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Heroin Addiction on the Rise

Heroin AddictionNearly every state has seen an increase in heroin addiction cases as addicts are switching from costly and hard to come by prescription drugs to heroin.

Across the country heroin abuse and addiction cases are on the rise. While many people are aware of the country’s escalating prescription drug problem, heroin use, abuse and addiction problems have not received the same coverage. In Arizona, the increase in heroin overdose deaths has risen by ninety percent over the past decade. Prescription drug addiction is considered to be the present gateway to heroin addiction. This is because heroin is cheaper, and in some areas of the country easier to obtain. Due to prescription opioid medications being harder to obtain legally or on the street many addicts are making the switch to heroin to satisfy their addiction.

Heroin overdose deaths are claiming more lives with each passing year. The drug if often extremely pure or laced with other powerful narcotics and the user is often unaware of exactly what they are taking. Additionally, many overdose deaths have been connected with user’s having a low tolerance for the drug after completing rehab and unintentionally taking more than their bodies can tolerate. Addiction to this dangerous drug is happening all across the country. Middle-class suburban families who once felt “safe” are now struggling with the nightmare of their son’s or daughter’s heroin addiction.

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The greatest increase in heroin addiction cases are among young adults between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five. In 2007, it was estimated that there were 373,000 heroin users in the United States. This number increased to 669,000 by 2012 and continues to rise. First time users of the drug nearly doubled over a six-year period (2006-2012) from 90,000 users to an estimated 156,000 users.

In Ohio, hospitals have experienced many “drive-up, drop-off” cases of heroin overdose victims. Users are dropped off at state hospitals where medical staffers have to work quickly to assess and treat the individual. Due to so many of these cases, staffers have become quick and efficient at delivering a dose of naloxone (an opiate-reversing drug) to patients. While many heroin overdose patients are revived, some have to be put on ventilators and there are those who do not make it; succumbing to death brought on by their heroin overdose.

Despite the fact that some states are so inundated with heroin addiction cases that they have a six month wait list, help is always available at Narconon Fresh Start. Our skilled staff members are able to assess and begin a treatment plan with you or your loved one and start the process of recovery. At Narconon Fresh Start, program participants overcome their addiction issues while regaining a sense of self-control, personal responsibility and the skills they need to end their addiction and be successful in their lives.


Heroin Detox

Heroin AbuseThe primary purpose of heroin detoxification programs is to achieve safe and humane withdrawal from heroin and other opiates by minimizing the severity of withdrawal symptoms and other medical complications. The chief objective of drug detox is to relieve withdrawal symptoms while patients adjust to a drug-free state. Not in itself a treatment for heroin addiction, detoxification is a useful step only when it leads into long-term inpatient drug rehabilitation. The best documented heroin addiction recovery results are from drug-free residential programs lasting 3 to 6 months.

While heroin and opiate withdrawal is rarely fatal, it can be extremely difficult and painful. It is characterized by acute withdrawal symptoms which peak 48 to 72 hours after the last opiate dose and disappear within 7 to 10 days. This is then followed by a longer term abstinence syndrome of general malaise and heroin craving.

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Narconon Fresh Start is a long-term residential drug rehab program that uses an entirely drug-free approach to addiction rehabilitation. The cornerstone of their program is the New Life Detoxification Program which removes the root cause of future heroin re-stimulation by flushing out the accumulated toxic metabolites in the fatty tissues. This process consists of medically supervised exercise, combined with dry sauna therapy and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements targeted to rid the fatty tissues of the stored heroin metabolites, eliminating the physical cause of cravings and relapse. The program participant experiences remarkable psychological and physical benefits ranging from improved mental clarity, better sleep, and clearer skin to and enhanced overall health.

The Dangers of Methadone

Current research into the field of opioid addiction recovery reveals that methadone programs as a form of harm-reduction may cause more victims than they prevent. While this substance is taken by addicted individuals it is not an innocent drug. One person’s methadone maintenance dose is another person’s poison. When a person regularly uses opiates they develop a tolerance to the substances effects; this applies to methadone maintenance too. A person who takes methadone maintenance as a form of opiate rehabilitation may be able to function normally on a dose that would have been fatal to a non-tolerant individual. Additionally, methadone is dangerous if taken recreationally along with other drugs. When methadone is used in combination with other substances the chances of a drug overdose increase substantially.

