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Have you met Molly?

Ecstasy and Molly AbuseToday’s pop culture speaks of Molly openly as if it’s a real person or a topic that is socially acceptable. Stars like Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West have all referenced Molly publicly, making this dangerous substance seem tame. Molly is the name given to the illegal stimulant street drug most commonly sold in pill form. It is being pushed as the pure powder form of MDMA, the primary chemical that makes up Ecstasy. This new form of Ecstasy known now as Molly is said to give user’s a lengthy, euphoric high with minimal hallucinogenic properties.

The dangers of the drug Molly are becoming more and more apparent as user’s are suffering overdoses and dying from taking this substance. In the summer of 2013 there was a rash of overdoses and a number of deaths due to Molly. According to the DEA, some states have seen a hundred fold increase in the number of combined arrests, seizures, E.R. mentions and overdoses on Molly between 2009-2012.

Many drug users are under the impression that this substance is not as dangerous as its predecessor Ecstasy which was typically cut with other substances like LSD, Ritalin, Caffeine, Meth, Procaine (local anesthetic), Ketamine (dissociative), Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or Pseudoephedrine (antihistamine). However, most of the time the Molly that user’s believe they are taking is found to be something completely different when tested.

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Currently, a majority of Molly and several other synthetic designer drugs being abused here in the U.S. and Europe are produced in chemical labs based out of China. A lot of people are being duped into believing they are taking Molly when eighty to ninety percent of the time it is actually something completely different. Because the user is taking a substance different than what they anticipated, the results can be deadly.

Recently, many deaths have been attributed to Molly. However, what was the substance the user really took? That remains to be seen.

August 31, 2013:  A 23-year-old Syracuse University graduate and a 20-year-old University of New Hampshire student die after taking what they believed to be Molly during an electronic music concert in New York City.

That same weekend of August 31, 2013: A University of Virginia student dies at a rave in Washington, D.C. after taking what her friends believed to be Molly.

Days earlier in Boston: A 19-year-old woman died in a club and three concert-goers overdosed at the waterfront on what was believed to be Molly.

Just like its predecessor Ecstasy, Molly is sending thousands of users to the E.R. for help. Since 2004, E.R.’s have seen a 123% increase in cases involving MDMA (key chemical in Molly). As of 2011, the Drug Abuse Warning Network reported that there were 22,498 cases citing MDMA across the country.

What drug users fail to realize is that taking any illicit street substance is a huge gamble. You never really know what you are getting and how it will react with your body’s chemistry. Perhaps, by spreading the word about the dangers of Molly: how it is not a pure form of MDMA, that it is often a completely different substance than the Molly the user was looking to use and how so many people are losing their lives to this substance the rate of use will decline as it did with Ecstasy a decade ago.

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Accomplishing Lasting Sobriety

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t have to control your life any longer. It may sound impossible, but you can have a life completely free from substance use of any kind. The new life you create for yourself can be filled with wonderful, healthy highs and a sense of purpose you probably don’t feel at this moment. I can imagine that if you are struggling with an addiction problem right now your sole purpose is to get the drugs you feel you need. After that, the only drive you probably feel is to use them in an attempt to feel the “high” you keep chasing and so desperately want to feel. You may even be struggling with achieving the feeling you are looking for because your drug use has escalated and you tolerance has increased. It may be nearly impossible for you to find pleasure in the little things in life (a shooting star, a beautiful rainbow after the storm, etc.) any longer because they seem so unimportant and meaningless.

I know how you feel; I’ve been there myself. While I have over a decade of sobriety under my belt I still vividly remember the feelings, thoughts and emotions that I struggled with during the darkest days of my addiction to cocaine and a laundry list of other substances. I had become a shell of my former self and was so completely unhappy with my life that I didn’t respect myself physically or emotionally. I put myself in very dangerous situations, sometimes intentionally with no care as to whether I would walk away from the experience. My days were spent sleeping and recovering from the previous night. My nights were filled with chaos and fuelled by constant drug use; everything from marijuana, ecstasy, acid, pills to cocaine (my drug of choice).

When I finally took a long hard look at myself and the life I was living I realized that I was so miserable. I wanted out of it all. I tried several times to stop on my own but… one thing led to another and there I was doing another line like I promised myself I wouldn’t. It was disappointing and made me feel ashamed of my lack of willpower. As a side note, I later learned that it wasn’t a lack of willpower that kept me from staying sober. It was the changes in my brain from continual drug use that sent non-stop messages and urges to use; these messages from my brain told my body that it didn’t feel “normal” unless it had a substance in it.  I also realize now that I hadn’t developed any healthy ways to handle stress or day to day problems that arose. My answer for everything was to get high and escape.

I tried outpatient treatment but only managed to gain some new drug using friends and new techniques on how to get high out of the experience. I was still using and hadn’t accomplished my goal of ending my drug addiction problem. I reached out to my parents and they did some research on the internet. With their help I was put in touch with an amazing counselor at one of the Narconon Fresh Start programs. She was the voice on the other end of the phone that knew what I was going through. She understood my trepidation and made me feel like if put my trust in the program and applied myself I could get off cocaine and everything else. I headed out the next morning with my parents and made the drive over to California.

