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Taking Responsibility

An important part of the Narconon Fresh Start program is taking personal responsibility for the things you have done in the past and making amends when needed. Clients identify areas in their life where they were unethical and negligent of others. Through addressing these specific incidents (writing them down, thinking about them and talking about them) the program participant is able to work through their feelings and move past the guilt that burdens them. Freeing themselves of these negative feelings and emotions allows the client to focus on their future. This is because they have put those past experiences to rest and done their best to do right by those they may have hurt or harmed along the way. For the client it feels like they are given the chance to start anew, a clean slate if you will to begin living the new life they are preparing for while in treatment.

I feel much better after my class and writing my letters. Getting all my feelings and emotions out really lifted a load off of me and makes me feel strong. I am happy to be moving on with my program.
M. M.

I feel a lot better after finally writing down all the guilt and shame I have been carrying around for all these years. I have a great sense of relief after writing a letter to my boyfriend.
K. W.

I Want to Prove to Myself and Everyone Back Home that I can be Sober & Happy!

I’m glad to be doing sauna and my body feels great. I feel more active. I also feel like all the toxins are gone. I have no cravings, I don’t even think about drugs anymore. I want to prove to myself, and everyone back home that “I can live a sober life and be happy.” My goal is to complete the Narconon program and apply it to my life when I get home.
K. P.

Happy and Clear Minded Thanks to Sauna

When I first started sauna I didn’t think it would do much but after a couple days I really started to notice some changes. I’m really happy and I feel great and clear minded.
K. K.

It is nothing short of a miracle the physical and emotional changes our clients experience during their time in the New Life Detoxification program. Program participants go through the rigorous process of sweating out the toxins left behind by their time abusing drugs and/or alcohol. When they have completed the New Life Detoxification program they feel brighter physically and emotionally, they are able to concentrate better than before, their sleep habits and quality of sleep have improved and they no longer experience drug cravings. These gains help to keep our clients on the right track as they continue through our program, graduate and return to their daily life as a drug-free member of their community.

Narconon Fresh Start Holds the Keys to Success

Narconon Fresh Start has successfully helped thousands of individuals just like you recover from their addiction problems since 1966. Today, they are considered a leader in the field of addiction recovery. Their keys to success are tried and true and have withstood the test of time. These keys to success were put into place for specific reasons: to stop the addict and their family from continuing to struggle with addiction and all that this problem entails. And, to completely rehabilitate the client and help them reintegrate back into their community as a drug and alcohol free contributing member of society. While Narconon Fresh Start’s keys to success are not the quickest or easiest way to get off drugs or alcohol, they have proven to be the most effective.

Narconon Fresh Start’s Keys to Success

• Body Cleansing and Purification Program
• Non Group Therapy Individualized Approach
• Not for Profit Treatment Centers
• Proven Life Skills Rehabilitation Technology
• Secluded Distraction Free Locations
• Time Variable Program

Why Long-Term Treatment Worked For Me

Long-term residential treatment is an excellent choice for addicts who have been struggling with their substance abuse problems for a while. When months, years or even decades go by filled with drug and alcohol abuse it can be hard to remember what a sober life was like. Addicts who have a long history with addiction problems are going to need more than just a few weeks to change their addictive ways. It takes a while to make day to day life without drugs feel normal and natural.

I should know, it took me close to four months to feel like my new found sobriety was more than just a fleeting moment. I had spent years addicted to drugs before I entered a Narconon Fresh Start program. During my first few weeks I realized just how difficult the process was going to be. It wasn’t something I could rush my way through or b.s. others to get out of doing it. I had to really apply myself and actually learn the new information being taught to me if this program was going to really work.

Because I had all the time I needed to learn, practice and integrate the education I received I was able to stay sober since the day I entered Narconon Fresh Start over a decade ago. Long-term residential treatment was able to help me finally get off drugs when other programs couldn’t. I’m so glad I invested the time in myself and went to Narconon Fresh Start.
-Narconon Graduate