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Medical Drug Detox Compared to Drug-free Withdrawal Method

Ryan was addicted to opiates and methadone. He compares his personal experience between a medical drug detox and the Narconon Fresh Start drug-free withdrawal. He states that he was still being given medication about 15 days after being in the 30 day program and that by the time he was done, he was still going through withdrawal. Ryan completed the Narconon Fresh Start program and has been living a drug-free life since 2009.

Ryan’s Medical Drug Detox Experience Compared to the Drug-free Withdrawal Method at Narconon Fresh Start

Video transcript of Ryan’s medical detox experience compared to his drug-free withdrawal at Narconon Fresh Start.

Before arriving at Narconon Fresh Start, I had been to two other programs. They were both 30 day 12 Step type programs. And I had been using methadone and benzos. There was a med detox involved in that. It was about 15 days or so that I was still being given medication. By the time I was done and hit that 30 day mark, I was pretty much still going through withdrawal. Not feeling good physically, not really mentally. We would go to meetings here and there, but those kinda just got me down. They were a little depressing and it didn’t really, to me, give me like an answer that I was looking for, any kind of skills to be able to handle life appropriately. And so I pretty much relapsed immediately, both times that I went to these inpatient programs. I also did an outpatient program which just didn’t work at all. I used the entire time I was there and eventually was kicked out for using.

While in drug-free withdrawal at Narconon Fresh Start, I didn’t experience the painful withdrawals that I had normally experienced on my own or in other medical detoxes. Through the vitamins and minerals and different exercises that we did while on the drug-free withdrawal program, it helped me get through the process with very minimal amount of pain and agony that I was used to. There’s a lot discomfort and pain involved with coming off of opiates and benzos. I’ve done it many times and this time around it was no where near as painful and excruciating as some of those other times.

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All the Happy Faces

Having only been at Lonestar Victory Ranch for a week now I still don’t really know what to expect from this whole drug rehab experience. What I know right now is that I’ve been off OxyContin and all my other pills for several days now since medical withdrawal and I am starting to feel ok about it. The staff is able to help me keep calm when I start to fly off the handle and want to blow this place. I see the other clients who have been here for a while and its hard to believe that they struggled with any addiction problems of their own. They seem so happy and able to handle themselves. When I have had a chance to talk with some of them I find their stories are not that much different than my own. They were in a dark place just a month or two ago and have come so far in such a short amount of time. I wonder if I will be the same. If some new client here in a month or two will think that I never struggled with pills and was living a totally screwed up life. Maybe I can be the happy face that makes this rehab program seem doable to some other new client in time. I hope so.