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What is drug addiction?

Not everyone who experiments with drugs will develop an addiction problem, but many people do. Drug addiction can be defined as the compulsive seeking and use of a substance regardless of the negative consequences the continued use brings to the individual. A person with an addiction problem will put all their other needs on hold so that they can support their habit. This may mean not paying rent, not going to work or even not buying food to feed their family and themselves. This lack of self-preservation is a key indicator of an addiction problem.

Previously, it was thought that a person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol needed to use the substance daily. It was believed that only individuals who experienced physical withdrawal symptoms when they stopped taking the substance were addicted. There were also those who thought that addiction is something that only happens to the poor, unemployed or people from the inner city. These major misconceptions have been dispelled and are now thought of as archaic beliefs about addiction. Today, there are drug addicts who do not use on a daily basis, do not experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using and live in the suburbs or rural areas of the country. There is even a category of addicted individuals known as functioning addicts who are able to maintain their jobs and appear to be functioning normally to those around them who don’t know their dark secret.

Sadly, without help most drug addicted persons sink deeper and deeper into their substance use. Some will switch from one drug to another looking for that feeling they used to get when they first started using. It is not uncommon for an addicted person to even take multiple substances at the same time to increase their high and achieve the effect they are so desperate to feel. When a person starts to take more of a drug, switch substances without understanding what they are taking or mix drugs (street drugs, prescription medications, over the counter drugs and/or alcohol) they are setting themselves up for an increased chance of an overdose. Many people are unaware of the dangerous interactions that different substances have on their body and unwittingly consume lethal combinations without meaning to. Sometimes these individuals are able to be saved, but many suffer from deadly drug overdoses. As recently as 2010 there were over 38,000 drug induced deaths here in the United States (Journal of the American Medical Association). The majority of these deaths were caused by pharmaceuticals (57.7%). Of the 22,134 individuals who died due to pharmaceuticals in 2010, 75.2% of these individuals died due to taking prescription Opioids.

For those who are ready to end their cycle of addiction Narconon Fresh Start can help. Our true rehabilitation means that our program graduates are no longer drug addicts or alcoholics, they are fully recovered individuals. The Narconon Fresh Start program takes addicted persons living a life filled with drugs, alcohol and chaos and gives them direction, purpose and integrity. No matter what substance the person is dependent on or how long they have been addicted, the Narconon Fresh Start program will work for them. As a long term residential drug rehab program we provide our clients with the time, space and life skills they need to make a real and lasting recovery. Because we are not a cookie cutter facility, our program participants take as long as they need to complete our program and graduate. The majorly of clients go through our drug rehab program in around 90 days (3 months) but those who need more time are able to continue with their program at a pace that works best for them. This ensure that all our graduates fully understand the life skills and objectives we teach and have the time necessary to incorporate them into their day to day life before returning home. All Narconon Fresh Start programs are entirely drug-free using high quality nutritional supplements and healthy nutritious meals to help our program participants regain optimum health. Over 45 years we have been helping individuals get off drugs and stay off drugs for the rest of their life. We are proud to share that our programs have an extremely high success rate and a written guarantee. Our program is here to help you or your loved one stop using drugs or alcohol once and for all and take control of life. Contact Narconon Fresh Start today and start living the life you are meant to have.

Looking on the bright side

After completing sauna I feel amazing! I feel that I can finally understand what the expression “look on the bright side” means because now my outlook on life has changed. Before I didn’t care about what I put into my body or how I treated myself. Through being here and learning how to take care of myself and how important good nutrition, exercise and healthy living is to maintain my sobriety there is no way that I’m going back to the way I used to live. I’ve invested so much already in getting this far in my program and achieving sobriety that I don’t want to jeopardize it. I’m going to keep up exercising and eating right so that I don’t fall back into bad habits.

This program has taught me so much more than I ever thought it would. I anticipated learning how to get off drugs but the education that I’m getting while I’m here is helping me in every area of my life! My family tells me when they talk to me they can actually hear my improvement in my voice and the topics I’m discussing with them. I can now make plans for my future when I return home instead of living day to day and no knowing what’s around the corner. Even though my addiction hurt me and those I love, by looking on the bright side I’m able to see that it brought me to Narconon Fresh Start and the new life that I’m excited to have when I graduate and go back home no longer an addict but as a fully recovered person = )

A look at drug rehab

Drug AbuseThe term rehab has become a common part of our terminology and is used to mean several similar things.  This term is most commonly used to refer to a program or facility where an addicted person can find help for drug addiction. While this term is heard commonly today as a result of America’s addictive nature, rehab itself is a fairly new notion. Typically, before 1980 a person looking for help with a substance abuse or addiction problem was sent to a sanitarium, a psychiatric hospital or a traditional hospital. It was during the early 80’s that rehab programs developed into facilities all on their own; away from sanitariums, psychiatric hospitals or traditional hospitals and began to encompass many different forms of treatment.

