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Help for Drug Addiction

If you think you have a problem with drug addiction, there is a lot of help out there for you. You have already taken the biggest step to recovery–admitting there is a problem. The next step is figuring out how to beat the addiction. The first thing you should do is get your addiction assessed. Every person is different, and every addiction is different. In order to ensure that you attend the right type of program to meet your recovery needs you should speak with an addiction counselor. Locating an addiction counselor can be accomplished by contacting your insurance company, conducting a search on the web, speaking with your primary physician for a referral or even contacting a prospective drug rehab program you are considering attending. When you speak with the counselor it is imperative that you are forthcoming with the details of your drug use. You will have to describe any and all effects the addiction has had on your life and the lives of others. This can be a very intimate and revealing process, but it is essential to making your way to recovery. This helps the counselor to make an accurate judgment as to what level and duration of care is necessary to help you end you cycle of addiction.

Narconon Fresh Start Can Help

We here at Narconon Fresh Start understand what a difficult situation you going through. We know that you have tried and attempted solutions within the family to end the addiction, we know you have been through a lot and have different feelings about what to do and how to go about doing it. As one of the most successful drug rehab programs in the country we will help you change this movie that has been playing for too long now and transform it to a better movie for you and your family that does not have the addiction cast into it. Many of us have been through and overcome addiction ourselves. We want you to know, while every person and family is different, there is one thing you all have in common – you can have your life back and we will help you get there. Contact us today to speak with our addiction counselors and see how our program will help you achieve sobriety.

Our programs are considered the most effective form of addiction rehabilitation, with a high number of our graduates remaining sober after their graduation. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are residential, long-term, drug-free, holistically based rehabilitation programs able to address all forms of substance abuse and addiction. Clients enter our centers addicted to all different substances including alcohol, meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills, over the counter medication, synthetic drugs (spice, bath salts, etc.) and are able to fully recover from their addiction and go on to live the life they imagined for themselves before their addiction took hold.

Meth Addiction

What causes meth addiction? All addictive drugs have two things in common. Number one – they produce an initial pleasurable effect. Number two – they are followed by a rebound unpleasant effect. Methamphetamine, through its stimulant effects produces a positive feeling, but later leaves the user feeling depressed. This is because it suppresses the normal production of dopamine in their brain creating a chemical imbalance. The user’s brain demands more of the drug to return to normal. This pleasure vs. drug craving cycle leads to a loss of control over one’s drug use and quickly develops into an addiction problem.

Meth addiction short-circuits a person’s survival system by artificially stimulating the reward center, or pleasure areas in the brain. This leads to increased confidence in meth and less confidence in the normal rewards of life. This happens on a physical level at first; then it affects the user psychologically. The result is decreased interest in other aspects of life while reliance and interest in meth increases. In one study, laboratory animals pressed levers to release methamphetamine into their blood stream rather than eat, mate, or satisfy other natural drives. The animals died of starvation while giving themselves methamphetamine even though food was available.

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Beyond the social damage meth addiction causes, there are well known physiological effects that may take a year or more to heal once use has stopped. This includes changes in the dopamine pathways in the brain that alter how an addict is able to feel pleasure. Without the drug to stimulate these damaged areas of the brain, addicts will be unable to feel normal pleasures and subsequently fall into depression.

Meth addiction leads to withdrawal when users stop taking the drug. The severity and length of symptoms vary with the amount of damage done to the normal reward system through methamphetamine use. The most common symptoms are: drug craving, extreme irritability, loss of energy, depression, fearfulness, excessive drowsiness or difficulty in sleeping, shaking, nausea, heart palpitations, sweating, hyperventilation, and increased appetite.

Is recovery from meth addiction possible? Yes! However, retuning to a “normal” state of being takes time. Some deem the time in the interim between discontinuing meth use and feeling normal as the “wall” period. This period lasts 6-8 months for casual users and 2-3 years for regular users. This is a period of prolonged abstinence during which the brain recovers from the changes resulting from meth use. During this period, recovering addicts feel depressed, fuzzyheaded, and think life isn’t as pleasurable without the drug. Because prolonged use causes changes in the brain, willpower alone will not cure meth addicts. Entering a long-term drug rehab program is crucial to achieving lasting sobriety.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are able to help put an end to meth addiction. Their holistic treatment methods and long-term program address meth addiction for what it really is; a mental and physical problem with underlying issues that must be resolved. During a client’s time in a Narconon Fresh Start program they will handle their addiction problem as well as the personal issues that drove them to abuse meth in the first place. This drug rehab program goes beyond helping the addicted person get off meth, it helps them develop a wide range of necessary life skills to aid them when they return to their daily life. Instead of turning to meth or other substances to handle stress, boredom, relationship issues, etc. the recovered individual now has all the tool and resources within in themselves to resolve their problems.

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Is long-term treatment necessary for you?

How do you know the right length of treatment to help you end you drug addiction issues? It can be difficult to decide when there are so many programs out there all offering different treatment methods and running for various lengths of time. Look at it this way, you didn’t develop you addiction troubles overnight and expecting to end them quickly is just not going to happen. While short-term programs are effective for certain types of addiction problems they severe a very specific purpose. A person who has only recently started to abuse drugs or alcohol or who has recently relapsed after time in a drug rehab may do well enrolling in a short term program because they only need some guidance and education on their addiction problem. For a person who has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a while (think 6 months, a year or longer) a long-term drug rehab program is necessary to be able to stop once and for all. Long-term treatment gives the recovering individual the time they need to withdraw completely from the substance(s), learn about addiction and address the underlying problems that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol. The time spent in long-term drug rehab allows the person to practice living day to day as a sober person solving life’s problems without turning to drugs or alcohol as a solution or escape. It is this practice and time spent away from drug using culture that makes a lasting impression on the recovering person and allows them to view themselves as clean and sober individual who is capable of living a sober lifestyle. Short changing yourself by choosing a short-term drug rehab because it seems to be the quickest and most cost effective type of treatment is problem not going to give you the results you are looking for.

Able to focus on completing my intentions

I’m noticing a positive change in attention and being better able to focus on my intentions and complete them. Working with a twin is helping me retain skills better.
W. K.

Program participates are often paired up at different points during the day to work on specific TRs; “TRs” are training routines. The training routines are made up of drills and other useful steps which help improve the student’s ability to confront situations better through communication and to prepare them for their life-changing journey through the program. The “TRs” learned in the Narconon Fresh Start program can be used throughout the client’s everyday life. They are especially useful when the program participant returns home and finds themself interacting and communication with new people.


I Feel 100% Better Without Drugs!

Finished my Narconon program! I feel 100% better than when I came in to Narconon in April! I never thought my life would be complete without drugs but I assure you it is!
N. B.

The Narconon Fresh Start program is a long-term inpatient drug rehab located in residential settings. It is not based on the disease concept of recovery where the individual is powerless over their addiction. Instead, their philosophy is that addiction is a physical and psychological issue with underlying problems that brought it about. Once the physical issue of addiction has been addressed clients work on uncovering the underlying issues that drove them to choose drugs or alcohol as a means of solving their life problems. The client becomes a student as they study new life lessons and techniques to handle their problems in a drug-free way. When a client graduates from the Narconon Fresh Start program they no longer view drugs or alcohol as an effective coping tool.