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Complete Addiction Rehabilitation from Start to Finish

The Narconon Fresh Start program offered at the Fort Collins New Life Center, Lone Star Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Sunshine Summit Lodge provide addiction rehabilitation treatment that ends with the program participant being completely rehabilitated. When a graduate of the program leaves the treatment facility they are no longer an addict or alcoholic, they have ended their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, studied and practiced living a sober lifestyle and have all the life skills necessary to remain sober throughout their lifetime.

As one of the most effective drug rehab programs in the country, Narconon Fresh Start provides their clients with more than just the chance to get off the substances they are dependent on. While enrolled at one of their drug rehab centers the program participant breaks their cycle of addiction, repairs past ethical conditions, takes responsibility for themself, learns to be accountable and to live a life filled with integrity.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program encompasses both recovery from the physical aspect of addiction as well as the psychological aspect. Clients go through the New Life Detoxification program; a dry sauna therapy to help flush out the remaining drug toxins and eliminate future physical cravings. During their time in rehab the program participant will also learn valuable life skills that will help them achieve a better condition in life and improve their quality of living when they return home. These life skills include effective communication, learning to stay in the present moment, learning about social and anti-social personalities, learning how to take responsibility for past/present/future actions, how to change one’s present condition and how to fix past relationships. Additionally, they will learn a common sense moral code to help guide them in making sound choices in their day to day life.

The very last part of the Narconon Fresh Start program is the tailor-made final step. When their course work is complete, their Case Supervisor thoroughly examines their individual case to ensure they have a complete comprehension of the program. Each course has a specific result that the Case Supervisor verifies the student has shown the ability to demonstrate and apply what they have learned in the program. Once a full review of the program and a thorough interview with the would-be program graduate has taken place, a customized plan is given to the client. Their customized plan answers any questions they may have and ties up all loose ends before the program participant graduates. The key of this customized plan is an in-depth strategy for their future. With many years of treatment experience, Narconon Fresh Start staff members know that the chance of relapse is greater if the soon-to-be graduate does not fully develop an in-depth strategy for their future once treatment is complete. Therefore, the Case Supervisor, student and their family develop a battle plan for the future graduate to ensure they will maximize their gains and have the best chance of success.

Life is great!

I’ve had a very successful day and I feel wonderful. When I think about it, I have not felt this great in years; physically, mentally, and spiritually life is great. I’ve only been in treatment here at Fort Collins New Life Center for a month or so now but the changes I’m experiencing are amazing. When I see new people enter the program these days it breaks my heart. I feel for them but know that they have finally come to a safe, secure place that will help them get off drugs just like they did for me. Looking at the new faces here makes me recognize how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m doing my very best to apply all the lessons I’m learning in course to not only myself but to the way I view life. While I still have a long way to go, the difference I feel from the first few days to where I am now is astounding. This program is helping me make the changes I need to finally put my addiction in the past and become the sober, happy person I really want to be.
N. D.

A Sense of Peace

The New Life Detoxification Program was incredibly helpful. I know that being in the sauna has not only cleared my mind and body, but allowed me to feel a sense of all around peace. I am ready for the next step in the Fort Collins New Life Center’s drug rehab program. I’ve always struggled with learning new information; so the Learning Improvement Course is going to be a great benefit for me. I can’t wait to complete my program and return back home. I plan on re-enrolling in college and getting the diploma that I was so determined to get before meth became my whole life and I stopped trying at anything else.
L. A.

Addiction Recovery: Drug Rehab is a Not Always a One Shot Deal

Like many other chronic health issues, drug addiction rehabilitation can take several attempts before finding the right treatment and having lasting success. While some people are able to end their addiction by going “cold turkey” or after their first time to drug rehab, there are many people who need more than one time in treatment to find lasting sobriety. For these individuals, multiple  enrollments in drug rehab is not a sign of weakness or inability to achieve recovery; instead, their need to go through different treatment programs implies that they did not receive enough treatment initially, or, that the program they attended didn’t address all of their issues. This left the client with unresolved underlying issues, making them more susceptible to relapse.

For the majority of addicted people, long-term inpatient drug rehabilitation is needed to put an end to their addiction problems. However, most addicted people choose outpatient or short-term programs because they are more economical and take less time out of their life. While outpatient drug rehab programs and short-term treatment has a place in the field of recovery, they are not ideal solutions for long-term and/or heavily addicted individuals. A person who has been struggling with an addiction problem for some time needs a while to fully withdraw from the substance(s) they are dependent on, time to uncover the underlying issues that drove them to use and time to develop new ways of handling life and daily stress without turning to drugs or alcohol. The process of withdrawal can last several days to over a week and must be completed before the individual is ready to address the personal issues that drove them to use. It takes time for the recovering person to learn, practice and perfect their new life skills; making long-term drug rehab programs an ideal solution.

