about myself and the significant gains that I have gotten from this drug rehab program, thanks to all!

End Your Downward Spiral Into Addiction

If you are looking to end your downward spiral into drug addiction or alcoholism but have no idea how to stop using on your own, you are not alone. As a former addict, I know how difficult it can be to want to stop using, yet continually feeling the urge to get high – calling your dealer – and then realizing you messed up again when you had just promised yourself you wouldn’t. For me, it felt like I just couldn’t win. No matter how hard I tried to stop, I couldn’t stay away from my drug of choice. That is, until I went to Narconon Fresh Start.

Their program is unique in many significant ways. 1. They are able to help people addicted to all types of substances: pain medications, narcotics, heroin, meth, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, etc. 2. Their program is entirely drug-free. This is because helping a person end one addiction just to become dependent on prescription medication(s) leaves them controlled by a substance(s) and not living an entirely drug-free lifestyle.*note 3. They teach valuable life skills that help program participants learn to function without drugs in difficult situations. Learning to confront uncomfortable issues while sober, learning how to effectively communicate with others and learning how to improve their condition in life (e.g. repairing past relationships, regaining one’s status at work, etc.) are just some of the skills I learned while going through the program.

*As a side note, even program participants who have taken psych medications for years find that with proper treatment and the help of medical professionals they are able to discontinue taking the medications because their emotional/mental conditions have cleared up. This is due to the client getting off the addictive substances they have been abusing, learning the intrapersonal and life skills Narconon Fresh Start centers teach and working hard on addressing their underlying problems that drove them to choose substance abuse as a way of solving their issues.

As a graduate of the Narconon Fresh Start program with over a decade of sobriety, I can tell you that their drug rehab program is one of the most effective methods of total rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction. They cover every aspect on a person’s recovery from withdrawal, detoxification, counseling, life skills courses, relapse prevention to creating a battle plan for one’s future. The reason their programs are so comprehensive is because to truly be rehabilitated from an addiction problem the person needs time and a great deal of change within themselves. Just as they didn’t develop their addiction overnight, their recovery is not going to happen overnight.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are long-term, residential treatment centers. Most program participants complete the program in around three months. Another unique aspect of this drug rehab program is that they believe that recovery “takes as long as it takes”, so they do not rush their program participants through to completion before they are truly ready. Knowing that you get to work at your own pace through one of the most challenging and difficult tasks of your life eases the tension of going through the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

When a person completes the Narconon Fresh Start program they are able to return home and set into motion the battle plan they (along with the Narconon Fresh Start staff) have developed for their future. They do not take any substation medications, they do not need to attend any meetings and they do not think of themselves as an addict any longer. They now possess all the life skills, relapse prevention techniques, self-esteem and determination necessary to live their life as a clean and sober member of their families and communities.

Remaining in treatment

Entering drug rehab means admitting that you need help with your substance abuse and that you were unable to stop using on your own. While many people enter treatment willingly, some do so only to get their loved ones off their back about their drug or alcohol use. Whether the program participant has entered the program willingly or not, they will probably struggle at one time or another about remaining in treatment. There will be many hurdles and obstacles to overcome that challenge even the most devoted program participant. One of the key times a program participant may become upset and want to leave is during the withdrawal process. Withdrawal is often physically uncomfortable and the drug cravings, drug using dreams and emotional discomfort is exceptionally difficult to get through. However, once this phase of treatment has passed the program participant often begins to feel much better and slowly embarks on the process of learning to live a drug-free lifestyle.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs understand how difficult the process of drug rehabilitation can be. This is why they have created many techniques to help their clients get through the desire to leave and ultimately make the choice to stay and work on achieving lasting sobriety. Many staff members are former clients who have completed the program. They are able to personally identify with program participants and address their feelings and compulsions very effectively.

Ending Drug Cravings

Have you ever found yourself craving something? It’s a feeling that seems to take ahold of your mind, body and actions until you satisfy the urge. For most people, their cravings are somewhat mild and controllable. They may crave caffeine, tobacco, chocolate, shopping even exercise. A person who develops a substance abuse problem will crave their drug of choice. This craving may become physical depending on the substance they have been abusing. For example, a person who regularly takes opiates such as heroin, OxyContin, morphine, codeine, etc. will physically need the substance so that their body does not go through the withdrawal process; a process that is both physically and emotionally painful that can last several days to over a week.

The staff members at Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado are familiar with drug cravings and how to put an end to them. Using the New Life Detoxification Program they are able to help their clients detoxify and purify their bodies from the harmful substances they have been taking. This process involves a specific protocol of medically supervised exercise, time spent sweating in a dry sauna and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements proven to target and rid the fatty tissues where the stored drug toxins remain. Their detox program has decades of research and documented results that illustrate how successful the process is at eliminating the physical cause of alcohol or drug cravings and relapse.

“I got amazing wins out of the New Life Detoxification Program, both mentally and physically. Physically I feel better than I ever have before. I am energized and my skin and eyes are bright. I’m more aware of my body and overall I just feel great like I did before I started using drugs, but even better. Mentally I am aware and feel happier then I have ever felt before. I can remember things and concentrate; I had great wins in the sauna program!”
H. P.

“The New Life Detoxification Program worked wonders for me. I was looking forward to getting to do the sauna program when I first got here because I knew the drastic changes it would create in me. When I first arrived I had many physical and emotional problems stemming from drug use. I know that without the sauna I could never feel as healthy as I do today.”
H. D.