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About Meth…

Meth AbuseWhile meth is not the number one drug of abuse in the U.S., it is one of the most addictive and most destructive ones. Knowing the signs and symptoms of meth abuse is important in the effort to keep your loved one drug-free.

What does meth look like? This drug is often a white or light brown crystalline powder. Meth may also be found in clear chunky crystals that resemble broken pieces of ice or shards of glass; in this form it is known as Ice. It can also be found in liquid form too.

How do people take meth? When meth users take the drug there are a variety of different ways they can ingest it. Meth can be swallowed, snorted, injected or smoked. As a concerned love one, if you are looking for indications of meth use you may come across small bags of white powder or crystals and possibly syringes. Other meth use paraphernalia include crumpled aluminum foil, soda cans with a hole in the side or the shafts of inexpensive ball-point pens that have been used to snort the drug.

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Often, meth users do not sleep for long periods of time. They will use the drug over and over again; it is a form of binging known as a “run”. During this time they may ingest the drug every few hours until they have gone through their supply or have become too incapacitated to keep using.

Physically, meth causes the user to lose their appetite. This in turn causes them to lose a large amount of weight often over a short period of time. As this continues they become sickly looking and often appear emaciated. The meth user may appear unusually active and can seem nervous and anxious. Many users become paranoid of being watched or followed. Repeated meth use may result in irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat, mood disturbances, violent, aggressive, paranoid behavior, confusion and insomnia.

Unfortunately, many meth addicts refuse help when it is offered. It may take some time, effort and multiple interventions to get the person into a treatment program. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are able to help even the most severe cases of meth addiction. Their rehab methods drug-free, educationally based and includes a total body purifying program that effectively eliminates future physical drug cravings.  7 out of 10 people who enroll and complete the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program stay sober when they return home, even the most long-term and extreme cases.

The cornerstone to Narconon Fresh Start’s success is their New Life Detoxification program. This program utilizes dry sauna therapy to help the program participant flush out the residual meth toxins left behind in their fatty tissues. This phase combines time in a low-heat sauna, daily exercise and a specific nutritional supplant regimen. Once completed, the client will have improved mental clarity and significantly reduced, if not all-together eliminated their physical cravings for meth.

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A Sense of Peace

The New Life Detoxification Program was incredibly helpful. I know that being in the sauna has not only cleared my mind and body, but allowed me to feel a sense of all around peace. I am ready for the next step in the Fort Collins New Life Center’s drug rehab program. I’ve always struggled with learning new information; so the Learning Improvement Course is going to be a great benefit for me. I can’t wait to complete my program and return back home. I plan on re-enrolling in college and getting the diploma that I was so determined to get before meth became my whole life and I stopped trying at anything else.
L. A.

When Addiction Takes Over

For some, addiction to dangerous drugs like crack cocaine and meth begins as simply as trying it at a party or being offered the drug by a friend. The user thinks that they can just “try” these highly addictive drugs and it will just be a weekend thing or a once in a while thing that they do. In a million years they would have never realized the dark road their choice will take them down. No drug user thinks that it is going to be them who ends up living on the streets, stealing from others and having their life forever altered by their drug use. The sad truth is that it is nearly impossible to stop an addiction to crack cocaine or methamphetamine with sheer willpower alone. An addict may be able to stay clean for a period of time but without the life training and skills they learn while in treatment they will inevitably return to their drug use.

Getting off Crack Cocaine at Narconon Fresh Start

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Sunshine Summit Lodge is a drug rehab program that has shown numerous addicts the way out of a lifetime filled with addiction. Their program is designed to get their clients off drugs, rehabilitate their bodies and educate them on the necessary life skills to live a sober and productive life. Over three-quarters of their graduates remain drug free after completing treatment, a success rate far above average in the field of addiction recovery. Sunshine Summit Lodge can help you or your loved one get off crack cocaine or meth when sheer willpower and determination just aren’t enough.

Fort Collins New Life Center Creates Lasting Changes

Fort Collins New Life Center is a drug and alcohol treatment program creating lasting changes in their clients. Their clients come from all walks of life and struggle with every type of addiction: alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription drugs, etc. Two of the largest differences between the Fort Collins New Life Center and other treatment programs are their philosophy on addiction and their detoxification program.

Fort Collins New Life Center program philosophy does not subscribe to the disease concept of addiction and their recovery program is not based on the twelve-step treatment method. Instead of telling their clients they are powerless over their addiction and can only hope to cope with it one day at a time, Fort Collins New Life center empowers their clients. They help their clients go through a drug-free withdrawal process and instruct them on the many positive changes they can make in their life to maintain their sobriety when they return home.

The other difference mentioned was Fort Collins New Life Center’s detox program. Called the New Life Detoxification Method, it is a process of completely ridding the client’s body of any remaining drug and alcohol toxins and metabolites. Using a medically approved precise protocol of nutritional supplements, physical exercise and time spent sweating in a dry sauna clients are able to achieve total cellular detoxification. The New Life Detoxification Method has also been shown to improve client’s memory, cognitive functions, immune systems and their general physical condition.

I’m Proof That Narconon Fresh Start Works

It works, I live it every day. It works, I’m proof of that.

Narconon Fresh Start’s drug rehab program helps people recover from all types of drug addiction issues. Whether you are addicted to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs, over the counter medications or any other substance the Narconon Fresh Start program will help you find lasting sobriety.

Our high success rate at complete addiction recovery speaks volumes about how effective the Narconon Fresh Start program really is. In addition to our superior success rate we also offer a six month guarantee for graduates of our programs. In the field of addiction rehabilitation it is nearly unheard of for a program to guarantee the success of their clients. Narconon Fresh Start is able to do so because we know that our program creates real and lasting changes in the lives of our graduates.