Narconon Fresh Start has several different long-term residential drug rehab programs to help addicted individuals recover. There is Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado where clients can receive treatment while being surrounded by picturesque views, nearby parks, rivers and wide open spaces. This Colorado drug rehab is spacious, modern and offers a wide array of recreational activities during the program participant’s free-time.

Lone Star Victory Ranch is another of Narconon Fresh Start’s drug rehab centers located in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley. Situated about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico this drug rehab program is surrounded by lush farmland and provides clients with a peaceful sanctuary away from their previous drug using culture.

Located in Nevada, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is an oasis away from client’s previous routines and environment. This program’s main structure is the spacious redwood lodge where program participants gather to dine, relax and share time together. Nestled on 320 beautiful acres, this drug rehab center provides client with plenty of room and lots of healthy ways to spend their free-time when not actively working on their program. Clients enjoy basketball, volleyball, baseball, horse shoes, billiards, ping pong and movies. Home to a professional kitchen, wonderful chefs prepare delicious meals daily for staff and program participants.

If looking for a drug rehab program in California there is none better than Sunshine Summit Lodge. Located near the well-known Warner Hot Springs, this drug rehab is tucked back in the majestic hills of Northern San Diego County. Previously, this facility was an executive retreat but it is now home to one of the most successful drug rehab programs in the country. With a somewhat rural setting, clients are able to focus their energy on their recovery and leave their past behind them. Program participants find the rural setting, wide open spaces, fresh air and panoramic views a welcome change.

As long-term inpatient programs, all of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are able to help their program participants find lasting sobriety though their non-traditional rehabilitation methods. Using a cognitive behavioral modification method and their New Life Detoxification Program these treatment centers are able to end addiction once and for all. Unlike 12-step treatment methods where clients are told they are suffering with an incurable disease they can only hope to learn to live with, Narconon Fresh Start clients are built up with improved self-esteem and the knowledge that they can take control over their addiction.

Through the course of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program clients become students learning valuable life skills, integrity and a common sense moral code that when followed will put them on the road to happiness. Students address both the physical emotional aspects of their addiction and resolve the underlying issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. Once they have are nearing graduation the student will work closely with their course and case supervisors to develop a battle plan for their future. Their battle plan is a step by step blueprint that contains data that the student has learned on the program to give them the maximum potential for success after completing the program.

The positive results graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs experience speaks volumes about the programs ability to help even the most severely addicted individuals regain their life back.  Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs no longer refer to themselves as addicts, are not required to attend meetings and are strengthened by the knowledge that that have received during their time in treatment. They have learned so much more than just how to stop using drugs or alcohol; they now have the ability to communicate effectively, to be comfortable with themselves, to control themselves, to be honest, to be responsible for themselves and their actions, to choose friends who will keep them healthy and sober and to confront and overcome problems no matter how difficult without turning to drugs or alcohol as a solution.

Narconon Fresh Start’s Drug Rehabs

Traditional drug rehab treatment does not work for many individuals, leaving them hopeless and depressed that they will never be able to break their cycle of addiction. Narconon Fresh Start’s network of drug rehab centers address and treat every aspect of addiction and addiction rehabilitation. With treatment facilities in several states they have extensive coverage and resources to help hundreds of addicted persons find lasting sobriety.

Sunshine Summit Lodge is located in Southern California. It is a former executive retreat situated near the renowned Warner Hot Springs in the picturesque hills of Northern San Diego County. Providing clients with a therapeutic environment during their rehabilitation process the location is a considered a safe sanctuary from the temptations back home.

Located near Colorado State University, the Fort Collins New Life Center provides recovering program participants with a residential neighborhood location while being a retreat from the client’s previous restimulative environment. This drug rehab has park-like grounds, plenty of fresh air and mountain views. Feeling more like an educational campus, Fort Collins New Life Center includes both inside and outside recreational areas to enjoy during the various seasons of the year.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat was previously a dude ranch and offers clients scenic canyon views and a healthy change of pace. Located near Caliente, Nevada this 320 acre drug rehab’s closest metropolitan city (Las Vegas) is 160 miles away. This country ranch style drug rehab facility has several buildings, common areas and recreational areas to enjoy during one’s time in treatment. The main log cabin style house is where clients gather together to dine, relax, play games (cards, billiards, etc.) or watch movies.

Texas is the home to Narconon Fresh Start’s Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab center. This facility rests in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley and is about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Situated on 17 beautiful acres, the Lone Star Victory Ranch is a place where addicted individuals can find sanctuary away from the dangerous and restimulative environments they came from. This drug rehab center offers walks or jogs around their lovely fountain and pond, fishing in the little river that borders the property and plenty of recreational and fitness opportunities.