During methadone maintenance deaths occur more frequently at the beginning of treatment than at any other time. This is thought to be due to excessive dossing, erroneously estimated tolerance of the recovering individual and/or the individual suffering from problems with their health such as hepatitis or pneumonia. The effects of this substance encompass the entire spectrum of opioid side effects. This means that recovering individuals can expect to experience tolerance, physical dependence, psychological dependence, respiratory depression, hypotension, bronchospasms, constipation, nausea, vomiting, sedation, vertigo and edema.

Methadone causes physical dependence in those who use the drug regularly; when discontinued the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. A person on methadone will have a suppressed cough reflex, contracted pupils, drowsiness and constipation. Also, females who habitually use methadone may not have regular periods but are still able to conceive. Because this drug is a long-acting opioid its’ effects can last up to 36 hours and traces of the drug will remain in the user’s body for several days after ingestion.

In the end, switching to methadone in hopes of ending your heroin addiction or other opioid addiction problems will lead to methadone dependence and yet another substance that controls you. Choosing to go through the withdrawal process entirely drug-free or at least as drug-free as possible will mean never having to feel dependent on anther substance, not having to live in fear of withdrawal symptoms and gaining the opportunity to experience life entirely drug-fee and sober.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs provides opioid addicted individuals with the opportunity to end their addiction once and for all without using any drug replacement therapy or substation medications. Once the program participant is through the withdrawal process they will no longer be controlled by any prescription medication to maintain their sobriety. Narconon Fresh Start’s network of treatment centers provides long-term residential care. They are able to give their clients with the time and education needed to achieve sobriety as well as all the tools and life skills necessary to maintain it. When a person graduates from Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab they have taken back control over their life and responsibility for their actions.

The Cycle of Addiction

To understand the cycle of addiction you need to know that mind-altering drugs are essentially painkillers. A person who chooses to take drugs and develops an addiction problem has some underlying unhappiness, sense of hopelessness or physical pain that drives them to choose substance use as a solution to their problems. When an individual experiences unhappiness, hopelessness, boredom or physical discomfort they may choose to try drugs or alcohol as an escape from what they are going through. At first, the alcohol or drugs appears to solve their problem. They feel better and now they seem better able to deal with their problem; this is when the substance becomes valuable to them.

As the individual gradually increases how much of the substance they use they become trapped. Whatever their initial problem, it is now overshadowed by their drug or alcohol abuse. It is at this point that all they can think about is getting and using the substance that is going to make them “feel” better. As their addiction develops the person loses their ability to control how much they use and the negative consequences of their behavior.

The addicted person begins to hide their substance use from those around them. Doing so causes the person to feel dishonest and guilty, which leads them to become withdrawn and difficult to reason with. Their behavior often appears “strange” to those around them. The more the person uses, the more guilty and depressed they become. Typically, the addicted person will sacrifice their personal integrity by lying and stealing to maintain their habit. Their relationships with friends, family, employers and co-workers will deteriorate.

To the addicted person, their drug of choice is now the most important thing in their life. They will throw away their job, finances, dreams and ambitions in order to maintain their substance use. The irony is that the addicted person is chasing an elusive high that their body is likely unable to achieve any longer. As they take more and more of their drug of choice just to be able to “function” they are increasing their tolerance to the drug’s effects.

The user’s body begins to adapt the presence of the substance and expects that it will regularly be ingested. The addicted individual begins to experience drug cravings when they are unable to take the substance and suffers from an overwhelming obsession with getting and using the drug; they will do anything to make the bad feelings of withdrawal end. The person’s addiction progresses deeper and deeper causing them to become increasingly haggard and ill-tempered. Their emotions go up and down so quickly that they may even be mistaken for symptoms of mental illness if not properly diagnosed.

