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Why Choose Narconon Fresh Start?

When it comes to addiction recovery, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each individual is struggling with their own inner turmoil and behaviors associated with their addiction problem. There are a number of different treatment approaches for recovery and finding the right one means exploring the variety of possibilities and finding the program that aligns with your recovery needs. The most common types of drug and alcohol rehab programs include long-term residential treatment, short-term residential treatment, outpatient treatment, individualized drug counseling and group counseling.

As a leader in the field of addiction recovery, Narconon Fresh Start is a long-term residential treatment program that has one of the highest success rates in the country. The program typically takes between three to five months to complete, but there are not time restrictions on our program participants. We know that true rehabilitation from addiction varies with each individual. We never rush our clients through their courses in order to meet a predetermined deadline for their program completion. Additionally, there is no extra cost to our clients who need the extra time in our program in order to achieve true rehabilitation from their addiction program.

We provide our program participants with 24 hour care in a non-hospital setting. Focusing on “resocialization” of the program participant, the program utilizes the entire community including Narconon Fresh Start staff as well as other program participants as active components of the treatment process. Treatment at Narconon Fresh Start is centered on developing personal accountability and responsibility in addition to social productivity in the recovering individual’s life. Our program is highly structured and uses manualized cognitive behavioral modification to minimize the variances in individualized treatment. This allows for a more uniform and standardized treatment plan for our program participants. During the individual’s time at Narconon Fresh Start they will examine damaging beliefs, self-concepts and destructive patterns of behavior while adopting new, more amicable and positive ways to interact with those around them.

While other types of rehabilitation programs are available, none are as thorough and comprehensive as Narconon Fresh Start. Our graduates leave our program truly rehabilitated from their addiction with all the life skills they need to remain clean and sober. During their time at Narconon Fresh Start they have handled every aspect of their addiction and are now ready to start living life on their terms. They do not need to attend meetings, take drug replacement medications or attend additional counseling because everything they need to achieve the life they desire is within them.

Complete Recovery Doesn’t Happen Overnight

As a recovered drug addict I remember thinking in my first or second week of sobriety that I’m “recovered” and why did I have to stay in treatment for several months? I hadn’t used in nearly 14 days and that was all it took to be a recovered addict I thought at the time. Lucky for me I was at Sunshine Summit Lodge; a long-term residential treatment program where I was given all the time I needed to truly learn how to live without drugs. Unfortunately, a lot of people in other recovery programs think the way I used to, that it just takes a few days or weeks to get over their addiction problem. That once their withdrawal process is complete they are nearly recovered and ready to return home.

To make a complete and lasting recovery it takes time, a lot of time to rid one’s body of the toxins left behind by the poisonousness substances they have been abusing. It takes time to heal the damage done to one’s brain caused by the drugs they have become addicted too. And, it takes time to retrain one’s self to live a drug-free and happy life. These changes DO NOT happen overnight. They slowly but surely come about as the recovering individual focuses on their new life and learns new ways to approach daily challenges without using drugs or alcohol as a solution.

I’m glad to be where I am today because of the time I invested in myself and my sobriety all those years ago. Sunshine Summit Lodge taught me invaluable life skills that still serve me well today. My sobriety is the hardest yet most rewarding accomplishment I have every achieved and I am forever grateful to all of those who helped me along the way.

Why Long-Term Residentail Treatment is the Answer

Long-term residential treatment such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat has many advantages that other types of programs are not able to provide. As an addict you are living day in and day out surrounded by all the things that hold you in your addiction. It is likely that the drug dealers know where to find you; you know exactly where to go to get your next fix and your “friends” are contributing to, if not fueling your drug and/or alcohol abuse.

When you enter Rainbow Canyon Retreat you will be leaving behind this previous life filled with substance abuse, chaos and turmoil. Their treatment facility is located in a picturesque meadow below Rainbow Canyon close to Caliente, Nevada. The rural ranch setting situated on 320 acres and provides clients with an ideal sanctuary to make the necessary life changes to get clean and sober. Their staff understands that the process of addiction recovery takes time, patience and most of all proper withdrawal, detoxification and counseling to be successful. Graduates of Rainbow Canyon Retreat have some of the highest success rates at lasting sobriety with a high number of them not returning to a life of drug or alcohol abuse after graduation.

Drug-Free Withdrawal is Possible!

Drug addiction withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal are often physically and emotionally difficult. The process takes an enormous toll on the individual leaving them depleted and sometimes feeling rundown and overwhelmed. At Lonestar Victory Ranch we understand how taxing this process is because many of us have been through it ourselves at some point in our lives. Our staff has been in your shoes and through the Narconon Fresh Start Program is now living the life they truly want, helping others successfully overcome addiction.

Lonestar Victory Ranch provides their clients with a pre-medical evaluation and around-the-clock care during their drug withdrawal process. The withdrawal process normally comes with a considerable amount of physical discomfort and our highly skilled detox specialists are able to assist with various drug-free therapeutic techniques. Clients in our program do not need to take any form of drug substitution therapy or drug replacement medications. We feel that to fully recover from addiction the person should not be controlled by any outside substance, including prescription drugs. Our program participants do not ever have to take prescription medications to control their mood, their sleep patterns, their anxiety levels or their energy levels. When they have successfully completed our drug withdrawal and detoxification process they will not be taking any substances, prescription or otherwise.

While many of our clients are able to enroll in our program and immediately begin their drug-free withdrawal process, some are not. Clients who are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol will need to attend medically supervised detox in order to safely withdrawal from the substances they are addicted to. Once their medical detox is complete they will then return to the Lonestar Victory Ranch facility to continue with our drug-free withdrawal process.

We know that true detox takes more than just the three to seven days spent in drug withdrawal. Long-term abuse of drugs and alcohol takes an enormous toll on the user’s liver and kidneys and requires several stages of comprehensive detoxification to prevent future drug relapse. This is why the Lonestar Victory Ranch program often takes three to four months to complete. Our long-term residential treatment facility provides our clients with the time, space and attention they need to make a full recovery from their addiction problems.