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Los Angeles Drug Rehab Programs

Los Angeles drug rehab programs are some of the most well-known treatment facilities in the U.S. Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehab program whose origins are deeply rooted in Los Angeles. Their programs have a long history of success and are considered to be the most effective in the field of addiction recovery. The original program was created by William Benitez back in 1966 while he was serving time at the Arizona state prison.  After being inspired by the practical betterment philosophy of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard he created a new and innovative way to go about rehabilitating himself and other addicted inmates. His program was founded on Mr. Hubbard’s philosophy on instilling personal values, integrity and responsibility.

The personal history behind Mr. Benitez and his time in prison is that when he found out that his original sentence was in error and he was eligible for release with time served he requested a reduced sentence instead. This allowed him to remain in the prison system for an additional 16 months to further perfect his rehabilitation program and help others continue their progress using his recovery techniques.  After developing this new and innovative treatment technology within the prison system, Mr. Benitez moved to California after his release.

Moving to California allowed him the opportunity to help more people. He opened up his first of many Los Angeles drug rehab programs in 1971 known as Narconon Los Angeles. This was the beginning of today’s Narconon Fresh Start centers. Present day Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs offer effective treatment in many states including Southern California, Texas, Colorado and Nevada. Their programs have been modernized and provide clients with a time variable approach to recovery, non-group therapy using an individualized approach, secluded distraction free locations, body cleansing and purification, proven life skills and rehabilitation technology, a high success rate and program guarantee.