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Drugs and Alcohol were holding me back

My first course was very helpful, realizing that drugs and alcohol held me back from doing what I wanted to do and being happy. I am very happy I got to do this!

The first course in our Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is designed to help the program participant address the very basic and fundamental problems of all people (especially addicted persons). Clients gain the ability to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around them through a series of strategic exercises. Learning these life skills and adopting them as part of one’s day to day life is essential for the recovering person to have positive future interactions with others and handle difficult situations in life when they arise.

Today I feel un-burdened and ready to start a new phase in my life

I have successfully gotten off my chest the things I’ve done to my friends, co-workers and the people around me. I feel un-burdened and ready to start this new phase in my life with a clean slate. I feel that writing down the transgression and thinking about them in detail makes me come to terms with them. I feel that I have overcome some possible suppressive events in my life.
D. H.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course our students go through helps them to take responsibility for their past bad actions and poor choices. When they finally take full responsibility for the areas of their life that have burdened them they stop acting negatively and making poor choices in the future. This can be a very difficult process for some students. This is why the previous courses leading up the Personal Values and Integrity Course go a long way in building up the program participant’s self-confidence and ability to confront and communicate effectively. When the client eventually realizes that the dark secrets they were suffering with and that had caused to feel shame were problems, issues and situations that others have experienced too they tend to feel a sense of relief because they can stop suffering and let go of the shame. Identifying, addressing and moving past the indiscretions and poor choices a person made before entering drug rehab is key part of the recovery process. Without doing so the recovering person will continue to be plagued by the problems of their past and never get the chance to feel as though they are starting out with a “clean slate”.

I haven’t been functional for over 10 years because I was an addict

The first book made sense upon completion. When I initially got here I was withdrawn, anti-social, and generally feeling overwhelmed. I walked with my head down and avoided everything. I had not been functional for over 10 years because of my addiction. Drugs and alcohol were my “crutches” and had become the only way I was accustomed to socializing and communicating. I was astonished after only the first few days at Sunshine Summit Lodge that I was feeling better, keeping my head up and communicating in a “usual” manner which I was not used to. The exercises and readings in the first book have truly helped me. Being able to communicate with other people and feel comfortable in my own skin is an awesome feeling!

The first book of the Sunshine Summit Lodge’s rehabilitation program is the Therapeutic TRs Course. “TRs” are training routines. The training routines we use are comprised of drills and other practical steps which help raise the program participant’s ability to confront situations better through communication and to prepare them for their life-changing journey through the program. These “TRs” can be used throughout their everyday life long after they complete treatment and return home.

Learning to love and respect the world I live in

Looking back at some things I have been through a lot. I know what I have to do to honor my mother and move forward in my life. I have to take all the good that I have and make myself and my loved ones happy in life. To love all those that deserve my love and trust. To not give up on my dreams, take care of myself, my girl and my family. To love and respect the world that I live in.
R. W.

Several areas of the Sunshine Summit Lodge’s Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program address key topics that enrich the program participant beyond just getting off drugs and alcohol; they learn how to become a person with principles. Courses on personal values, integrity, ethics, honesty and adopting a personal moral code are unique to the Narconon Fresh Start program and go a long way to helping the recovering individual find their personal right path in life. The values learned during one’s time at Narconon Fresh Start serve them throughout their life, long after treatment has been completed and their addiction is a thing of their past.