The change that took place in rehab programs was partially due to people looking at addiction from a different point of view. Before that time, addiction was thought to be a weakness of will or self-control; during the 80’s this point of view changed to believing that addiction was a disease rather than just lowered or inferior morals. Centers were created to help addicted persons find a place of solace and respite where they could recover and learn to live without drugs and alcohol. Today, while a great majority of rehab programs and recovery professionals still believe that addiction is a disease, there are those who treat addiction for what it truly is: a physical and mental issue that must be overcome while addressing the underlying problems that drove the individual to use in the first place.

Get off Drugs at Narconon Fresh Start

In the past, openly admitting to going to rehab was considered taboo and was not a topic openly talked about. For some, even today the idea of a loved one going to rehab is thought of as shameful because they have failed as a person somehow. However, as more and more people across the country continue to go into treatment to find the help they need for their addiction issues rehab centers have come to play a necessary and recognized part in our culture.

Narconon Fresh Start LogoAt Narconon Fresh Start our network of treatment centers are helping people make real and lasting recoveries each and every day. We understand how hard it is to be an addict or the loved one of an addict. The many attempts at trying to stop either on your own or through other programs only to have your efforts thwarted by continued substance use. Many of us have been in your shoes and have overcome addiction ourselves through the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program.

The results Narconon Fresh Start achieves are done without any replacement medications, using holistic treatment method and a program philosophy that builds up our client’s self-esteem and belief in their ability to finally end their addiction issues. We don’t tell our clients that they are suffering from a disease that they can only hope to manage but never fully recover from. The Narconon Fresh Start program addresses the client’s addiction problem straight on both physically and mentally while helping them work through the underlying issues that drove them to abuse substances. When the client has completed the Narconon Fresh Start program they are able to stand on their own two feet. They do not attend meetings, do not think of themselves as addicts and take full responsibility for their thoughts, actions and interactions with others.

I’m becoming the old me more and more every day

I came to Narconon Fresh Start I called and told them what was going on with me. So, they called my mom and dad, talked to them and got all the information they needed about me. Then I talked to Dan on the phone and was out here 3 days later. My mom, dad, and wife are helping me. I was in a bad shape when I got here. I didn’t think I could live without pills, but I have found that I can live without them and I don’t need them for my back. I’m becoming the old me more and more every day I’m here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat.
R. A.

A Narconon Fresh Start Graduate is…

A Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program graduate is…

  • someone who has completed the entire treatment process
  • an individual who how knows that they are fully capable of living a drug-free life
  • a person who has improved their ability to learn, and in turn is able to accept new ideas on how to change their life for the better
  • someone who has been able to personally absorb the fundamentals of ethics and morality effectively enough so that they are able to be productive and contributive to their communities and society
  • an individual who will purposefully have no further troubles with the justice system
  • a person who knows how to solve the problems in their life in a rational manner to the best of their ability, without turning to drugs or alcohol

All graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are expected, without exception to the severity of their earlier life experience, to achieve and live a stable drug-free, ethical life. In the Narconon Fresh Start program way of thinking there is no “victim”, no matter how difficult or severe one’s life has been up until their time in treatment. Even if one’s life has been full of ups and downs, the road out is through personal recognition and responsibility for one’s own condition.

Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start program comment on their experiences:

I have attested my Narconon program; this has been what I was waiting for since I arrived on July 23rd. This program changed and saved my life. The sense of accomplishment is such a great feeling. I have a clean slate and I am looking forward to starting a healthy sober life.
K. G.

I am so much happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m sleeping better, feeling better, eating better and my future is brighter than it’s been in a long time. I can achieve the goals that I want to achieve in my life!
B. B.

As a graduate of the Narconon Program, I continue to be truly free from the bondage of drug addiction. My thoughts are no longer self-centered. My primary focus is on helping others. In turn, I have been deeply rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and happiness in life. Furthermore, I feel that I am in control of my life. I do not worry about misfortune entering my life because I know that there are always things I can do to positively impact any situation. Knowing this provides me with a great deal of pride and satisfaction as I live my life in an exemplary manner.
N. G.