When I arrived I received a warm welcome and was taken on a brief tour of the facility with my parents. Withdrawal was difficult to say the least, but luckily for me cocaine isn’t physically addictive. I had completed the withdrawal process in a few days and was ready to begin the program. The changes I saw in myself were great but the changes my parents and friends heard in my voice and saw in the pictures I sent were even more amazing. The New Life Detoxification Program was able to help me flush out the remaining drug toxins from my years of substance abuse and put an end to my cravings. The drills and learning exercises I took part in made me come to realize my shortcomings so that when I graduated I wouldn’t be vulnerable to peer-pressure any longer. I found my voice and learned everyday skills that I somehow had never known. Being part of a group and doing things to better the greater good of the group and community gave me a sense of pride and purpose I’d never felt before. The experience changed my life in more ways that just getting off drugs; it helped me become an adult.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are located in various settings, chosen for their scenic beauty and ability to provide people in recovery an ideal sanctuary from the temptations and restimulative environments that they have previously known. The philosophy of all Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers is that drug and alcohol addiction is not a disease and that a person is not powerless over their substance use. Their treatment philosophy is to treat drug and alcohol addiction for what it really is; a physical and mental problem that must be overcome with underlying issues that need to be addressed and resolved. Using holistic treatment methods, clients achieve lasting sobriety without the aid of replacement drugs or prescription medications. If you think about it, using replacement drugs or prescriptions to help a person recover only draws out their recovery process and causes them to be controlled by yet another substance. Instead of that approach to drug rehabilitation, Narconon Fresh Start utilizes their New Life Detoxification Method (a body cleansing and purification process) combined with Cognitive Behavioral Modification (addressing dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviors and cognitive processes and contents through a number of goal-oriented, distinct systematic procedures) to achieve a very high success rate of true rehabilitation.

Narconon Fresh Start programs are designed to address each client’s addiction problem in its entirely. A graduate from any Narconon Fresh Start program has fully recovered from their drug and alcohol addiction and now has the tools and life skills to face the world head on meeting each challenge without turning to substance use as an escape. Their programs have over 45 years of successful graduates who continue to live healthy, happy and drug-free lives after completing treatment, I know because I’m one of them!
– 2001 Narconon Fresh Start Graduate

The Dangers of Ecstasy (MDMA)

MDMANarconon Fresh Start’s Sunshine Summit Lodge has a wealth of information on the dangers of Ecstasy. Our drug rehab program helps Ecstasy addicts recover from their addiction and learn to live happy, drug-free lives. Sunshine Summit Lodge addresses all types of drug addiction problems (cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, pills, etc.) through their holistic treatment methods, New Life Detoxification program and cognitive behavioral modification model.

We realize that people are under the impression that Ecstasy is not really a dangerous drug. They fail to realize that the chemicals used to create Ecstasy are toxic and vary depending on who is mixing up that current batch of the drug. The people who make Ecstasy do so to make money. Their end purpose is to line their pockets at the price of selling a deadly substance to unsuspecting people. They are counting on the fact that you are not going to understand what really goes into that tablet or pill they sell you.

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Because the drug is illegal the purity of the substances sold as Ecstasy are unknown to the typical user. What is sold to them as Ecstasy may actually contain no MDMA at all. It may be have other active substances meant to simulate the way MDMA would make you feel such as amphetamine, mephedrone, methamphetamine, ephedrine and caffeine. Less than quality Ecstasy or fake Ecstasy might also contain paracetamol, ibuprofen, talcum powder, etc.

Over the years there have been numerous deaths due to people taking fake Ecstasy containing para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA). This chemical has hallucinogenic properties and stimulating amphetamine effects. It is especially dangerous because PMA is known to raise user’s body temperature and heart rates at relatively low doses.

When a person takes Ecstasy it begins to change their body chemistry almost immediately, long before they actually feel the effects of the drug. Their body temperature begins to creep up making their heart rate increase too. If their body temperature gets to high it can cause their heart to stop working altogether. Brain cells are damaged by taking Ecstasy causing problems with the user’s memory.

In addition to the physical dangers of taking Ecstasy it can cause the user to see, hear and feel things that aren’t really there. Ecstasy is a hallucinogen, a drug that acts on the mind to cause the user to experience things that are not real. Hallucinogens are dangerous drugs because they can trick the user into believing their hallucinations and go on to make poor and/or dangerous choices they might not have made had they not been on the drug.

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Hallucinogens such as Ecstasy cause the user’s mind to record things that are both real experiences and those that are not real. This can confuse the drug user’s memory and make them begin to think of scary or sad experiences from their past. Because they are on Ecstasy they find that they are not able to stop thinking about it resulting in long lasting feelings of fear, sadness or other negative feelings that really have nothing to do with what is actually going on in the person’s life at the present moment.