The individual is stuck in the downward spiral of addiction and faces the potential problem of having no job, no money, no friends or family to help them. The individual is trapped by their addiction; the substances they once used to escape have changed them physically and mentally and now control their thoughts and actions.

Narconon Fresh Start and its network of drug rehab facilities: Fort Collins New Life Center, Lone Star Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Sunshine Summit Lodge. Every year these drug rehabs are helping addicted persons make real recoveries from their addiction problems and teaching them how to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. Graduates of these drug rehab programs do not take drug replacement medications or drug substation therapy, they do not think of themselves as suffering from a disease and they are not made to feel powerless over their addiction problem. Instead, they are built up to feel powerful over their future and their ability to end their addiction issues. Narconon Fresh Start knows that addiction to drugs and alcohol is NOT a disease and can be ended once and for all. The program is centered on their New Life Detoxification Program and Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Treating addiction for what it truly is, not a disease but a physical and mental issues that must be overcome along with underlying problems (depression, stress management, shyness, personal relationships, etc.) that need to simultaneously be resolved is the difference between Narconon Fresh Start and other rehab centers. With over 45 years of fully rehabilitated graduates and a high success rate at real and lasting sobriety, Narconon Fresh Start is changing the way people view addiction and the recovery process. Their thousands of graduates over the years are living proof that their programs have the ability to help every level of dependence and every type of substance use.

“Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab helped me return to my real self, free of drugs and alcohol. It was a great program and did so much more for me than just help me get off drugs. I was able to finally address the things in my past that drove me to use. Going through those difficult emotions was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but I’m glad I did it. They no longer haunt me and drag me back into the past. I am living for today and my future. I feel like the person I was before I started abusing alcohol and drugs. My mind and my body are now clear. I have acquired new tools that will keep me be drug free and happy. I recommend the program to those looking for a common sense approach to rehabilitation.”
– J.E.

“The cycle of addiction drove me into some of the darkest days of my life. I was doing things I wasn’t proud of and lying to the people I loved on a daily basis. Each day was a challenge. If I couldn’t get ahold of what I felt I needed it would seem like the walls were caving in on me. After completing the Narconon Fresh Start program I’m me again, minus the heroin and other opiates. Their drug rehab program changed how I viewed my life and how I interacted with the world around me. I learned to take responsibility for myself and my choices. I worked on my self-confidence and ability to confront difficult situations. I now have new tools and life skills when things get rough instead of turning to drugs to escape. I’m eternally grateful that I’m not an addict, I don’t have a disease and I don’t have to go to meetings for the rest of my life. Narconon Fresh Start made the difference in my life that no other drug rehab was able to achieve.”

I’m impressed with the man my son has become thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge

When I first started looking into a drug rehab program for my son I was overwhelmed by the multitude of options available. Did I want him close to home, in a long-term program, taking replacement mediations? The questions my research brought up were endless and made my head swim with decisions need to be made. At one point in my research process I found the Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge site and felt a click of “that’s right for my son, that’s right for our family” and made the call. Speaking with their intake counselor I was impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of addiction and rehabilitation. I liked the fact that when my son completed treatment at their drug rehab he wouldn’t be considered an “addict” any longer. He wouldn’t have to attend meetings for the rest or his life and he certainly wouldn’t be on methadone or buprenorphine to “manage” his withdrawal symptoms. I was happy to hear that he would be taking responsibility for his past, making amends and creating a plan for his life once his time at Sunshine Summit Lodge was done.

All of this took place six months ago and life has been so much better since. He graduated from the program after about four months and has returned home to live with his father and me until he can get back on his feet financially. I’ve seen changes in him I would have never imagined possible. Not only does he no longer associate with his past drug using friends, he has found a girlfriend who is supportive of his sobriety and only wants the best out of life for him. We have family meals now, he goes to bed at a “normal” hour and wakes the next morning to go to work not feeling sick from heroin withdrawal. I have always loved my son, but since his graduation from Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge I truly like the man he has become. He lives his life with integrity, personal ethics and high morals; all positive aspects of himself that worked on developing during his time in rehab. I have my son back and his future is up to him now, not the drugs he was controlled by in the past.
-2012 Mother of Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduate